Monday, July 13, 2009

Stop and smell the roses.

Sigh, I am back in Singapore already! :(
After 2 weeks of pure bliss at home, needless to say, I got hit by quite a bad case of Monday blues this morning.

Thank god for small blessings! I will be on training for the next 3 weeks. Training = starting class at 9pm; finishing latest by 5pm; no overtime; no work, period. :P

Am toying with the idea of going back every weekend for this month, since I will be relatively free anyway! 'Cause it makes a huge difference when I am home if I am well rested. Whilst it might appear that I am usually very tough and gung-ho when it comes to commuting to and fro between KL and Singapore, I have to admit, it's all a facade!! Most days, I am just exhausted to the brim. But a tired hui wen pales when compared to my yearning to be home. :)

Anyway, no surprises, I will be home this weekend! To watch Manchester United play. The boyfriend's request orders. -_- He sneakily bought the tickets and informed me to be home this weekend for the match. -___- The boy is still not giving up on the notion that I will turn into this mega Manchester United fan. -__-

I wanted to continue blogging about Bangkok, but quite a bit of pictures were in Jing's camera-- which mean that they are currently seated in my home computer. Teeny is gonna share them with me on MSN soon, so while we work out the kinks (it's so hard to share files on the new version of MSN, rawrrr!!), I am just going to post up some other pictures and call it a day wtf.

Pictures of us having tea!

Teeny being grumpy, 'cause she said she always look bad in my pictures. T_T So she steadfastly avoided my camera at all costs. T_T

Teeny's super cute skirt which I just simply adore! It's sheer-ish too, and I kept on trying to touch Teeny ('cause it irritates her HAHAHA), and call her sexy (she gets crimson red HEEHEE).

WAHHH is that a good hair day I spot!! Haven't had one of those in a long time. :(

(I have stopped using my curling mousse and serum, 'cause I suspected it was causing my brak-out. :(((( )

A very glowy, flawless Teeny. AND my healthy pink tongue wtf.

Exagerrated emotions run in the family, haha.

Knitted bow barette with little pearls, very girlie. :)

The stirrer looked like I had a wad of tissues stuffed up my nose FML.

I hope Teeny isn't going to blame my camera for her unsightly expressions WTF.

Lust: poetry in motion wtf.

I love love love this scarf that I got in Bangkok!! It has this random rosettes (made out of different fabrics) dangling at the ends! Random, quirky, colorul, kind of girlie-- that's my kind of thing! :P


One of the main reasons why I want to come home every weekend for at least the next 2 weeks is 'cause after that Teeny is going back to Melbourne. :(

Outfit pictures:

This picture is cropped really weirdly... 'cause there was this really 'off' background behind me.

This one. -__-

Black sheer mesh tank: Singapore
White shredded fringed scarf: Mink Pink
Dangly string scarf with hanging rosettes: Bangkok
Acid wash denim peplum skirt: Zara
Black knitted bow barette with pearls: Topicana City Mall
Studded bangles: Assorted
Peach pink suede peeoptoe heels: Topshop
Bag: Miu Miu

The lesson of the day is:

Stop and smell the roses. :)


xiang yun said...

Ahhhh so nice to see you three sisters back in action again! And in such a fashionable way! =]

mustardqueen said...

u sure u hassa no ps my nose in that awesome flawless picture wtf ??? :D:D:D:D:D ok i changed my mind bout nose job lioa wtf cause it looks quite good in that angle wtf I shall now take all my pictures in that angle wtf

Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but you and your sisters remind me of the Kardashian sisters- minus the drama, fights and bimboticsm(?) haha

revel in me said...

xiang yun: But ending soon, when teeny goes back to melb in 1 week's time! :(

mustardqueen: Hahahha never ps! Sumore cheekbones so high /boo

anonymous: I don't watch the kardashian show, so I dunno whether is that a compliment! I just hope that they are nice and lovable! T_T At least I can console myself that they are pretty wtf.

Anonymous said...

i love all your outfits, bags, accesss!
I've the same Zara denim skirt too. Bought it few months ago but still havent have a chance to wear it because i have no idea what to wear with it :(
hui wen pls help me :(
i have big arms, big tighs and tummy!
what kind of top and heels to go with it?
pls T_T thank you
you'r my inspiration!