Saturday, July 11, 2009

Susu Ajaib.

When we reached the entrance, I clapped my hands, "Yayyy, we are at Susu Magik!"

And Teeny replied dryly, "It's Susu Ajaib."

To which I returned a look of utmost adoration, "WAHHH you so cleverrrr!"

Hahahahah. Well, if it's not Wondermilk! :D

I have loved the place since the first time I set foot into it, the quirky deco, the yummy cupcakes, the little trinkets that they sell...
Come on, I even bought my first own harmonica there! :P
The first and only harmonica I have ever played with before that belongs to my grandpa.

They are doing so well now! The single shop unit has been expanded to 2 shop lots!

Emo Teeny. 'Cause of you commented that she put on weight! T__T

Big fan of cupcakes.

I think Wondermilk cupcakes are one of the best I have eaten (the other is from Delish)! Unfortunately, the price is really steep-- at RM4.50 for a really tiny one that I can swallow in one gulp. T__T

I tried to lend my pictures a old-esque, vintage, dreamy feel! But they turned out quite blur. :( Sorry la, my PS skill suck. T_T

Even the paper cup holders are personalised. :)

Ordered a baked potato 'cause I haven't had dinner, but in the end Teeny polished it off for me. I prefer my potatoes deep fried. T_T

Carousel necklace!

Which belongs to Teeny... and I broke it. T_T Halfway talking to Teeny (while holding onto it), it just snapped in my hand!!! T__T I am going to buy some Elephant glue and start doing so resurrection works to it. *crosses fingers*

She got electrocuted wtf.

Yatchs! I have always had a soft spot for the nautical fever. Was really tempted to grab one (it was only RM10.90 for one!), but I remembered our shopping ban/bet. T_T

Teeny buying a cupcake after a sandwich and my baked potato. The woman needs to shop!! If not she will she keep on eating to ease her empty, aching soul. :P

A little birdie told me...

... that I am pretty wtf.


Blue cloud print satin dress: Junkyard sale
Sky blue turban headband: Bangkok
Carousel necklace (broken now T_T): Tea & Sympathy
Bangles: Assorted
Tan maryjanes with turqoise bow: Singapore
Bag: Miu Miu


Omg omg omg Teeny and just went through a major drama episode! T___T To cut it short, I was supposed ot meet the Flat Hair Flat for tea at OU, and being a smart ass, I asked Teeny to drop me at the mall, 'cause the jam is crazy on weekends. However, I didn't know Teeny placed her wallet on me when I was seated in the passenger seat!!! After barely seated at Miss Read for 2 seconds, Teeny called me, and told me that her wallet was GONE!!!

She suspected that it dropped out of the car when I got out of the passenger seat. T___T And I felt so bad, 'cause if I haven't asked her to fetch me, nothing of this sort would have happened!!!

Let's just say that for the next hour, I accompanied her (yes, I forego tea, sorry girls! T_T) to launch a report at the mall, to wait for the guards to search, to request to view CCTV... Hectic, scary, frustruating, and very very dramatic, gah!

Finally we gave up hope that OU will ever help us find the wallet, and went back home for Teeny to make calls to cancel all her cards. :( I even changed and started packing for a very long night at the police station. And suddenly, one of the duty manager from OU called Teeny and told her that wallet was found! T____T

And everything was intact. T__T Well, not really, RM100 was missing. But we still gotta be thankful, 'cause Teen had quite a bit of aussie money in it, so the loss could be much severe! :/

HAIHHHH there is actually more to the story, but you all just watch out for Teeny's rendition of the episode la! It is not my story to tell. *solemn*

All I can say is, seriously, DAMN BAD LUCK! :(


Another sad news... My 2 weeks break is ending... TOMORROW! OH MY BLEEDING HEART. T____T


Jing said...

DRAMAAA! T___T Thank God the Aussie money is still there they belong to me uhuk uhuk! T____T

Tell me full story someone, home alone child sad wtf!

Joshua said...


Wallet drama everywhere T.T

At least manage to get it back, it's the Prada one right?

Anonymous said... bad my bad. teeny looks good! so is hui wen & jing :p

mustardqueen said...

anonymous u go DIE la u cannot take back ur words already T_______T how can u mend a broken heart now T_______T

Deeee said...

Hey, did you brother came down to Klang for a christian rally yesterday(Saturday night)? Curious, cos I saw somebody exactly like your brother, with black frame specs.

smalls said...


At least the wallet has been redeemed! OU guards are dodgy...

Anonymous said...


May I know where you usually buy ur shoes at Singapore? All of your shoes are so pretty~!

Anonymous said...

I simply adore the maryjane shoes! Mind sharing with us, which part of Singapore you got it from?

Anonymous said...

mustardqueen: u go see the picture of ur back before u & hui wen went shopping at bangkok. the one you were wearing shorts. u look huge. just accept the fact

mustardqueen said...

anonymous: I've already accepted the fact that I'm HUGE and I AM FAT years ago, I don't need no people with no identity to tell me that... At least I'm taller than most of the people SO WHAT if I'm huge?

revel in me said...

jing: YAAA if the money is gone, I would have to compensate you!! T__T

joshua: You had one in melb too right? :( Ya it's her prada one! If it was really gone, I dunno how to afford to buy back one for her! :'(

anonymous: Haha, so you were the commentor? :P All is good! T_T

mustardqueen: Jangan sedih, skinny bitch! :P

Deeee: HMMMM are you serious??? I don't think so though, no one would let him out to klang!! :/

smalls: You can't imagine how sad I am that I missed tea!! :((((( I was really really looking forward to it, arghh. :'(

anonymous (10.54pm and 12.35am): Thanks dears! :) I got it from a shop in the Arcade, it's a mall in raffles place, very near to where I work! It's right next to Raffles Place mrt station, in fact! :)

anonymous: You are going to judge something based on one bad picture? Get a life, fuck off.

mustardqueen: *soothing voice* You are damn tall, I give it to you! But you are not fat now k!! Sorry that I posted the bad picture of you!! Please forgive me... T___T Some people can be so childish and spiteful, geez. *sayangs*

tracy said...

hey since u like cupcakes so much, y dun u gv it a try to delectable by su located at the gardens? it's really nice too :)