Monday, July 27, 2009

When I see you again.

It seems as if it was only yesterday when Teeny and I went out for our first lunch together since she came back from Melbourne.

Outfit for the joyous occasion:

Paint-splattered tee: Bugis, Singapore
Electric blue flared tutu skirt: Topshop
Toy-charm necklace: Far East Plaza, Singapore
Electric blue suede cut-out heels: Macao
Bag: Miu Miu

We had lunch at Hokano, which I have blogged about on many occasions. *click* and *click*

Since it was technically our first date, we were both a little shy wtf.

Fresh sashimi set for Teeny.

My salmon teriyaki.

Hokano roll-- think grilled unagi, tempura prawn, crabmeat. Mmm.

Alaska roll-- we are talking about fresh salmon here. I love salmon sashimi, but my love for it pales compared to my sisters! *scared*

My toy necklace, hehe! Spot the bonnet, telephone, boot, glasses, comb, perfume bottle. :P

While playing with my necklace, and trying to entice Teeny to take clear pictures of the charms with her DSLR, the hat dropped off!!!


RIP, hat.

I later managed to fix it back, phew!

After that, Teeny accompanied to get my nails done for Bangkok, and that's where I met the furriest cat wtf (the cat belongs to the owner of the parlor). We did a little handicrafts shopping, and found ourselves ending up in the Teapot Cafe (in SS2)!

I used to go to this place quite often when I was in my teens, munching on cheesecake and chattering away to my girlfriends, while staring in horror at Grace, who never failed to order the ox-tongue sandwich. :/

You know how when you are younger, and certain foods are imprinted on your memory as really delicious, but when you eat it now, it probably doesn't taste as good as what your memory tells you? There are a few reasons for that: maybe the standard of that food has really dropped (due to commercialization or whatsoever); maybe your memory made it to be tastier than it actually is; or, to me, more often than not, it's 'cause as we grow up, we are exposed to more and more good/exquisite food, and hence, our tongue becomes pickier.

You know what? After so many years, Teapot Cafe still doesn't disappoint. It still tasted as delicious as how I remembered it to be! :)

Scones. I personally prefer the scones at Miss Read, 'cause the scones there are crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside. However, Teeny prefers Teapot Cafe's version, as it's soft like cake. :)

One of the BEST cheesecakes I have eaten, even up till today.

So so light, yet with the right touch of milkiness/creaminess. The cheese absolutely melts in your mouth, swirling into the biscuit crumb base. WOW. I usually can't even finish one cheesecake by myself ('cause they are too rich), but I could eat TWO of this! :P

We were the only customers in the cafe, and suddenly the boss (who is a Malay), approached us and asked whether we can read Chinese. It turns out that there was a review written about the Teapot Cafe in a Chinese magazine, and she wanted to know what does it say! :) We happily agreed, until we realised it's 3 pages full of tiny Chinese fonts; so much for our relaxing teatime WTF.

I think only Chinese-literate people can understand this-- it's is quite difficult to translate Chinese (especially creative writing Chinese) into English. Chinese is a very, very beautiful language, and sometimes, there are just no other words in English that can bring out the same meaning. So yea, we had a bit of trouble translating to Miss Lady Boss wtf.

Teeny consumed 7 packets of sugar in one seating. -______________________-

Teeny is ashamed wtf.


Yes, all of these feels like it was just yesterday. Unfortunately, Teeny has already left for Melbourne yesterday. :(

Before she left, we had our mandatory 3-way group hug. None of us cried. Which is a first.

A tight squeeze was exhanged. And only 5 words were whispered.




I didn't know say anything before this, although I have mentioned it before sometime ago. Reason being, the parents were really against the trip due to the whole H1N1 situation. But, finally they have relented! The tickets are booked, and hopefully our visas are done (Jing was in charge of this noble task)! So yep, people, it's CONFIRMED! :))))

You can't imagine how how how excited I am to be stepping into Melbourne again. :) When I left Melbourne, I walked away with a heavy heart, I almost didn't want to leave. And now I am back again in my the place I call my second home!! :))) I conjured up the image that day of me walking down Swanston Street, and I got goosebumps.

This is HUGEEE, people! :D

We have loads of stuff planned, mainly to expose Jing to Melbourne, since she hasn't been there before (despite hearing loads about it from Teeny and I/ seeing a lot of pictures of Melbourne on various blogs)-- wineries, strawberry farm, beach, Camberwell!!, Melbourne city, clubbing, Mount Dandenong...

Jing isn't too happy about the nature-sy (read: non-shopping) things though WTF.

PS: If you wonder why are our parents suddenly okay with us going ahead with Melbourne, it's 'cause my dad decided it's a good thing for us to be infected with H1N1 now, so we can build antibodies towards the flu before it mutates in the future. -___-
Super no love!


pinkpau said...

teeny consumed WHAT!!!!


Anonymous said...

Miss Hui Wen, I hope the preparation for Melbourne trip goes well!
For a doze of happiness, your blog is where I go:) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness!!!! wat a dad u hv!!!! good to b infected with the virus so that u've d antibodies for it!!!! kakakakakakaka its soooo super funny!!!!!

oh my!!!! u guys r going to Melbourne!!! its like too happy!! i'm smiling from ear to ear even though i'm not going!!!!

this is like d happiest post ever!!!!! there is a happy outing, happy makaning, happy posings, happy sisters, super duper happy!!!

jeanchristie said...

OMG I WANT!!!!!!!!

You have no idea how many times I picture myself walking down Swanston and Lygon and eating gelati wtf T_T


PVB said...

have a great time in melbourne!!
i love your skirt. very nice!

Jing said...


Joshua said...

What your dad says is what Yew Choe's dad tried to convince us.

Apparently, in the Spanish influenza a long time ago, it was deadly in the first year but only a small percentage of the people died.

In the second wave, lots of people died when the virus mutated, the people who were infected the first round had a higher survival rate.


Can't wait to see Jing, reunited after so long *wipes tear wtf. And will be good to see you too!

revel in me said...

pinkpau: 7 packets of sugar in one seating! :P

Rita: Haha, why so formal, got MISS! :P Thank you very much, your comment gave me more than a dose of happiness! *shy* :D

anonymous: Haha, jing is damn touched 'cause you are so supportive! :P Thank you for sharing our joy.. T___T We are so so super excited + happy, so much to spread! :D :D :D Thanks love! <3

jean: YAAAA me too! And soon I will be off!! WOO HOO! :D

PVB: Thanks love, I will!! And the skirt is very swishy, so I become very, ahem, active when I am in it-- leading to many unfortunate upskirt moments WTF.

jing: *beats chest* WOOOOOOOOOOOT

joshua: Does it mean I have to believe my dad!! Since he IS a doctor afterall. -_- *skeptical* Or should we throw a flu party i melb WTFFF!! I heard you are taking the whole week off for her/us! *touched* T____T

mustardqueen said...

YEAY FLU PARTAYYYYY :D we have to rent a room ar err... WESTIN!! :D Very near to clubbing place wtfffff hahahahahaha

mona said...

Omg I know the nail salon you're talking about! It's called D'Nails or something rite, and the owner is called Danny and the cat is like SUPER FLUFFY and light brown and her name is Mimi! We borrowed the place to do shooting for our film project and it (the cat) kept trying do drink my teh ais out of the straw T____T We didn't know its name then so we called it Snowball, so even now when we see it we still call it Snowball wtf poor thing must be so confused

Oh ya I used to go to Teapot Cafe a lot when I was in high school...haven't been there in a while...

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: I don't know the way in melb anymore!! *wails* Will you be my GPS wtff

mona: YAYAYA omg what a small world!! Haha, I didn't know the name of the cat is Mimi!! OMGGGG I used to have a cat called Mimi too!!! *gets excited* But then my mom thought it's too smell and threw it away at a nearby coffeeshop wtf. T___T HAHHAHHA the cat drinks teh ais?? That's hilarious!!! I shall bring some tea with me the next time I go do my nails HAHAHA