Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why do you read Revel In Me?

Woke up early last Saturday for breakfast with the boyfriend. By early, I meant like 8.30am!!! Blasphemy right, especially on a weekend. T_T But I promised to fetch the boyfriend to send his car for a car wash first thing in the morning! I deserve the Nobel prize la wtf.

We went to Jarrod & Rawlins in D'sara Heights for some big breakfast lovin':

My J & R's eggs Benedict.
Two soft poached organic eggs topped with Hollandaise sauce, and bacon! Mmm.

I usually try to pick poached eggs when it comes to breakfasts, 'cause it's a much healthier option. But I often crumble and take scrambled egg or sunny side up... Or when I am feeling really naughty wtf, it's double cheese omelette for me! :P

The boyfriend's J & R “The Full Works”-- with sausage, bacon, mushrooms, Heinz Baked Bean...

I love that the tables were set out in the backyard, so we were surrounded by tall lush trees!

And I would have totally played in the little playhouses if there wasn't other customers as well. *shifty eyes*

Very serious when it comes to food.

Breakfast sets come with orange juice and coffee/tea!

Looking a little under the weather because... Repeat after me, Hui Wen is not a morning person. wtf

Toasted wholemeal bread, I love! I am not much of a fan of white bread.

There was this cat which was lurking around (am not sure whether it is J & R's pet cat wtf), so I fed it with some bacon, hehe!

J & R's bacon. Superb!

I love that it is not too fatty, 'cause I really do have a bit of fatty-phobia wtf. Very lean bacon, with just the right level of crispiness, and the mildest hint of burnt taste... The burnt taste makes bacon taste more delicious, in my opinion! :)

There was this really cute Caucasian girl wearing a pink furry tiara
running between her bacon sandwich and the playhouses. :)

We went to the bookshop after that, and I spent almost an hour reading "The Tales of Beedle the Bard". *shy* I am not such a cheapskate that I read books in the bookshop so that I don't have to buy them k! I took the book to check it out 'cause I have been tempted to buy it for quite sometime already (if you don't already know, I am a huge Harry Potter fan! :P).
I flipped one page,and one thing lead to another, so I started reading. T_T And it was such a thin book, that by the time I realised I was really reading the book, I was more than halfway through! I was caught offguard, and immediately wanted to go place the book back in the shelves, but the boyfriend encouraged me to finish it up since I was so near to the ending anyway... so.. let's just said the boyfriend and I formed a book club momentarily in Times bookshop wtf.

We each bought a book, and brought it to Starbucks for some chilling time. :)

Me loves acid wash!

I bought a romance novel, heehee.

Chortling to myself 'cause I suddenly looked up, and saw the boyfriend practicing golfing poses, HAHAHA. He bought a golf book.


Red and navy striped long tank: KL
Faded acid wash denim dress: Bangkok
Green crotchet beanie: Forever 21
Pearl strand with navy anchor pendant: Topshop
Silver multi-strand necklace: Bangkok
Marching soldier necklace: Junkyard sale
Black booties: Wet Seal
Bag: Miu Miu


I don't know whether it's 'cause I was on a 2 weeks break before this, but recently I seemed to not have the mojo to blog. Nothing I say or do seems funny or interesting. T_T However, this got me thinking. Why do you all read me? I mean, I read quite a number of blogs, for different reasons. For example, for drama and downright bitchiness and entertainment, I read Xiaxue; for her uber interesting life, there is the Kinky Blue Fairy; Missy Addie because she leads a perfect life; Pinkpau 'cause she writes pieces that just tug on your heartstrings, and you don't even know why-- utterly beautiful writing; Tze Ching,
because she writes such raw and honest entries; Diana Rikasari because of her crazy dressing sense (which I love); some people I read just because they are really good looking, haha; some readers of mine; friends of mine; my sisters etc.

But I am baffled. I don't lead an out-there night life, I don't have a super interesting lifestyle (I work as an auditor, for god's sake!). Quite a number of people whom read my blog are still studying, so you guys might not be able to relate to what I write about working life. I am in Singapore now, so it can't be 'cause you all want to stalk me. I work overtime almost half the time since I started work, so my daily life is rather mundane. But why do you all read?

The only reason I can think of is 'cause I have very good looking friends, and I own some pretty clothes and shoes. -__-

Come on, people, enlighten me please? Why do you read Revel in Me? :)


Sue Lin said...

Cuz u and Chor Min are my friends, to know whats going on in ur lives (havent seen ur bf in person since 2006 i think). Waves hie to him here!

Cuz u write really well and funny at times. To look at your pictures. To know what audit life in Singapore is like.

And err... everytime i get a hit with ur blog as a referring link i am reminded to go read ur blog

Anonymous said...

because you are entertaining.. you are a must read for me :)


Christian Girl in Harrods said...

I read RIM because I like your personality, just so simple righttt, and I like to read the lame jokes you crack. hahahaha and of cuz all the sisterhood family outings picturesss, oh ya, and for food reviews! I trust your taste buds. lol

Anonymous said...



mustardqueen said...

because you are my sister that's why I give gface wtf!

ohhhhh parents always to there for dinner wan damn atas right they all!!! -.- and hor u meant really burnt taste or its actually just smoky taste?

pj said...

coz u've got one of the funniest blog around! =D

random regular said...

cause your blog is real. you're not picturesque to the point where im unsure if your looks are natural (hope ur not offended) but rather, accepting of who you are, physical and otherwise. you make jokes about what you perceive to be your shortcomings and you have this quirkiness about you that makes me feel like you would be a very intersting friend to know. (not that i know you in real life)

plus i dont have any sisters so its nice to see the bond between u guys(or rather, you girls). and i like your outfit posts, they're really creative.

well that wraps up my essay on why i read RIM. :D

mizzvickz said...

to see what you've been up to ;)

and also because you're my friend!

actually, visiting your blog is like a routine for me. every time i go online surely check wans *loyal reader*

Anonymous said...

love reading u, coz u're uniquely u! love ur outings even if its juz for a meal!
love ur shopping escapades!
love ur chirpiness!
love ur photos!

me so so so looking forward to all ur posts!!!

Katie ♥ said...

'Cause the moment I clicked on to your blog (from somewhere in purplemascara cause I thought you were my friend who has the same name WTF), I was hooked. I think the first entry I ever read was in October 2007 when you wrote about how you used to be really shy, and I could identify with those feelings. Plus, it doesn't hurt that you have awesome fashion sense and just such a zest and passion for life despite leading the life of an auditor! :)

juwitajalil said...

because ur being honest in your writing. it's easier to adapt to someone real plus ur funny as well ;p

Sher said...

Because I always have fun reading your posts which are entertaining, funny and filled with eye-candies.

Lots of good food and pretty pretty things!

xiang yun said...

If you don't already know, I am a regular here - I am a follower of your blog. And honestly, you are my favourite blogger, right next to Sweatlee. =] And I can sense your chirpiness and happiness through your words and I always get an instant lift from reading your entries and looking at pictures. Last but not least, your style of dressing is just OMFGBBQILOVEITWTF! Teehee! Love seeing what outfits you're wearing and get inspirations =] Do I get an 'A' for that? =]

Joyce said...

Haven't left a comment in AGES! :)

I read your blog because it is unpretentious, genuine and most times, hilarious.

That, and I like happy people.

Adryna said...

first of all, (eventough you dont know me at all) your blog is full of jokes and hilarious :) i like how you write your blog everytime,you make it clear as ever, i did learn english from you too lol T___T hehe you r so great on that. from the first time i click Revel-in-me in hanis's blog lists, i'd never fail to read every of your posts and even my boyfriend used to asked me why is the hell i always read your blog and laughing sarcastically by myself when reading up your blog.
so apart from having stylish outfits, and those shopping adventures, you're way more than that. :)
nevertheless, even posts without pictures also i read to the end tau ;p
that shows how much a random people (like me) would looove ur blog!

p/s: trust me im not a stalker, just a fancy one and looove to comment everytime!*shy*

Anonymous said...

well honestly cause i think the way you write is funny and cute and entertaining. started reading your blog around early last year and yup, hooked till today! ;)

PVB said...

because you're interesting. as you said you live a mundane life but you make it sound interesting to me lor. i'm not a student and i used to work as an auditor. i quit because i cannot tahan the long working hours especially during peak period. so i jumped to commercial. love the pay, love the working hours :)

and the way you dress too..heeeehee!

annant said...

simply becos i likey da way u dress/write/eat/shop/share :)

smallswong said...

because your blog features me sometimes :D

Enzy said...

Cause you're an auditor, what I used to be. And your breakfast pics made me hungry. :(

haslihb said...

hi! i found revel in me thru hanis' blog. eversince haf to read everytime i go blogreading hehe
ur always happy. i love reading happy things, daytoday stuffs and not serius boring stuff (ok that maybe once in awhile la) heheh

Eunice said...

Read you cause you have a charitable heart for sharing your happiness with the rest.
Plus your sense of fashion is unique! :)

Anonymous said...

coz er ur my daily entertaintment


choco said...

Coz you're so entertaining! In a good way, definately :) and you sound really nice.

Eee, you like wholemeal bread? I think thats the first time I heard that. Everyone else usually likes white bread better :D haha

Anonymous said...

i think my last comment didn't show up.

nevermind that.

it's because your writing always gives off happy vibe it brighten up my days, for that i thank you hui wen and please do keep on writing! :D

Anonymous said...


Ashleigh said...

I read because you're funny & entertaining! =) Also, you've got a great flair of style & fashion!

Jo said...

I like to read your blog because i think you are funny. I'm working too and i know that it can be stressful.but you seem to be happy and coping it quite well.

Brenda Y said...

Admittedly originally it was because I like your style, but I kept reading because even though I don't know you (longtime lurker -.-), you seem like such a nice, genuine person. Oh and you update a lot! :P

cielo said...

as cliched as this may sound .. i've been ur silent reader for quite sometimes .. the reason i "revel-in-me"-ing ..

coz i like ur outfit post .. u know the colors and the combo .. really cute .. without overdoing it .. in other words, wearable .. u sorta like my fashion inspiration la .. ;);)

coz u have interesting life .. u have funny bf and sorta gila2 family .. especially ur sisters .. hehe .. entertaining!

coz u sorta like the virtual friend .. wth .. haha ..

coz i dont know .. its just that i like ur blog.. hehe .. reading ur new post makes me happy .. wee ;)u sorta have the "happy" aura ..wth .. and u smiles a lot .. err .. in ur pic i mean ..

.. and the best part is .. u reply every comments .. unlike other bloggers .. be it asking bout 'wheretobuy' or 'howmuchthat' and etc ..

and i see every time ppl .. critic or gave nasty comment about u or ur family .. u still replied that in good manners .. in mature way :) *correct me if im wrong* but thats what i see .. sorry if i miss something :s

lastly, pretty please keep blogging please .. :) :) can?

linsey said...

omg the breakfast looks delicious!
i know i'm not answering your question but.. may i know how much is the breakfast set? hehe!


Nazi? said...

I first read RIM when I saw your link on MustardQueen : "Hui Wen the Elder" and I was like WHAAAT? Another Hoe sister?? And through your blog I found Jing's and that's when I was really riveted by the three of you! :D

Oh OK this comment is a bit sidetracked. :P

I read RIM because I love your personality! Not that we've ever met in real life before, but while going through your blog, you kinda fascinate me! You're honest, original, and you have that sassy unique style and you are sooooo PETITE! No offense =__=

You are very entertaining and your food review makes my eyes glued to the screen wtf! I also love how you express yourself through your writing; it is so genuine!

Oh, OK. I sound like a psycho but just you know, OK!!! ;)

Unknown said...

because i love to see the way you n your sisters dress!
nothing cheers me up more than seeing people who don't follow the rules with their fashion sense!
love the whimsical-ness!

Viexoravogue said...

I love reading ur blog because i read MustardQueen's blog and met at Kiehl's Party last year and bought clothes from Jing. FYI, i personally think the HOE sisters are cute and have great sense in fashion.

I like all your outfit post. =)

Anonymous said...

Because your blog makes me happy:)
Thank you so much for that.


daisycheong said...

its a habit!

Mrs Chong said...

bcuz u r funny and u alwiz fill ur post with nice pictures. Like your sis. It's so fun to see people dress up. =P

Joshua said...

Yes, nice clothes and shoes wtf

I agree with what someone said, because you are a happy person!


Jing always says she looks up to you, and from what I know of you, it's justified!

Anonymous said...

i read your blog everytime i was sad and after reading it, i feel better cos i tell myself in this world, there is still more unfortunate retards around writing about how pretty they are but the truth is u look like some fat aunty

agy. said...

I've never left a comment but having read that last awful unwarranted comment I thought I'd leave a little note.

I started reading your blog last year and I absolutely love it. You're so real and honest and funny and you embrace your flaws and yourself whole heartedly. I love all your pictures! They're so colourful and happy! I love your dress sense. Gorgeous quirky and daring. I love your posts about your sisters your partner your food posts and all your other daily posts :)

Keep posting up pictures of yourself, especially the upclose ones when it's a glowing flawless skin day cos you're absolutely gorgeous hun, inside and out.


Dear-Lulu said...

Because you're a candid writer and love your sense of playfulness in your dressing up photos. Enjoy reading about your daily life and shopping escapades! =)

mustardqueen said...

anonymous 11am: it's ok that you're one of them unfortunate retards cause you feel happy knowing that you're not alone after reading my sister's blog... there there... don't feel so sad, you're not alone *pats*

weiqi said...

quite a new reader here. i like reading about the sisters outings. i have got no sister mar*envy u've got 2*

Jing said...

Anonymous (11am): Hahaha, i wonder who's the fat aunty who's hiding behind an anonymous facade?

And you must come here very often seeing as you lead such a sad life..

Anonymous said...

aiyaa why the anonymous so retarded one?? i really dont get these kinda people, say bad things abt others to make them feel better, damn cacat la.

anyways, no you dont look like a fat aunty, you are very pretty actually! =)

Accyee said...

AIYA i just had dinner n now hungry again after looking at your bacon picssssss

Jonah said...

coz u have the cutest accessories the world can't buy !! hoping will see some of those in boudoir boudoir in the near future .. ;)


revel in me said...

sue lin: Haha, thanks! Though I think audit life is the same everywhere.

siao lee: Wow, thanks love! :)

siewkwan: Haha, I resent that, what lame jokes! *in denial* :P Thank you, praising my taste buds mean a lot to me!! Chomp chomp! :P


Forgive me ar I reply in pin yin for the meantime wtf

xie xie ni! ni de zhan mei shi zai ling wo jue de tai rong xing le! ye ling wo de yi tian piao liang qi lai! :)

wo ai ni, xi! :P

mustardqueen: Walao damn cold!!! Can't you at least say you read 'cause you love me wtf. T___T I didn't know parents go there very often! Why they never bring us arrr!!!
And I meant burnt taste as in smokey! Not terbakar la wtf

pj: That's too high a compliment! *feels compelled to do some jester moves to keep the title WTF*

random regular: Aww! I actually read your comment a few days ago, but didn't have time to reply, but it really put a smile on my face! :) And yesssss I am a very interesting friend to have!!! *blows own trumpet wtf* :P Once again, thank you for the lovely comment! :)

vic: That's great, but can you PLEASE MEET ME UP to actually see what I am up to! T___T Throw mike away and see me pls pls pls, hehehe. Do you open my blog when you're at work! :O

anonymous: Why are you so niceeee.. T__________T And sweet.. T______T Give you <3

katie!: Omggg I never knew that's how you came to my blog, haha! :P What a twist of events wtf. Thank you loveeee! :D

juwitajalil: Although I am so lame, you still think I am funny! *touched* HEHEHE

sher: I hope I am one of the eye candies WTFFF! :P Thank you dear! :)

xiang yun the A+: I never knew that! (I am your favorite) *breaks down and cry wtf* It's reading comments like this that make me happy and chirpy la!! T_____T Thank you thank you thank you. T___T *gives you stickers for your A+*

joyce: Me too, I love happy people! :D That's really sweet of you! *shy*

adryna: Please don't be shyyy, I appeciate everyone of your comments! *my turn to be shy* :D And ehhhh my english has deteriorate so much since I started working WTF, I don't know what's the correlation though. -_- And I am sooo happy that I make you laugh! It's my duty. *solemn* And thank you for reading my wordy (picture-less) entries till the end, I thought surely no one does! T_T

marshmallow: I didn't know you are still reading! *shy* Hehe, thank you love! <3

PVB: OMGGG are you serious, I always thought you are a student!! 'Cause your comments are always so fresh and cute! (it's a compliment k T_T) LUCKY YOU, left audit already, I am so jealoussss!! And thank you, you are too sweet as always! :)

revel in me said...

annant: I likey the way you likey me! *waggle eyebrows* :P

smallswong: Narcissist!! :P

enzy: I am so jealous of all you ex-auditors! :( Wait for me!! *clutches hands* :P

haslihb: When is the once-in-a-while boring stuff!!! *emo* T___T I will insaf wtf T_____T

eunice: Hehe, charitable heart!! I feel I am making donations wtf!! Thanks, dear! :D

Yee: And you can't imagine how those few words brighten my day. :)

choco: I AM NICEEE!! *tries to convince wtf* :D Thank you dear! And wholemeal bread nice what!!! White bread is very.. plain.. And 'cause white bread is actually bad carbs! :(

joise: NONONO, I thank YOU! Your comment gave me the hillybilly happy vibes. <333 Sending thrills up my spine, woh woh woh... <333

ashleigh: Oh shucks! *blush* THANK YOU! <3

jo: Actually a lot of the times I am not necessarily THAT happy a person (especially when I am working wtf), but I dunno why, people do think I channel a happy vibe... It's a good thing though, I think! :) Thank you dear, and we working people have to stick up for each other! T__T

brenda: Hi lurker! Hehe! :P In terms of genuine, I am just as lame in person WTF! Thank you! :)

cielo: Are you crazyyyyy WHY ARE YOU SO NICE AND SWEET like a hard candy with a surprise center (kate perry WTFFF)!!! T_______T I don't even know how to reply you, I am so flustered and at a loss of words!! :))))) Thank you, my love, because of people like you, I will keep on writing.. T____T

your virtual friend wtf

revel in me said...

linsey: Haha, of course! It's about RM28 per set! Slightly pricey, but I reckon it's a nice treat once in awhile! :)

nazihah: Hahhahah, your comment made me laugh! You sound so hyper, you remind me of.. myself. -_- Hehehe! Do you know Teeny originally linked me as "Hui Wen the ELDERLY" WTFFFF. Thank you for the lovely comment, you are making me smileeee! :)

ps: OIII I am not THAT petite la! T__T

sammy: Mmm, you know me so well! I like to be associated with the word 'whimsical' when it comes to my dressing, hehe! :P Thank you love! <3

Viexaravogue: Eeee, you have ties with us since so long ago? :) The Hoe sisters send you much love! <3

rita: Wowww, your comment might look short and simple, but it made my heart swell in happiness. I hate to be corny, but thank YOU. :)

daisycheong: Keep on practising this habit! :P

pingping: Haha, some people hate us for it though! Thank you dear, for giving us your love! <333

joshua: Can you be more cold wtf!! Hahahahah. Awww shit, you are making me all emo with that last phrase! T__T

anonymous: Your comment makes me smile too, but for a different reason. I am shaking my head, while smiling sadly for you. I pity you, because when you are sad and low, you have to resort to this to make yourself feel better. I thank my lucky stars that when I am sad, I have my loved ones to bring me up, whilst you have to use spite and bitterness. I would really recommend channeling your energies to better use, perhaps you would find yourself having less of those 'sad moments'. :) And for the record, if you say I look like a fat aunty now, I sure wouldn't mind looking like this when I am really an aunty! Thank you for putting things in perspective for me!

agy.: OK I am really stunned, I am running out of things to say by the torrent of sweet things you guys come up with! :) Thank you SO much for highlighting the things that I aspire to be-- which is to be myself and to be happy doing so. It means the world to me that someone thinks I am doing a good job. :)))) Thank you thank you thank you. :))))

A: Am so glad you don't find it boring that I am always talking about my daily life only! T___T Thank you, love! Big hug! :D

mustardqueen: EHHH are you defending me HAHHAHAHHA why does it sound like you are flaming me HAHHAHAHHAHAH

weiqi: Haha, ya, having sisters are amazing! Until we start fighting for clothes wtf. Hope you continue to enjoy reading! *shy*

jing: Thank you my love for defending this fat aunty WTFFFFF

marshmallow: Haha, I am used to it! In life, there are always people trying to bring us down, but they only have my sympathy! Don't worry, I am not the least bit bothered! :) But thank you for saying that I am pretty. *shy* :P

accyee: I AM SO SORRYYYY T___T But to be honest, everytime I come to my blog I get hungry too FML

jonah: HAHHAHAH you are spot on in hitting my most prized possessions-- my accessories! Clever girl!!! *admiring* :P

Eve said...

your blog is funny and genuine la..Then there's your never ending wardrobe and dressing that i can only look at :)

SpringSommer said...

I've been looking for the wetseal booties which you are wearing for AGES! When did you get it?

I love your clothes and style that's why i'm reading your blog:))

revel in me said...

eve: Thank you dear!! :))) And HAHA, my wardrobe is not never-ending k! :P

littlefeefee: It's actually my sister's! She got it from Macao, in Sept/Oct last year! :)

Thank you, love. *shy*

etcetera; said...

aishhhh i remember leaving a long comment to this post but why no have! ngai sat.

irene said...

can't believe i missed out on replying on this! i don't read your blog that regularly, but when i do, i spend hours poring through the archives.

it's hard to explain why i read Revel in Me. there is something about you and your everyday life that just appeals to me. i love how close you and your sisters are, and i am amazed at how you seem to never fail to go back to kl every weekend although it's a tiring trip. i love your sense of style, especially your love for happy-clappy colours. you inspired me to be bold and to dress up the way i like, not the way i'm expected to. i love the friendship you share with girls of Flat Hair Flat, because it's always so heartwarming and sweet.

i think i can just go on and on, because for some reason, although i've never met you and i don't know you personally, i feel like reading Revel in Me has become an integral part of my life. you spread happiness to anyone who reads your blog, just through your sheer determination to be happy with life no matter what it throws your way. i find that utterly refreshing.

so, in a nutshell, the reason why i read Revel in Me because it makes me happy. :)

(thus ends me essay! lol!)