Saturday, August 29, 2009

Melbourne 2009: Day 3.

I really need to come up with better titles. -_-

But I have no choice! 'Cause descriptive titles for my trips make it easier for me to search for the entries. Data management wtf.

I slept past 1pm today!!! It was what I really needed 'cause for some reason, I was just exceptionally exhausted this whole week despite having on average 7 hours of sleep each night. Maybe it's 'cause I was going to get my period soon? I dunno, it's what Jing told me, I personally never really noticed this.

Scrambled out of bed after I was awaken by my alarm, and ran to gym. I desperately need to catch up on my exercise... Melbourne has done no good to my tummy (and appetite). T__T Feel really productive now, which is why I am blogging. After this I have to get to work. :(

Anyway, like what my title suggests wtf! We went to Bridge Road on day 3:

Joshua, Jing and Dorothy from Wizard of Oz (i.e. me) wtf.

I absolutely love Joshua's ring! Though it isn't very movement-friendly wtf (you can't bend your finger haha).

He got it on Ebay! I really need to shop more on Ebay... I don't do so 'cause GASP I don't have a Paypal account. *shy*

Love his eel skin boots as well!! Though I got a bit queasy thinking of the eel before it was made into shoes wtf.

I have an immense phobia of snakes-- and eels bear too big a resemblance to those wrenched creatures! T_T

Hui Wen and Hui Jing sitting on a bench... G-O-S-S-I-P-I-N-G wtf.

Proudly showing off my much loved pale pink beret with rosettes. *heart*

Style shot wtf. I quite like the woman's jagged-hem coat! Very Flintstone, haha.

Bridge Road!

I saw this in a shop! I say, ditto! :D
(Y'know how usually these charts for testing eyesight only have 'E's in various sizes...)

Then Teeny came down to join us! Poor girl had classes earlier in the day.

Dunno what did I say to elicit such a response from her. -_-

Gangster sial!
And hahaha, Joshua's pose damn cute in the 2nd picture.

You don't expect me to look glam while scratching an itchy scalp, do you wtf.

Why I consumed 20,000 calories a day in Melbourne:

My very sophisticated sounding risotto which I have forgotten the name, heh. It has smoked salmon, cheese, and orange peel in it! A rather interesting mix, I say.

Jing's chicken, mushroom and bacon risotto.

Potato wedges with melted cheese and salsa. Much love!

Joshua's super huge fish and chips.

No picture of Teeny's food 'cause she was a vegetarian for the day, and hence her food is not worthy of any photos wtf.

I quite recommend this cafe! It's called Sass, and it's on the upper part of Bridge Road. We were salivating over the Sass & Bide collection in one of the shops in the earlier part of the day, and thus joked to ourselves that since we can't afford Sass & bide, Sass will suffice for the meantime. T___T

Dressed for winter... right up to the dark colors!

As you can see, I am an outcast from my choice of colors wtf.

Joyous Teeny is a rare sight. :P
I pride myself on taking good candid pictures! *pats myself on the back*

On the tram. Teeny was wearing a long beanie, so I told her that it's very convenient as she can just yank it down to cover her face and go rob a bank wtf.

And I finally got to visit my true love, Max Brenners!

Peanut butter and chocolate ice frappe-- bestest drink in the world! Have been craving for it for almost 2 years already. T_T

'Drink me'. We heard you! :P

Best friends. :)

Remember I mentioned here that my strand of pearls broke whilst I was walking?
All was left is a loose strand of thread. :'(

One of my favorite jackets-- love the bow detailing at the pockets. :)

Teeny's new booties-- so new that she walked out of the store wearing them! :P
I so adore these shoes-- especially the gold platform, but unfortunately I won't really get much use of them in M'sia/S'pore.

Sometimes I hate staying in a tropical country! :(

God I am attractive.

May I show you the stairway to heaven!!!
Max Brenner's belgium waffles are the BEST, I am telling you. BEST BEST BEST. Every bite you take, you will soar to heaven... *dreamy*

Mr. Bald Man (aka Max Brenner himself wtf), thank you being such a genius! *kiss*

Battle of acting like animals????

No chapped lips for me! And Teeny in the midst of seducing Max Brenner wtf.

Korean food for dinner (although we were already so stuffed with chocolate goodies) at Big Mama. I can't remember the exact street name, but it's somewhere near Lygon Street.

We each got to pick one dish!

Jing picked some fried chicken, which was really really good! Tender, crispy, with the right touch of tanginess from the sauce. Thumbs up for this!

Teeny the Vegetarian picked fried tofu (she removed the dried cuttlefish shreds).

I always have the same thing at Korean restaurants: Kimchi Chigae (kimchi soup). *love*

The hotplate grilled beef ribs that came highly recommended by Joshua!

Everything we ordered was very yummy! One of the better Korean food I have had... The only gripe I had with the restaurant is that the restaurant's name 'Big Mama' translated to "Fat Mama" in Chinese (based on the Chinese characters)-- I got a little nervous, 'cause what if Fat Mama wants to make everyone fat wtf.

Random aspects of the outfit of the day:

Ribbed cotton tights kept me warm. :)

Scarf to match the outfit. The pink blob is actually a flower, haha.

Pearl layers in its full glory before one of the strands broke; and lovely mesh part of the vintage top before I spilled mocha on it. *dark*

I don't have a proper outfit picture, do this will have to do:


Cream velvet top with heart-shaped mesh neckline with floral beaded applique: Camberwell market (bought it 2 years when I was still studying, for 3 bucks :P)
Electric blue full miniskirt: Topshop
White jacket with bow detailing on pockets: Singapore
Baby pink felt beret with rosettes: Forever 21
Layered pearl strands and chains: Diva
White ribbed tights: Forever New
Red parent maryjanes: Topshop
Bag: Miu Miu

I am so hot when I pout.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I will take you there.

Busy busy busy!!! I might even have to work this weekend!! *gasp* But from home la, so that's not too bad. :(

Just a few random pictures before I call it a day! But I promise I will be a good girl and get some Melbourne pictures up this weekend. *bats eyelashes*

Remember I mentioned here that I broke a toenail?? I even illustrated (badly) on how the crack looked like, heh.

Well, guess what, I took a picture!!

Take that, all you people who laughed at my toe nail. Or rather, my late toenail wtf. That whole (cracked) piece has since fell out, leaving me with a very short (and ugly) toe nail. :((((

It looked like the crack went across at the top of my toenail, but it actually went all the way across to the middle!! Very very geli. :/

The day of leaving for Melbourne! 'Cause we took a midnight flight, so during the day Jing and I had time to run some errands and sayang the boyfriends. :P


Plaid pussy bow buttoned down blouse with ruffles: Bangkok
Black (super comfy) skort: Singapore

Black studded belt: Zara

Pearl bracelet with giant diamante: Forever 21

Black and white maryjanes: Singapore

Bag (not shown): Chanel

Think of this as a mini-survey; do you think my outfit pictures are too small? To be honest, I do think they are on the small (almost miniscule :( ) side, but they are autosized by Blogger, so I can't help the size it turns out. I am not so narcissistic to think that you all want to see giant pictures of me la! But it's just that for myself, when I want to perve on people's outfits, I prefer sites with giant, clear pictures... So maybe you would like to? :) If so, I might contemplate switching back to uploading my pictures onto Photobucket!

I was at the boyfriend's on the day of my flight, and I made a last-minute list of necessities to bring to Melbourne:

(Sorry, my writing is really ugly when I am in a rush T_T)

As you can see from my list, my idea of 'necessities' is pretty warped-- 9 out of 10 things are clothings/shoes/accessories. -___-

I was running through the list to see whether there was anything that I missed out, when I suddenly notice the last item on the list....

The boyfriend added himself into the list, awww! :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A date with cookie monster.

Update: The pimple has dried up and dropped out today! REJOICE! :P

I am sorry, no Melbourne pictures for the meantime, 'cause I really don't have the time to look through the gazillions of pictures! (That's a lie, of course, you think my camera has so much space meh wtf) I have been working late for the past 2 days, finished work at 9pm.. which is really late considering it isn't supposed to my busy period now!! Whatever happened to off-peak!! T________T

A picture of this super toxic pimple I have right under my nose.

It's so big now! It could almost be my pet WTF. It's so huge that I have people asking me about it. "Hey, is that a pimple?" -___- Yes la yes la DUH!! Don't have to jab at my little heart. T___T

To add salt to the pimple wound, I am currently working at one of the biggest cosmetic company!! Think of all your favorite make-up brands, woohoo!! But all the people working there are tall, slim and gorgeous, and super obsessed with skincare. I feel so self-conscious with my huge-ass pimple(s). T_____T

A more normal picture of me wtf. Behold, the pimple can still be seen, fuck this shit.


Nude ruffled neckline tee: Topshop
Blue striped boxers skirt: Camberwell market
Baby blue corsage (worn in hair): Diva (for 1AUD wahaha)
Rope necklace with gold chain and bird applique: Bangkok
Pearl strands bracelet: Diva
Electric blue patent slingbacks: Vincci
White leather and rattan woven bag: Chloe

That's a boxers skirt I am wearing!! :P Basically, it's exactly like boy boxers (from the material to the buttoned down front), just that it's in the form of a skirt! Isn't it so cute! :D

Food at Chawan, Bangsar. I was the one who suggested the place, and the boyfriend asked why. Well, our Melbourne trip was kind of like an international food eating spree for us (Korean food, Japanese food, Greek food, English tea, Japanese fusion, Italian etc), and all I was craving then was Malaysian food. :)

Nasi Briyani. The picture sucks, 'cause it looks like a vegetarian meal (the giant chicken drumstick was buried under the rice). But if I were to dig out the chicken and then took a picture, it would have looked quite disgusting wtf.

The boyfriend's Nasi Tomato.

I was quite tempted to order it at first ('cause it's RM5 cheaper than my Nasi Briyani wtf), but I had this horrible vision of it being rice drenched in ketchup... which is major yucks in my book! *wrinkles nose* Sidetrack a bit, does anyone of you eat fried rice with ketchup?? I have seen people doing that (my own blood father does too wtf), and I think it's quite weird! :/

Anyway, surprisingly the Nasi Tomato is quite good! In fact, it tasted almost 80% like my Nasi Briyani. -_- I think the next time I am going to order it! ('cause it's RM5 cheaper wtf)

Keropok Leko, overpriced ones! I think this cost us RM4.50, when it would only cost us about 20 cents per stick at stalls outside.

But we were craving for it. /begs

Coffee! They serve like 101 coffees there wtf.

Go search for Chawan in my previous entries if you are interested, I have blogged about the place before! :)

Starbucks and cookies go very well wtf.

Someone please stop me from peeling off the pimple!! T___T