Monday, August 17, 2009

Bad shopping experience.

I bought a pair of shoes from Steve Madden today, and the sales assistant shoved the shoe box into my hands and told me that they ran out of bags.

Wtf?? A shoe boutique running out of shopping bags??? And she honestly expected me to run around with a shoe box in my hands. -_-

This is my super tulan cum o_O face after walking out of the shop. With the shoe box tucked in my hands. FML

PS: Count of shoes now - 7 pairs! :P

PPS: Omg 2 more days left! Very very emo! :(


babyclam said...

u shouldnt sad about it..
you should have brought those environmental friendly shopping bag instead..
be an environment friendly girl~

Anonymous said...

yes I agree with babyclam. I'm a compulsive shopper but I always have a shopping bag in my hand bag. I just went to Bangkok to recently and bought tonnes of clothing + shoes + accessories. If I were to take to a bag from every shop how many bags will it result to?

Be an environmental friendly shopaholic. :)

mustardqueen said...

babyclam and anonymous: waking up too early resulting to "I forgotten to bring a shopping bag" and besides, so much shopping how many shopping bag can they bring to fit all?? T____T I was there with them so I know better -_-

irene said...




you should have just worn the shoes out of the store and forego the box, hahaha.

revel in me said...

babyclam: Aww, I wasn't supposed to shop that day, thus I didn't bring any bags! Anyway, it's more like the sheer atrocity of the service there that I am complaining of!!

anonymous: I don't bring a bag out, I have to admit that, but I try as much as I can to not ask for shopping bags, and instead try to fit them into my handbag/an existing shopping bag. Same thing when I was in Bangkok recently. And I always reuse my plastic bags. I try my best to be as green as I can, I can promise you that. But you have to understand, the shoe box that I had that day was really really big, even a normal bag wouldn't be able to fit in. And the sales assistant was really defiant and unhelpful about the whole situation, bah.

mustardqueen: Hahaha idiot!! We didn't shop THAT much right! T___T

irene: Haha, I will post up some of my buys soon! And err the shoes didn't go with my outfit that day!! *bimbo* :P And I was wearing boots! If I changed into the steve madden shoes, I would still need to carry a pair of boots around.. T_T

Anonymous said...

excited excitement excitation!!!!

i'm soooo super duper uber d excited dot com to c u here tat i can't help it but comment first before reading d rest of d entry!!!!!! faint dot come la me!!!!

woohooooooooooooooo!!!! happy that u're back with lots of buys and tonz n tonz n tonz of picsssssssssss!!!!!! really can't wait!!!!!! most importantly, happy that u've d zeal to blog!!!!!!!!

i juz lurveeeeee teeny's pink coat!!! its sooooo confessions of a shopaholic!!!!!! lurve lurve lurveeeeee

ok i better not get too carried away which i think i've already done it!!!

Anonymous said...

whopppssss my seriously over d excitement case led me to comment at the wrong entry!!!