Thursday, August 06, 2009

Bangkok: Day 3

I went for Bodypump the day before (weight-lifting class at the gym), and I swear, my muscles have never been so stiff and painful before. T___T

I can't bend my legs! I walk like a robot, putting one (staight) leg in front of the other one. And you bet it's a funny sight to see me go up or down stairs with straight legs. T__T

I can't lift up my arms! When I was changing just now, just the act of sticking my arms into the arm holes of my T-shirt seemed like too much effort. I was quite tempted to go around naked wtf.

Third instalment of Bangkok pictures!

Funny outfit picture because I don't have any other taken wtf:

Hot pink and electric blue halter romper: Honey Pumpkin
White unfinished asymmetrical hem racer tank: Singapore
Sky blue rosette headband: Forever 21
White leather sneakers: River Island
Bag: Miu Miu

I have no idea what got into me when I bought this romper. -_- The colors are so LOUD! I take pride in being a color lover, but gosh, hot pink and electric blue, what was I thinking?? Nevertheless, I have plans for this romper now. Watch out for my Halloween costume wtf.

Jing called me the aerobic instructor, and Teeny, the ballet coach, HAHAHA.

Conducting classes wtf.

I am not short, I am just cute.
I am not petite, I am just cute.
I am not vertically challenged, I am just cute.

*Repeats x100 times wtf

Monster lurking behind the... palm.

Jing wants to join in our let's-get-active session as well.
This is her taking-off position wtf.

I never knew I am so graceful in air! Look at how my shoelace is like suspended in time wtf.

Sorry ar I really felt very athletic that day wtf. As blurry as the picture is, you can smell the horror from my dad looking at me, HAHAHA!

My mom looking cool as cucumber. Well, duh! She didn't spend the last 15minutes leaping into air wtf.

Scared of the sun!!
And you can see my dad looking at me in horror again. T__T

Entertaining ourselves while my mom bought bras for Teeny. I don't get it, we travel so many miles to buy chest pads?? wtf

Comfy footwear. And thank god for that! Looking at the amount of distance we walked, we wouldn't be able to survive otherwise.

On the other hand, I am only bringing heels to Melbourne. :P

My famous dance move. The boys, they fall at my feet WTF.

Durian and evaporated milk and glutinous rice. They said it's great, but I wouldn't know, 'cause I don't eat durian!

I stopped eating Durian 'cause I read too much Lat comics. T___T

At Central-- a super posh mall which has a Chanel that we were fated to not go into. T___T

My dad claimed that he prayed to the four-faced god the day before that we would not be able to go into Chanel in Central!! I don't know whether it's a string of coincidences, but when we first got into the mall, we were unable to find Chanel, although it was clearly situated at the ground floor! :O And when we found the shop, there was some royalty event going on right in front of Chanel, and the whole area in front of Chanel's entrance was blocked off!! Coincidences? Or is it the powers of the four-faced god... *in awe*

Nevertheless, my dad's prayers were flawed! 'Cause Bangkok doesn't only have one Chanel! There is one more in Bangkok International airport, and there was where he bought my mom a Chanel bag on the day of our departure, HAHAHA.

Eating my dad's favorite Bangkok snack in MBK mall. It's a crispy biscuit/wafer thingy with thick coconut cream and roasted shredded coconut!

I was quite disgusted when I first saw it, it looks so fattening!! But it tastes quite good... But not good enough for me to take in those extra calories though!!

Baskin Robbin's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is a whole different matter... ;)

Teeny grudgingly sharing her piece of coconut snack (she really loved it!).

Mom giving me the 'What do you want?" look. I got a lot of this when I used to ask for pocket money. :P

Teeny goes "MMMMmm".

Same goes for my dad!

According to my mom, if my dad doesn't have at least one of the coconut snack, it's as if he didn't go to Bangkok. -_-

I am afraid that all the horrible tales you have heard about traffic jams in Bangkok is very, very true. :(

At Platinum Mall! We were all so knackered. 3 days of non-stop walking (read: shopping) is no walk in the park!

Dead tired. Literally wtf.

On the same night, we went for a Thai massage! :))))))))
It was the first professional massage I have ever gotten in my life!!!

SO SO SO GOOD. So good that I am planning to go for one this weekend... My body needs to be pampered before squeezing into an Air Asia seat for 7 hours! T_T


mustardqueen said...

wah daddys face priceless wtf! And it's salted egg yolk with err meringue (not cream cos the texture is tooooo frothy!) mmm im hungry T_T

rie said...

whoa! this is like a happy family post!! wee ;);) .i can feel the 'happiness' even am not there . haha. well, ur lil bro din join izit?

anyway .. how much the price range for the chanel bag there ar? heard its cheaper @__@

btw, ur outfit really resemble an aerobic instructor .. haha .. but a cute one *with the headband .. hehe

Adryna said...

hehe you're totally funny laa! all the moves makes me laughing like crazy! i nver thinks youre such rebellious like that until i saw the aerobic wtf movement. heh (now trying to imitate you with WTF word boooo to me) ;)
this post totally made me jealous, youve been to platinum mall whereas i heard there's alot of fancy clothes, and where else do you go? and also the thai massage, ohh im so jealous...

xiang yun said...

Your jumping pictures and the picture where you and MustardQueen are demonstrating your aerobics and yoga instructor poses just cracks me up! And your dad's face is just HAHAHAHAHA your family is soooo cute!

jeanchristie said...

my advice for your air asia seat is to always ALWAYS grab the 2 seater next to the window.

you get more leg space compared to the middle ones haha.. i know because i flew 13-14 hours to london via air asia >.<

haslihb said...

i love mbk mall hhehe clean toilet with water(!) and tasty nasi kuning heheh what is the name of the snack. next time can go cari :)

Vivien said...

i don't like durian also it gives me nosebleeds wtfhahah T^T btw! i haven't seen chocolate chip cookie dough at any BR!!!!! there's this new one called cookie mix or something; it's so bad T_______T take care and safe flight ok! :)

Anonymous said...

to melbourne in a few hrs!!!!!
i can't wait!!!
feel sooo super duper excited!!!!
enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!!
have a blast!!!!
ready or not d hoe sisters r coming!!!

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Haha, ya, kodak moment wtf! And no la, there is no salted egg or meringue in it!!!! Plain cream only, I am very sure of that!

rie: Ya my brother was left out of the trip 'cause it's supposed to be a shopping trip, heh! And I heard that bags are cheaper there too, but they are not!!! More ex, about 5-10% more? :(

adryna: EHH not funny ok, I am just super nimble and flexible I should go try out for the national gymnastics team WTF!! Haha, my bf always say I am rebellious. -_- And why booo to wtf!! It express most of emotions very eloquently WTFF. We only went to all the shopping places! :/

xiang yun: HAHAHAHHAH ya la we are natural performers /boo. I want to post up a pic of my dad mid-massage HAHAHAHHHA but I am afraid he will disown me!!

But then again I am not sure he knows how to use google so he might never find out WAHAHA!

jean: I prefer window seats anyway! :) EEEKK flying to london, I can't imagine! T___T

haslihb: What is nasi kuning!! Sounds delish!! And err you mean the coconut snack? I will check with my dad! He should know since it's his first love wtf. -_-

vivient t: T______________T The cookie mix thingy tastes very similar to my fave chocolate chip cookie dough.. T____________________T

Thank you dear! <3

anonymous: Haha, not few more hours, one more day! :P Your excitement is infectious WOOOHOOO!

Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know where did you get your white shoes? I like it!