Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A date with cookie monster.

Update: The pimple has dried up and dropped out today! REJOICE! :P

I am sorry, no Melbourne pictures for the meantime, 'cause I really don't have the time to look through the gazillions of pictures! (That's a lie, of course, you think my camera has so much space meh wtf) I have been working late for the past 2 days, finished work at 9pm.. which is really late considering it isn't supposed to my busy period now!! Whatever happened to off-peak!! T________T

A picture of this super toxic pimple I have right under my nose.

It's so big now! It could almost be my pet WTF. It's so huge that I have people asking me about it. "Hey, is that a pimple?" -___- Yes la yes la DUH!! Don't have to jab at my little heart. T___T

To add salt to the pimple wound, I am currently working at one of the biggest cosmetic company!! Think of all your favorite make-up brands, woohoo!! But all the people working there are tall, slim and gorgeous, and super obsessed with skincare. I feel so self-conscious with my huge-ass pimple(s). T_____T

A more normal picture of me wtf. Behold, the pimple can still be seen, fuck this shit.


Nude ruffled neckline tee: Topshop
Blue striped boxers skirt: Camberwell market
Baby blue corsage (worn in hair): Diva (for 1AUD wahaha)
Rope necklace with gold chain and bird applique: Bangkok
Pearl strands bracelet: Diva
Electric blue patent slingbacks: Vincci
White leather and rattan woven bag: Chloe

That's a boxers skirt I am wearing!! :P Basically, it's exactly like boy boxers (from the material to the buttoned down front), just that it's in the form of a skirt! Isn't it so cute! :D

Food at Chawan, Bangsar. I was the one who suggested the place, and the boyfriend asked why. Well, our Melbourne trip was kind of like an international food eating spree for us (Korean food, Japanese food, Greek food, English tea, Japanese fusion, Italian etc), and all I was craving then was Malaysian food. :)

Nasi Briyani. The picture sucks, 'cause it looks like a vegetarian meal (the giant chicken drumstick was buried under the rice). But if I were to dig out the chicken and then took a picture, it would have looked quite disgusting wtf.

The boyfriend's Nasi Tomato.

I was quite tempted to order it at first ('cause it's RM5 cheaper than my Nasi Briyani wtf), but I had this horrible vision of it being rice drenched in ketchup... which is major yucks in my book! *wrinkles nose* Sidetrack a bit, does anyone of you eat fried rice with ketchup?? I have seen people doing that (my own blood father does too wtf), and I think it's quite weird! :/

Anyway, surprisingly the Nasi Tomato is quite good! In fact, it tasted almost 80% like my Nasi Briyani. -_- I think the next time I am going to order it! ('cause it's RM5 cheaper wtf)

Keropok Leko, overpriced ones! I think this cost us RM4.50, when it would only cost us about 20 cents per stick at stalls outside.

But we were craving for it. /begs

Coffee! They serve like 101 coffees there wtf.

Go search for Chawan in my previous entries if you are interested, I have blogged about the place before! :)

Starbucks and cookies go very well wtf.

Someone please stop me from peeling off the pimple!! T___T


joycezhi said...

*slowly putting hand up*
er...i eat my fried rice with ketcup..
*blink innocently*
i din know its weird.i think its pretty yummy...
n oh...for ur pimple..try Origin's Spot Remover...mine was gone overnight!!

Adryna said...

hey your pimple is almost invisible lah, sooner it will dissapear only if you control yourself not to touch it! hehe i had one of those days before, it was quite terrible furthermore i afraid that another pimple will appear somemore T___T.

the boxers are cute!!!

anyway which cosmetics company u're working at? the job sounds interesting, is it or not?

jeanchristie said...

my dad does it too. i do it sometimes. not weird lahh

anyway i usually like my fried rice cooked with chilli padi or viet chillies yummy!

eh babe, u going for the penang road trip this wkend?

PVB said...

really cute skirt you have there :)
i don't quite perasan your pimple because the hot spot is your flawless cheek. so jealous you have super good skin.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, what course did you take to go into accounting field?
Just curious :)

mustardqueen said...

WHY MST U POST SUCH PICTURES NOW I WANNA EAT BRIYANI AND WE DIN MANAGE TO GO HEAVEN (nirvana wtf) when i went back fr winter T________T damn emooooooo T________T

simonso said...

so stylo! lah u!

revel in me said...

joycezhi: WHYYYYYYYY why fried rice and ketchup!!! Doesn't it taste funny!! :P And ooohhh Origins?? But is your pimple as big as a mountain (like mine T__T) or not?? :'(

adryna: It's not invisible!! It grew even bigger after that!! As big as an eyeball WTF. Ohhhh yaaa I can't imagine if another pimple grows and they merge!!! *horrified* Oh no no, I am still in audit!! Just that my client is a cosmetics company now. ;) And I am sorry, love, work stuff is P & C!

jean: Damn weird laaa!! But hongkies do it though! I watch on tvb dramas wan wtf. Huh, what penang road trip???

PVB: Damn cute rightttt!! :D Wish I took better pictures though!! :( And ooii no such thing!! my cheeks are super spotty now. Damn my facial lady. T__T

anonymous: I took a double degree (in commerce and business systems), but generally an accounting major (in another degree) should warrant you entry into accounting! Point of caution though, if you do an accounting major in a non-business degree, you might have to spend more time in your professional papers later on!

mustardqueen: YAAA I was surprised you didn't ask!! (about heaven wtf) I thought you went to eat yourself or something.. 'Cause I ALWAYS have cravings for nirvana banana leaf rice! <3

simonso: Haha, don't flatter me! :P

Vivien said...

*smacks hand* do not touch it Huiwen! or do you want a scar?! :P to be honest.. i didn't see it until i read the caption ._.

and the people at the company won't notice lah, because of your awesomesauce style! mmf loving the necklace! so kitschy chic! :D

jeanchristie said...

the road trip to penang? the last i heard CM was supposed to be driving 1 car up as well, not sure if plans have changed. the usual gang lo.. ai ling, kh etc

btw, r u flying back for raya? if not, i've got a set of bus tickets reserved but am not using for that long weekend :)