Saturday, August 08, 2009

Dear Melbourne,

It's been awhile. Do you miss me?

I really hope the feeling is mutual, 'cause I do.
Boy, I do.

I am slightly nervous, like a girl before her first date. The child before her first day of school. The bride before walking down the aisle.

If I close my eyes, I can see you. I can smell you. I can almost feel you.

Are you as I remember?

'Cause the memories of you I hold dearly. Our days together, they make me smile. Our journey, oh, it's special.

I am coming back to you. After so long. Like a careless lover, I left you without a backwards glance. But it's not because I don't care. It's 'cause I know it will only deepen my longing for you.

Now that I am making the first move, coming back to you... Will you still take me in?

Will you and I etch happy, beautiful memories again, together?

'Cause, baby, that's the only thing I ask from you.

Will my train rides be filled with riddles and laughter and gossip and chatter?

Will the stairs I have once climbed be less steep? 'Cause I have grown in the years that we were apart, just like how I hope it is like with you.

The season that I have chose to meet you in... It does not have the lush jade green trees that I used to see. But will you grant me warm, cheery sunshine?

Will the giant wallet still be there?

When I walk down the Yarra river side, will the breeze still caress my cheeks like a lover's whisper?

I took on so many roles... But after all this while, will you still recognise me despite all the masks? I am still me, afterall.

Promise me you won't laugh at me when I climb onto tabletops? I am still a kid at heart.

And promise me that your city night lights, they will shine as brilliantly as before.

When I go to Camberwell market, will I be as impulsive and reckless as I was before?

I miss Miss Marples scones.. But will I have the courage to drive all the way up Mount Dandenong?

I miss the laughter we let out at the mountain top too.. I am sure it echoed all the way down. :)

Will happy, unplanned accidents happen again?

Will we let the chilly winds wake us up from our drunken stupor? And will I receive flowers from random strangers while clubbing again wtf.

Will you snicker at me if I pray to Shopping God while waiting for trams...

Don't be jealous, but I will have to have some rendezvous with my other love as well. :)

My mural walls, please be the most beautiful backdrop possible.

Once again, I miss strawberry-picking by a bit.
Alas, the season that we will meet, will not bear us fruits. Literally.

At Sexpo Nov 2007.

Will I see a giant veined penis? WTF

I miss this wall! Seven, here I come.

And when I sip on mocha lattes and munch on toasted focaccias, will my heart be warm and contented, just like old times?

But I guess, all these questions do not matter.

The main point is, we will be reunited soon.

And the memories we shared, whether if they are blurry, or if I could remember them so well it's as if they happened yesterday, they are all powerful memories. Powerful happy memories.

And now I am coming to create new memories. :)

Hui Wen.


Anonymous said...

you studied in melb?

LavenderFloret said...

beautifully written lol

PS: yes the giant wallet is still here lol

mustardqueen said...

yea the clamshell wallet still there HAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA n what the hell la so unglam lor the plastic bags at camberwell.. i once had to buy a really expensive shoe to cover up e ugly bag WTF!

revel in me said...

anonymous: Yes, I did! :)

lavenderfloret: Hahaha, GOOD! I am so climbing onto it again! :P

mustardqueen: I KNOWWW everytime I go to camberwell I will look this unglam. T__T But I am not as vain as you to buy expensive things to cover up ok!! :P

One more day /boo

xiang yun said...

Your open letter to Melbourne is so pretty and sweet! =] Yay! Happy that you are going away (not literally) cos that means more pictures and more entries from you!! =]]]

Joanne said...

Have a pleasant trip gal and I'm sure that Melbourne will love you back in return. Bcos love has to be mutual. lol. *pardon me for too much of personification okay?*

smallswong said...

so beautiful
i miss melbourne and the flat hair flats
if only i knew back then that our days were numbered, i wouldnt have gone for classes :P

have a blast my dear! and im sure u will ;)

ethel said...

that's sweet! im waiting for the day to go back to new zealand once again...hopefully i can go back there soon! have heaps of fun in melb. i bet you're gonna have a blast.

Eeflin said...

yayy i guess the only place i might bump into you is at seven WTF HAHA.

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

very well written Hui Wen. Have a fantabulous trip, and I know you will! :) Oh ya, do apply sunblock! haha

PVB said...

have a great time in aust! tata!