Saturday, August 01, 2009

Fitness bunny.

Okok, I know this is really old news, but bear with me! Pictures from the day of the MU vs Malaysia match in Bukit Jalil. :P


Manchester United men's jersey: The boyfriend's
White knitted beanie: Sportsgirl

Studded bangles: Assorted

White leather sneakers: River Island

Bag: Miu Miu

Yaaa, I wore the boyfriend's jersey as a dress! :P With white shorts underneath, I don't want to flash my knickers while I am climbing those bleachers!

At first, the boyfriend was so gung-ho, he insisted on getting me a United women jersey. -__- I suggested he use the money to get me something from Topshop instead wtf.

The boyfriend and his friends/cousins hanging up the banner that he did.

Yes, my boyfriend painted TWO banners all by himself. (two banners: one for each half of the match) -__-

I should have taken a picture of him spray-painting (haha, ya, the boy bought spray paint to do up his banners!! So noob wtf)! With the few metres long white cloth spread out on the granite road, and him squatting beside it, spraying with great concentration... Classic! :P

By the way, the second banner reads: "Come back in 2011" ('cause apparently next year there's the EPL so they won't do tours like that).

The first banner? It goes:

"United. Kids. Wife. In that order."


Let's say the boyfriend had a few knuckle sandwiches for lunch WTF. In actual, apparently this is a really famous saying. -__-

"Just for laughs", the boyfriend said.


I shan't divulge how the boyfriend actually pacified me k, very miang, heh. But it doesn't involve diamonds la, what do you take me for wtf.

Anyway, non-football fans can breathe a sigh of relief! 'Cause that's all the pictures I have from the match; the rest are in the boyfriend's camera. I am sure you guys aren't interested to see good looking, sweaty men running around in very thin shorts without any underwear... *trails off*

Or maybe I should go get the pictures from the boyfriend right this instant wtf.


Anyway, the reason why I chose to post up these MU pictures is 'cause Manchester United = football = exercise = health... which is quite related to what I am going to tell you all! :P

I am going through a major lifestyle overhaul. :)

In my last entry, I asked you all whether you know where I was... The answer is the Curve. The reason I was there wasn't because I desperately needed mushroom soup or 'cause of the weekend bazaar. It's 'cause I wanted to sign up for a gym membership!

It all started one night during dinner with two of my female colleagues. It was just the beginning of our off-peak period, which explains why we could actually meet up for dinner. Over the dinner, we talked about a lot of things; girlie stuff like make-up, beauty products, shopping, actors etc. We also talked about work. During our peak period, we were all at different client's offices, so we didn't see each other much. Even when we were at office, often, we were so busy we don't get to talk. So we shared about our work experiences... about the shitty clients, about the amount of stress, the workload. We talked about how little we slept during that period, how we didn't have any weekends.

Similar to my colleagues, I shared my life during what I call the Dark Times. I expected empathy. I expected words of encouragement. In a sadistic manner, I even expected some praise? ("wow, you have sacrificed so much for your job!")

But instead, my colleague looked at me with pity, and she told me:

"You don't know how to take care of yourself, don't you?"

And that, hit me like a huge slap in the face.

She is right.

I haven't been taking good care of myself. Granted, most auditors don't get enough sleep during peak period. But not only have I not been resting well, I have not been eating well, have not been exercising.. Heck, I don't even adhere to my beauty regime because I use the excuse that "I am too busy".

During the busy period, you will see me rushing my work after my working hours, 'cause I want to go home as early as I can. My colleagues would ask me out for dinner (before going back to work), and I would steadfastly refuse. Going for dinner would mean that I have to go home even later! So I stay on working. And we all know that work never ends. And I find myself working in the office till midnight, and by then, not only would I be exhausted, I would also be starving. So left with no choice, I find myself buying loads of junk from the office vending machine. Chocolates, nacho chips, sugar biscuits. Zero nutrients, but they kept me full. Besides that, time is ever so precious during the peak period. So I find myself going for fast food all the time. 3 times in a week? No problem. And because I stay out here alone, there is no one to cut fruits or cook yummy vegetables or boil home-cooked soup for me. And let's not even start on my lack of exercise. The only form of exercise I get is walking in OU in my heels. -_-

Which is why I decided enough's enough. My colleague is right. No one is going to take care of me, but myself. I have tortured my body enough for the past year, it's time for me to put a stop to that. I have also put on quite a bit of weight after I started work, which is inevitable, 'cause we remain seated at our desks almost all the time, and often my job requires me to eat at irregular times. Add that to that fact that I don't exercise at all... The amount of weight I have put on is quite scary. I want to lose weight. I want to get fit. Most importantly, I just want to take better care of myself.

Which is why I got myself into a 12-month gym membership. I am aiming for 3 workouts a week. I am currently at my first week, and I have already been to the gym twice, am going for the 3rd time of the week tomorrow. I have also started going for Pilates lessons, will see how that works out. :)

I am also making myself eat healthily. I am eating at least 2 servings of fruits a day, and have been starting my day with a slice of papaya every morning. I am trying to avoid carbs, 'cause carbs are evil wtf. I am also incorporating more vegetables into my daily diet. Trying to go for boiled, steamed, stir-fried.

This is not going to be easy, I know. It was quite a breeze to lose weight when I was younger. Besides the higher metabolism rate (oh, how I miss my teens), I could starve myself during the day ('cause nothing loses weight faster than starving + furious working out wtf), and it wouldn't matter. But now that I am working, I really can't afford to be hungry. If I am hungry, it will affect my performance at work during the day, and that's not an option. Due to the nature of my job, I am always sent to clients at different locations, and thus, I don't really have much choices when it comes to food because it would depend on what the location has to offer. Sometimes I am sent to factories or industrial zones, where all you have is the factory cafeteria, so it's going to be quite a challenge to eat healthily. I also recognise that whilst it's possible for me to work out 3 times a week now, it might pose a problem come my next busy period (Jan - June).

But I really want to do this. For myself.

Funny, that this was one of my new year's resolutions. I am 8 months too late, but better late than never.

You can do this, Hui Wen. :)


vivee said...

wow, great inspiration hui wen! i myself is also working and staying alone here in kl and i need to take care of myself too! im currently in the process of eating healthily too (my mum kept on insisting for me to eat fruits everyday hehe). though this process might be a tad slow...i will try my best to not give up heheh. hope you will not give up as well!

Sue Lin said...

Yup, off peak's the time to make up for lost exercise during peak. I'm doing the same myself

Take care

jeanchristie said...

u signed up at the curve? what gym is it and omg u can use it here in sg?!

... or have u ditch sg and i didn't know T_________T

i totally agree with u on the putting on weight bit - because it happened to me in the past 3 weeks *dark*

its absolutely infuriating! after all that hard work too ishh!

seeing that im seconded to tax for 2 months starting tmr, i decided that i will go on a fitness regime (cos u'know im praying they let me off like by 630 wtf).

fruits, vege, gym the whole works - my boyfriend said "VERY GOOD!" << cos now i won't be wasting good money paid for the membership like i did during peak ;(

thank god i am seconded, because i am still waiting for off-peak to dawn on me !@#$%

smalls said...

you joined fitness first i see !

we can work out together now :)
let me know when you hit the gym on the weekends
and love, even with the lack of nutrients, exercise and sleep, you are still ever so lovely

irene said...


and if you ever need someone to cook you veges or boil you some soup, you can always... come to me??! (stalker alert! lol)

just cook some food at home when you're free, and keep extras in the fridge. then when you come home super exhausted, all you have to do is heat it up, and voila! home cooked food!!

mustardqueen said...

eh eh i also wanna join gym but my gym is free wtf and its the size of my room wtf!! when u come over i bring u there wtf

Joshua said...

T.T Such an inspiration.

Trying to get myself to start swimming again but fail since uni started.

revel in me said...

vivee: Yaaa we people who have to stay alone in a foreign place damn poor thing right! T____T Haha, so sweet la, your mom nags you to take care of myself! I only have my bf to do so. He's like a naggy grandpa, haha. Gambateh to the both of us! :D

sue lin: I have one whole year's of lost exercise to make up for! :/

jean: Fitness first! I got a passport membership. Haha, what happened in the last 3 months, why suddenly put on weight? For me, it's the past 3 years, since I went to melb WTF. Ahhh, secondment to tax should be off latest 6.30 la! :D *prays for you*

smalls: That's why you are my best friend! I am always the apple of your eyes. /boo OH YAA now I remember!! You are at fitness first, curve too right!! OK set, work out work out gym bunnies! :D

irene: T_________T Why are you so nice.. T___T Eh, you are not afraid that I will really take up your offer ar! :P Actually, I don't here in sg at all! 'Cause no one else does wtf. But maybe I should start! *ponders*

mustardqueen: Eh really wan or not! I was just fretting how to 'keep fit' when I am in melb leh! ;)

joshua: When I was staying at jac's place in melb city last time, I used to sleep daily in her apartment pool! But then I am not sure whether I am paranoid, I felt that my shoulders became broader.. T____T

irene said...

haha i'm not worried at all! cos i'm leaving singapore in september and you only have one month to take up the offer of a complete stranger! lol.

i live alone, but i don't like eating out all the time cos outside food tend to be oily and fatty. i usually cook easy stuff like pasta and soup that i can always re-heat anytime.

or try bringing fruits to work. there's nothing like a crisp apple or a tangy orange to wake you up when you're feeling tired at work. :)

sherlyn said...

i have the same situation wit u now!it is so hard to on diet while u r working! da evil calls on time everyday! sobbb i m now trying to slim down too~ gampateh together nehx~ weeee

fuzkittie said...

You look cute!! Try to eat complex carbs in the morning, like oatmeal or mutli-grain bread. That way, you're not craving carbs, AND they're super good for your digestive system. :]

revel in me said...

irene: Why are you leaving sg!! :O Boo, I eat out ALL the time. :( I try to pick healthier stuff (even before my diet plans), leaning towards soupy stuff, that sort of thing. :) And I am eating a lot of fruits now! *flexes muscles* :P

sherlyn: DAMN HARD RIGHT!! Even when I was interning last time, I put on a lot of weight, 'cause everyday I was just sitting around. T___T GAMBATEH! <3

fuzkittie: Hmm, oatmeal!! I feel like doing that! But I don't like the taste of oatmeal.. and it looks disgusting. T___T

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


mick groom said...

I think thats quality. The original Utd Kids Wife in that order flag, is mine, and i was opposite you that Saturday at the Bukit Jalil. mick.groom@blueyonder xx

Pearly said...

Hi HuiWen, can i know where u get the sneakers ? and where is the place ? I try to search everywhere in sg or malaysia, but failed.... my sis got a pair costs SGD 50++...its too expensive for me. How much u get those ? =)

Thank you

jeanchristie said...

ooo im also at FF!

oh yeah i haven't gotten round to actually obtaining the "passport" for the past 12 months wtf

not 3 months dear, its only 3 WEEEEKS!

16 hour days for 3 weeks is just not funny. especially when the body is tuned* for off peak!

Unknown said...

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