Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Greetings from Melbourne!

Guess who? :P

So much for my low carb diet! I have been gobbling down pastas, risottos, belgium waffle, rice... T_____T All I can tell myself is that it's a holiday. Although Jing and Teeny looked at me with raised eyebrows everyday. *shifty eyes*

Weather is cold! And rainy! Boo. But I have been wearing skirts and opaques and managing fine... Looks like after all this while I am still accustomed to Melbourne's cold! Or maybe my layer of fats is very thick wtf. T_T

Short entry, need to bathe and pack up our shopping bags.. Teeny is utmost grumpy because we are messing up her room. -_- She is nagging us everyday, and scolding us for leaving things lying around. Right this moment she is standing next to me and grumbling to herself. -_-

Oh oh oh, it's day 3, and I have already bought 3 pairs of shoes! Wheeee!

But on the other hand, loads of bad luck today. This morning, I stepped on Jing's burning hot curling iron.. And just now while walking in the city, the strand of pearls I was wearing suddenly broke, and all the pearls rolled all over the road. T___________________T


Xen ♥ said...

this brings back memoriess!!! and what low carb diet? there are no rules when youre on holiday.. haha. cant wait to see your purchases! (:

i just wanna be happy said...
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LavenderFloret said...


revel in me said...

*xen: Haha, I didn't buy much la!! Sales season is almost over, boo. And omg you can't imagine how much weight I put on! :O

lavenderfloret: Haha, yaaa!! And why did you run off so quickly that day!! I wanted to say hi.. *shy*

LavenderFloret said...

i know i know i was shy for some weird reason =.='

and actually i was halfway eating ice cream when jing called so I asked my fren to hold for me and went to meet u all

so i scared it is already melted or my fren finished it for me so i quickly rushed back lol

i'm sure got other chances to meet one gua *shifty eyes*

camby was raining today huh? i was there after lunch to get some other stuff that is not from the sunday market

planning to go sunday market next week =D

xiang yun said...

I love what you are wearing!! So cantik-ness!

revel in me said...

lavender floret: Hahaha, damn funny, melting ice cream and gluttony friend wtf!! Teeny and I were debating whether to go up to us (we are not sure whether you recognise us or want to talk to us; we are shy too! T_T), but before we could do so, you ran away already!

And YESSS camberwell was raining, it was one of my most looked-forward to activity FML.

What's the sunday market? Is it different from camberwell? Or are they both referring to camberwell? *noob* :(

xiang yun: But can't really see from the pics la! *super shy* But thank you! <3

LavenderFloret said...

ahahahhaha the camberwell sunday market is the one u guys always visit la, the one that sells vintage stuff

but u guys just call it camberwell la lol. I recognise u all la of course I read all 3 blogs lol

sigh regret pouring in when I think about it but my ice cream thingy is really true! lol wtf as it is