Saturday, August 22, 2009

Having a good day!

I had a really good day today!!

Started off with my favorite 'siew yuk' (roasted pork) with the boyfriend!

As I was gobbling down the delicious chunks of meat, the boyfriend asked me:

"I thought you are on a diet?"

"Err, I am on a low carb, high protein diet." *shifty eyes*

Then I started finishing my (really good) rice, and he asked me again:

"I thought you are on a low carb diet?"

"Err, I am hungry!" but not before throwing him a dirty look wtf.

Fanfuckingtastic 'siew yuk' always put me in a good mood. *heart*

Then I met up with Smalls!! A long overdue meet-up, since the last time we arranged to meet, there was the whole Teeny's-lost-wallet episode, leading me to bail out at the 11th hour. :(

But it was good! Almost 3 hours of non-stop chit chat/gossip/rants, and hello, Smalls + Hui Wen = NOISE, so the whole mall was reverberating with our voices. *shy* We even slot in a bit of shopping! And after Smalls left, I 'got lost' looking for my car, and ended up buying 4 pairs of shoes wtf.

And now my internet is working now!!! Damn fast somemore. :)))) Damn happy!

And I am super well rested. The trip has pretty much exhausted me. Add that to the fact that I barely slept on my flight home, you pretty much have Zombie Wen trudging in the house. In the past 2 days, I have slept for 20 hours or more? A well rested hui wen is also a happy hui wen! *skips wtf*

Outfit for the day:

(I was dressed damn casual 'cause I was supposed to just pop by for 'siew yuk' and head back to change to meet up with Smalls, but KL was so jammed that I had to go find Smalls straightaway! T_T)

The message I am channeling to the world in general WTF.

Gray tee with rippled neckline: G2000 Blu
Navy skort with gold buttons: Singapore
Pale pink eyelet headband: Sportsgirl
Plastic bunny necklace: Diva
'Spoil me' gold chain: Equip, Australia
Layered pearl and silver chains: Diva
Rings: Assorted
Black gladiator sandals: Baci
Vintage black quilted mini backpack: Thrifted

I bought this necklace in the Diva outlet store in Melbourne!! I saw it in the store, and I really really wanted it 'cause isn't the bunny the cutest thing in the world! T_T But when I asked Jing what she thought of it, she responded me with a dirty look. :( So I put back the necklace on the rack... But the bunny continued calling out to me!!! So I brought it home. :)

Just now during our 'siew yuk' lunch, the boyfriend took a double take when he saw me necklace.

"What's THAT?"

"It's a BUNNYYY! Isn't it cute???"

" Why are you wearing a bunny???"

"I couldn't resist getting it!!! It was calling out to me!"

"Calling out? What sounds did it make?"

"Err... Chi-chi-chi..???"


Can you make out shadows on my knee?? I have 4 big bruises on my legs now FML.

Ugly chipped nails! :(

I thought of putting up pictures of some of my buys in Melbourne!! Like my shoes, and this mini collection of animal brooches I got... But for some reason I can't find the brooches!!! I even messaged Teeny tp check with her whether I left them behind, but she said no. So I guess they are at home, just that I don't know where!! *panics*

So just pictures of my shoes for the moment... Err, all 7 of them? *sheepish*

I don't even feel guilty for lugging so many shoes back home! 'Cause they were all such good buys. :)))

*chuckles to self* I still can't help getting a mini high whenever I look at them! :D

And as I mentioned earlier, another contributing factor to my happy day-- 4 pairs of working shoes!! I desperately needed work shoes 'cause the (comfortable) ones I have in Singapore are falling apart already. I was with Smalls, and bought one from Vincci ('cause it's cheap), and I was nearly going to get a few more (so that I can alternate my shoes-- that way they last longer). Well, thank god I didn't! 'Cause I later found shoes in Debenham's going for 70% off!!! :D :D :D

They were so cheap-- almost the same price as what I paid for this Vincci ones:

Bought them 'cause they are flat with the slightest bit of heel-- more cimfortable than heels!

The 4 pairs that I got! I am not fussy about the asthetics of my work shoes-- comfort is my main priority. It's really a bitch bitch BITCH to be at work and wearing painful shoes. :(((

The first and last pair are of the same design! One in deep red and one in black, 'cause they are pretty comfy.

My fave one of the 4 pairs! In a pretty pale nude-ish pink, I think I can wear this to go out as well. :)

Happy happy!


mustardqueen said...

booooo without u all i dun think ill ever wear my new shoes lor wtf especially the one like ship wan with chains T_______T HOWHOWHOHWOWHOWHOWHOWW

fourfeetnine said...

WAS THE SHOE BUYING RIGHT AFTER I SAW U HAHAHA cos when we met you only had ONE shopping bag!

sherlyn said...

i m totally wit u n i totally understand the feeling wen u got eat rice n da superb delicious pork meat after a couple of days of diet! tats heaven!ahhaah sob..n i lovelovleove ur new shoe! really nice n unique! *envy la* ha

Jing said...

OWHHHH so it was seven pairs!!! :D Remember we tried recalling the seventh one? :D

Crazyyyyy womannnn, 5 pairs in one day! -.-

The Faux Fashionista said...

Ehh not bad what the work shoes? Quite nice! I've resorted to wearing sandals and shorts to work now :D So much for dressing up for work :P Maybe when I move to Bkk la. I decided that my office location in Msia doesn't deserve my dressing up :P

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Hahaha true la that skanky shoes quite out there wtf. I miss dressing up with you too.. T__T

fourfeetnine: HAHAHHA IS IT!! I can't remember! *shifty eyes*

sherlyn: The problem is, I wasn't on a diet prior to this!! Completely forego my diet in melb.. T__T Hee, thanks dear, I really love me shoes too! :P

jing: Hahahha yaaaa when we were recalling, dunno why only got 6 pairs!! 11 pairs in less than 2 weeks, quite crazy. *gulps*

faux fashionista: Of course nice, would I buy ugly shoes.. wtf T__T Omg, shorts and sandals??? I envyyyy!!! T___T

Joshua said...


You got some really good deals with the shoes from Melb for sure!

And your work shoes look very fun and not auditor like :D

Jacqueline said...

I love the nude pinkish one too! where did you buy that, i have been looking for something similar for work too! T_T I wanntttttttt.....

smallswong said...

So much for debenhams being too expensive! Seriously woman, you can be left alone. LOL

And i had a blast too!
Clubbing next next week alright :)

Hayley said...

seriously, i think you need like more than 10 shoes cabinets to put all your shoes, right? =__=
but, i like all the shoes in this post!!

smallswong said...


simonso said...

wah this is so unfair, i wanted to da bao chicken rice, with char siew, and siew yoke.. then the guy said no more chicken and char siew.. eeeee!

revel in me said...

joshua: Heh I did! *doesn't even try to look guilty wtf* I scored majorly good deals on those work shoes too! <3

And hello, I take pride in looking un-auditor-like k!!! :P

jacqueline: I got it in Debenhams! Never read my post properly la.. :P

smallswong: HAHA!! I was bored and thought to give it another chance. :P But they were cheap!!! Like cheaper than Vincci-cheap! :D

YES PLEASE!! I need to shake shake shake my bootieeee

hayley: Haha, no la, not so kua jiong!! We probably have a total of around 10 shoe cabinets in our house, but it's for everyone!! ALl the women in my family are shoe freaks. T_T

simonso: You went to the wong mei kee siew yuk place as well?? :D :D :D

jeanchristie said...

hui wen! your shopping bug is affecting me.