Thursday, August 27, 2009

I will take you there.

Busy busy busy!!! I might even have to work this weekend!! *gasp* But from home la, so that's not too bad. :(

Just a few random pictures before I call it a day! But I promise I will be a good girl and get some Melbourne pictures up this weekend. *bats eyelashes*

Remember I mentioned here that I broke a toenail?? I even illustrated (badly) on how the crack looked like, heh.

Well, guess what, I took a picture!!

Take that, all you people who laughed at my toe nail. Or rather, my late toenail wtf. That whole (cracked) piece has since fell out, leaving me with a very short (and ugly) toe nail. :((((

It looked like the crack went across at the top of my toenail, but it actually went all the way across to the middle!! Very very geli. :/

The day of leaving for Melbourne! 'Cause we took a midnight flight, so during the day Jing and I had time to run some errands and sayang the boyfriends. :P


Plaid pussy bow buttoned down blouse with ruffles: Bangkok
Black (super comfy) skort: Singapore

Black studded belt: Zara

Pearl bracelet with giant diamante: Forever 21

Black and white maryjanes: Singapore

Bag (not shown): Chanel

Think of this as a mini-survey; do you think my outfit pictures are too small? To be honest, I do think they are on the small (almost miniscule :( ) side, but they are autosized by Blogger, so I can't help the size it turns out. I am not so narcissistic to think that you all want to see giant pictures of me la! But it's just that for myself, when I want to perve on people's outfits, I prefer sites with giant, clear pictures... So maybe you would like to? :) If so, I might contemplate switching back to uploading my pictures onto Photobucket!

I was at the boyfriend's on the day of my flight, and I made a last-minute list of necessities to bring to Melbourne:

(Sorry, my writing is really ugly when I am in a rush T_T)

As you can see from my list, my idea of 'necessities' is pretty warped-- 9 out of 10 things are clothings/shoes/accessories. -___-

I was running through the list to see whether there was anything that I missed out, when I suddenly notice the last item on the list....

The boyfriend added himself into the list, awww! :)


Cassandra said...

Oh my! hahah thats so sweeeettt!!!

Vivien said...

Your boyfriend is so sweeeet ^_^

Aww.. RIP, beloved toenail :'(

Upload onto Imageshack! :P Photobucket bandwidth expires damn fast idk why T_T you look like a cute middleschooler in your outfit today, awww too precious! <3

work on weekend is.. illegal!!!

PVB said...

opsss..i wrongly read "chor min" as "chow min" aka mee goreng. when you said your bf included himself in the list..then baru i perasan, i so memalukan. i think i need new specs liao..hehe

Anonymous said...

We can click on your fab pics and enlarge them. So it's all good. :)

Joanne said...

Awww he is so cuteeee... Maybe next time you shouldnt leave him behind and should bring him along too... =)

Su Vien said...

Awwww. So sweeeeet. (: I guess we can click on the pictures to enlarge them. So, it's alright I guess?

Shikin Hambali said...

so sweeet :) youre like a living doll!

mustardqueen said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA AWWW means he wanted to come as well but why now only u post this la -_- ur back for almost 2 weeks liao hahahahhha

revel in me said...

cassandra: Haha more like manja!

vivien_t: Not so beloved la, 'cause I have really ugly toenails! :( Imageshack? I never really know how to use it! :( But I agree with you, bandwidth with Photobucket expires real quick!! It's why I stopped using Photobucket. T_T

PVB: HAHHAHA chow min!!! Yay more things to make fun of him with. :P

anonymous: Oooh, I never knew you guys actually click on the pictures!! That's good, maybe I don't have to do anything then! :)

joanne: Hahaha, if I have more money, then yes! :P Anyway, it's supposed to be a girlie trip. :D

suvienlah: Heh, I really didn't know people will click on the pics to view them!!! But yea, if that's the case, I will just leave my pics the way they are! :)

shikin hambali: Hahhhhh don't have la!! But that day my bf's aunt told me that I look like a doll, and my bf said "no la, she is too round" FML

mustardqueen: There is a reason why I called these random pictures! -_- Are you that eager to have us gone ar wtf

jeremy said...

"god i'm attrative"

how modest.