Thursday, August 20, 2009

Melbourne 2009: Day 2

I am back!!!

Just reached home this morning, and am really really tired because of a really uncomfortable flight (Air Asia T_T). Can't sleep though! Jet lag wtf (there is only a 2-hour difference between Melbourne and KL, heh)

There were some Aussies sitting near us in the flight, and I heard them said that it was the worst 8-hours in their lives. Fuck our lives. T____T

Am sitting in Starbucks now 'cause my home internet is down (again), and munching on a multigrain muffin. Multigrain, and I am only allowing myself 1 quarter of it. Because last night when we were measuring our luggage weight, we had to also face the deathly reality of our own weight. And I have put on 4 kgs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How is that possible you tell me. T_________T 10 days, 4 kgs!! Joshua said it's impossible, and I think so too!!! Maybe Teeny's weighing scale is screwed up... It has to be!!! T___T

And dammit, we had to pay for excess baggage!! Jing and I were really confident that our luggage won't be overweight, especially after we upgraded our original 15-kg-each weight limit to a collective amount of 45 kgs. But we ended up being 7kgs overweight!!! And that's excluding our seemingly harmless-looking handcarry but which actually weigh 20kgs each wtf. FML

Anyway, I was looking through our pictures just now, or rather what I have with me, 'cause I think there are some in Jing's and Teeny's camera which they haven't passed to me yet. And at the moment, I have approximately 1,300 pictures!!! Can use as resources to blog for the next year WTF.

I am feeling very gung-ho to blog now, 'cause I have had almost zero internet access for the past 10 days!! Teeny is very stingy with her internet. T___T But I am just going to jump to pictures from our 2nd day, 'cause on the first day, we just got off the flight and looked like what the cat drag in. Which, coincidentally, mirrors what I look like now. T__T

Melbourne, Day 2! :)

Tourists in Melbourne!

At Flinders station.

Beanie girls.

We saw a wanker on the train on our first night.. T____T More on that another day, but this is Teeny's remedy wtf:

It's very sharp!

Why does Jing looked like she is almost the same height as Teeny...

... whereas I looked so short next to her!! T__T

We went to Little Flinders Lane for brunch.

Teeny with her other weapon-- the DSLR wtf.

This is Josh, Jing's bestie! And Jing in the background.

A sleep-deprived me. :(

I love my new boots! *heart*

Three pairs of new shoes by Day 2 made Teeny very grumpy ('cause our shopping buys took up her room wtf). *sheepish*

Us eating again... I am telling you, we easily have 5 (big) meals a day. T_T

At Grill'd which serves such such such delicious burgers omg:

Jing acting lady-like with her pinky pointed up but ended looking like she is picking her nose wtf.

Schweppes! Teeny ordered some funky lemon flavor, which tasted, well, funky.

Here is her trying to steal my drink. T_T

HAHAHHAHAHA. To be fair to her, the burgers are super huge!

So so so so good. Hands down, the best beef burger I have ever eaten. WOWWWWW

Teeny looked sooo cute here!!! Like Puss in Boots, Burger Version WTF.

Jing's dining etiquette, hahaha. This is not too disgusting considering it's coming from a girl who used to wipe oil from her french fries and spit out peas ('cause she doesn't eat them)!

At Little Flinders Lane.

I love love love this picture. :)))

Collins Street, after perving at designer bags! Oh Chanel bag, come to mama!

I *think* we were the most colorful people in the city that day, haha.


A little hard to imagine just yesterday I was walking down Collins Street! :(
Yea, we went back again yesterday, and Jing nearly got another Prada bag. -_-

There are three of us in this picture! Can you spot us!
And what little of me in this picture looks good, hehe. :D

Huddling together for warmth.


I was feeling playful, hence the prints on prints! :D

Blue knitted hat: American Outfitters
Red and blue plaid shirt: Sungai Wang
Gray sweater (layered inside): Topshop
Plaid structured tulip skirt: Bangkok
Gray opaques: Random
Gold tiger pendant necklace: Teeny's
Silver chains: Bangkok
Tan laced-up boots: Nine West
Bag (not shown): Miu Miu

Post note, I love dressing up in winter!!! <3


Anonymous said...


i was too excited that i commented on d previous post!!!! how can this b?? haha anyway i'll paste it here. not shy only???

excited excitement excitation!!!!

i'm soooo super duper uber d excited dot com to c u here tat i can't help it but comment first before reading d rest of d entry!!!!!! faint dot come la me!!!!

woohooooooooooooooo!!!! happy that u're back with lots of buys and tonz n tonz n tonz of picsssssssssss!!!!!! really can't wait!!!!!! most importantly, happy that u've d zeal to blog!!!!!!!!

i juz lurveeeeee teeny's pink coat!!! its sooooo confessions of a shopaholic!!!!!! lurve lurve lurveeeeee

ok i better not get too carried away which i think i've already done it!!!

mich said...

eh sorry ar, gonna ask u something unrelated to your current entry. was reading ur 'beauty post' and is wondering, ur anessa sunscreen, is it only 25ml? that bottle wouldn't last very long, don't you think? woah, rm100 for 25ml isn't very friendly to my flat flat purse

mustardqueen said...

eh u got photoshop me mou why i look so thin *shy* T_________________T EH I think I lost weight again cannot la my ball in a week's time must CRASH DIET T______________________T u go ur pilates la hahahahaha

Regina George said...

It's Flinders Lane, no "Little".

Jing said...

I look possessed in the burger picture fml! T___T

I miss Melbourne! T___T

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Love that pic of the three of u! Reminds me of SATC! Best of all, you girls are sisters!! :D

revel in me said...

anonymous: HAHAHHA excited excitement excitation why are you so cute! /boo And what do you mean see me!! Did you see me in melbourne? T_T Hahaha, tonnes of buys-- we did that (we paid for excess baggage FML); tonnes of pictures-- we did that too (our home computer does not have enough space for the pics; we had to delete our brother's computer programs SHHH)! :P

mich: The anessa sunscreen is 60ml; I bought it in Nov and as at May or so, I still have slightly half a bottle left!

mustardqueen: Why did you lose weight again??? We still insist that your weighing scale is BONKERS!! I don't believe we have put on so much weight.. *in denial* T___T

regina george: My friends and I have always referred to it as that, habit!

jing: Hhahaha and you posed for me! :P I miss melb too.. T_T

siewkwan: Why do you think that's one of my fave pics.. *shy* Thank you love! <3

simonso said...

u better be careful, most of my friends who were in aussie comes home 8kgs more :P

Eve said...

so good to see you back!Post more! i love dressing up during winter chance now :( :(

Vivien said...

*throws confetti!!!!!*
Wen is back! :D

Wheeee I super love how your skirt puffs out mmfff! <3 Adorable! :)


Nevermind, I support wtf! Shopping is therapeutic, cheaper than a psychologist so all the excess baggage $$$ is worth it ok! :P

revel in me said...

simonso: I put on 4kgs FML

eve: YAAA so fun to play with layering right!!! Now we can only depend on holidays. T_T

vivien_t: I loved how the skirt puffs out too!! But it made me look fat-- plan backfired WTF. T_T HAHHAHAH I like how you justify shopping!! <333 You are my kind of shopping partner wtf! :P

xiang yun said...

Wowee the picture of you three walking down Flinders Lane looks so Sex In The City!! =] Love seeing you sisters together =]

revel in me said...

xiang yun: I wanna be carrie for her dressing sense and charlotee for her good looks!! :P Thank you loveeeee <3333