Monday, August 10, 2009

Ready, get set, go!

As you are reading this, I would be squashed in a 4 x 5 inches airplane seat, probably fast asleep. But most likely disturbing Jing wtf.

It's 8am now, but I can't sleep 'cause I am too excited! :D :D :D

The boyfriend is asleep now in the background, letting out gentle snores every now and then. I was tossing and turning on the bed, thinking of what else to pack, where to go in Melbourne, that I woke him up over and over again. Oops. *shifty eyes*

So to spare him more sleepless turmoil, I decided to just get out of bed and entertain myself on his laptop. And I have to type very softly now, 'cause I don't want the typing noises to wake him up. So I am typing really slowly and gently now.... and I think I am getting a cramp in my fingers soon wtf.

Ahh packing! I am still not done, despite the fact that we are flying off tonight. I have got like 8-9 outfits semi-packed (by that I mean thrown on my bed), but even these aren't finalised 'cause Jing and I have yet to compare notes on what to bring/wear, heh. Ya, this is how the Hoe sisters pack. :P

All I care about is my clothes and shoes though! 'Cause everything else Teeny would be able to provide. The boyfriend was reminding me of things to bring:

"Contact lens solution?"
Ting will have la!

Ting should have what!

Ting asked us to wear hers!

"Flu medicine?"
Ting brought over quite a bit when she went over!

Errrr wear Ting's! WTFFFF


(Eh the boyfriend just made huge sighs and grunts in his sleep! Like monster wtf)

I am very excited about dressing up and layering in winter! The only slight problem is that I realised I have an abundance of coats. Somehow, over the years, staying in a tropical country hasn't deterred me from building up a sizeable collection-- more than half of one of my closets is filled with jackets/coats/trenches. -__- And honestly, I don't wear jackets/coats much in M'sia/S'pore! I don't even wear blazers to work. So obviously going to Melbourne is a really good opportunity for me to parade my pretty jackets. And thus not only am I bringing one jacket for each day, now I am trying to arrange for an outfit change in the middle of the day to squeeze in another jacket WTF.

And my feet are going to die in Melbourne!! I am only bringing heels, 'cause all my flats are murdered by Jing. Yes, my darling sister, despite having feet one size bigger than mine, constantly steal my flats while I am away in Singapore, and hence killing all my flats one by one. T____T So I have no pretty flats to bring over to Melbourne!! T_____T Anyway, my solution: to buy there wtf. *pats self for being so smart*

Ok, some pictures from Urbanscapes like.. last month! I didn't take many pictures at/of the event, so the pictures are all of us wtf. But they turned out really, really nice! Three cheers to DSLR wtf.

Very very thirsty, leaving me with no choice but buy the RM5 can drink. T_T

Teeny and I wearing matching bangles. *heart*

Outfit for the day:

Denim tank dress with cut-outs: Supre
Fuchsia tie-dyed chiffon tulle skirt with gold trimmings: River Island
Oversized silver bead necklace: Topshop
Gold chain: Random
Studded bangles: Assorted
Dark brown leather studded heels: Macao
Nude woven bag: Teeny's

Seeing this girl very very soon! :P

(Is it just me, or does Teeny look like she has a lot of teeth in this picture wtf)

Only picture of Jing!

And many many many more of Teeny and I:


I love these pictures of me! :D

Hopefully we can take nice pictures like these in Melbourne too... Thinking of camwhoring at the railway tracks, crossing our fingers that we won't get run down by trains wtf.

This is a scheduled post! :)


Xen ♥ said...

your first trip back to melb since you left? how niceeee.. youre making me think of all the good food and places to shop.. waffles at flinders la, bacon deluxe.. breakfast at amicis.. the list is endless. eat more on my behalf okay.. haha have fun!! xoxoxx

irene said...

you look great in your pictures. you're so brave to wear a dress with cut outs!! *bows* i love your pictures with teeny - the love between you and your sisters practically overflows from the pictures. :)

revel in me said...

xen: Aahhh what waffles at flinders and where is amicis!!! But haha I couldn't afford any more food intake, I put on so much weight from the trip!! T__T

irene: Haha, thank you love!! But I was damn conscious of my fats squeezing out! T___T