Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Napkins make great fashion accessories.

A quick peek into my picture folders (hundreds of them; more perhaps, if my old laptop didn't crash on me, and with its sudden death took away more than 6months worth of pictures last year fml) told me that I have lots of pictures of typical Chinese dinners with the family that I seem to seldom post up!

So I shall. :)

Dinner last weekend. I wanted to bring the parents to Vintry ('cause I like seeing my dad high on wine, haha), but mom suggested to go for dinner beforehand. We ended up so stuffed from dinner that we didn't go to Vintry. :( Can't a girl treat her parents to some good ol' alcohol!!

At Imbi Palace, one of my dad's favorite Chinese restaurants. My brother looking sullen, as usual.

We usually get our own room in the posher restaurants that my dad favors, and so happens, the room that we were was really, really cold that night.

My mom's solution: 2 napkins as avant garde shoulder warmers. T___T

No other pictures 'cause my foundation hasn't oxidised yet and my face was white throughout dinner FML. I don't want you to think that I am a pontianak wtf.

Outfit for the night. Not my usual 'Chinese dinner' style, 'cause I was actually dressed for drinks (read: initial plan of Vintry).

Red satin and patchwork chiffon wraparound backless dress with rope tie-arounds: Thrifted (Camberwell)
Bronze and silver layered necklace: Diva

Rope necklace with gold knobs: Diva

Red lips: A mixture of red lipstick stolen from my mom wtf (I felt like a little girl playing with mommy's make up all over again!)

Tan laced-up booties: Nine West

White leather bag with gold studs: Gucci

I got the dress for 10 bucks in Camberwell! :))) The owner told me that it cost her AUD400. I don't know whether to believe that, but nonetheless, it's a very stunning dress, and I love the versatility of it! SCOREEEE!

I ate some of my lipstick. -_-


Another Chinese dinner! That's all the Hoe family has together actually. *unsure whether it's a good thing or bad thing* This one is from sometime ago, when Teeny was back for her winter break.

Nah, opposite of red lips wtf.

Happy to have my sister back! :)

Mommy and her best friend, or better known to us as Auntie Jean. :P

HAHAHHAHA these series of pictures always crack me up HAHAHHAHA.
My brother is seriously the most kayu person in the world!!

Teeny was cold... so she used the napkin as a scarf.
Ok I am beginning to see that this napkin-usage tendency runs in our blood. -____________________-

I love my grandparents!!! And this is always their expression for the camera whenever I ask them to "SMILE FOR THE CAMERA!".

Smelled something bad... Maybe Teeny was sweating from draping all those napkins on her wtf.

Miss sisterly times. :(


Fuchsia floral chiffon top with back keyhole: Forever New, Australia
White peplum skirt with back gold exposed zipper: Bangkok

Ombre pale pink satin corsage (worn in hair): Forever 21

Gold studded bangle: Teeny's

Hot pink suede cut-outs heels: Online

I love it when daddy feeds us well, haha. :P

Monday, September 28, 2009

Felines are pussies.

Hehehe pardon my title! I was struck by a conversation I had with the boyfriend last night. Ahem. :P

The boyfriend had cravings for Village Park nasi lemak in Uptown, so off we went!

What the boyfriend was yearning for: Nasi lemak with fried chicken drumstick.

I personally thought the chicken looked kinda disgusting, but the boyfriend assured me it's "damn damn damn good".
(It was, btw. :P)

Iced 'Cham' Tarik!

What I had. No fried chicken for me 'cause of my diet, and a conscious effort to have a lot of veggies. *pats self on the back*

I am not sure whether I am the last one in the world to know this, but (as told by the boyfriend) Village Park is really, really popular! A quick Google of the restaurant showed a couple of "Best Nasi Lemak' awards it has won... And apparently even our Prime Minister uses them as caterers for his open house events! If you are interested, these are the details of the place:

Add: 5 Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, PJ Tel: +603 7710 7860

After that, it was a date to the supermarket! The boyfriend's favorite place to be wtf.

Chasing around.

At my favorite aisle! Potato chips wtf.

Do you see the fringe at the shoulders?? I thought it's a very 'brave' look, at least by the boyfriend's standards, since he has a very low tolerance for anything 'weird'. But surprisingly, he liked it!

I then asked him suspiciously, "It's 'cause it looks like Michael Jackson right?"
And he said YES.
(the boyfriend is a hugeee and I mean HUGEEE MJ fan) T___T

I never knew the boyfriend is so well-versed in the supermarket arena! He literally knows which supermarket sells what. -___-

Oh well, we each reign in a different aspect of shopping then! Me in clothes/shoes/accessories and him in, err, groceries wtf.


Red tee with fringed shoulder pads: Tangoo
Leopard print high waisted skirt: Bangkok

Gold and black diamante cheetah brooch: Thrifted

Gold bamboo bangle: Topshop

Black studded leather heels: Zara

Bag: Chanel


I just bought a weighing scale today!! But it's still lying in the box-- I am damn afraid to open it up to, gasp, weigh myself. T____T

I am curious though, what is a 'healthy' frequency of weighing ourselves? Jaclyn used to weigh herself 3 times a day, and we all thought that's pretty obsessive, haha. Once a week? Once a day? Or, err, continue to be in denial and not weigh yourself at all? :P

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Melbourne 2009: Day 4

I am trying to pull myself back on track with blogging about Melbourne! At this rate I am going, the Melbourne pictures might just continue to sit in my many abandoned, cobwebbed and forgotten traveling photo folders... and will just be another trip that I am too 'lazy' to talk about.

Must not! *determined*

By the way, I am seated at my lappie with my pajama top yanked up to reveal to my midriff, absent-mindedly thumping my belly every once in a while, while checking myself out in the mirror every few seconds. I want to be skinnyyyyyyyy. Though I have to admit, I love morning flat(ter) tummies! :D

Okies, as the title suggests, today is all going to be about day 4! Which was a considerably slower and more relaxing day for us-- we just went to the neighbourhood mall near Teeny's campus while she was at class; and we met up in Chadstone in the evening for late night shopping.

Which means it was an easy, breezy day for us! 'Cause we feel at home in malls wtf.

Woke up near noon (we still haven't caught up on our rest from all the traveling then o_O), and while waiting for the bus, we entertained outselves:

You can see both of us here wtf.

Jing! I like the color scheme of her outfit... Actually, I just like colors. :P

IS THAT A DOLLAR NOTE ON THE FLOOR!!! Why didn't I pick it up! :O :O :O

Eager to get on the bus for some serious shopping. But that wa sthe wrong bus FML.
(I had a bag in my hand 'cause I had something to pass to Jac, whom I was supposed to meet later in the evening!)

Melbourne air makes people feel prettier! :P

Metcard-- travelling cards in Melbourne-- absolute necessities!!
And absolutely expensive too wtf.

I ventured onto muddy areas and got mud all over my brand new shoes. Here I am, furiously wiping my shoes with a piece of wet tissue. T_T

At Pancake Parlor!

I have always loved the whimsical interior of the franachises. :)

Jing forgot to take a picture of the jetplane (with a clown inside) hovering on top of us!
Decoration la. Not World War III wtf.

In Facebook-- Jing tagged herself as the monkey doing tricks in the air, Teeny as the dog, and me as the bunny. It took me 1 month to realised that I was tagged as an animal WTF. (I don't check my pictures often. -_-)

We both have different 'hungry' faces.

This is Jing's.

And I have... no face wtf.


Feeling guilty with all the bingeing the past few days, I ordered crumbed fish fillet and one single potato pancake. T_T

Jing's sinful, tempting rhubard pancake with ice cream, dusted sugar, and the works.

Me giving my pathetic-looking lunch a weary look.

Jing's cup says "Lovely", which she didn't fail to remind me every other minute wtf.

Giant pearl ring looks like fishball. (I am hungry now)

Prancing about outside the mall (after shopping!).


Cream lace vest (worn as top): Thrifted
Black full tulle tutu skirt with pale pink florals: Topshop
White biker jacket: Times Square
Cream beanie with black trimmings and bow: Sportsgirl
Vintage black and gold angled necklace: Camberwell
Black perspex moosehead pendant: Topshop
Pearl and silver chain layers: Diva
Faux oversized pearl ring: Topshop
Black opaques: Random
Pink and cream ribbon laced-up oxfords: Miss Flamingo, Bangkok
Bag: Miu Miu

Waiting for a bus to go to Chaddy.

Thanks a lot, Jing, for capturing on film my oil-blotting moments. -______-

I just love this picture, I don't know why! <3