Tuesday, September 15, 2009


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One of the reasons why I made the decision in the end to go back last weekend:

It was the boy's and my 5 years and 9 months-nniversary on Saturday! :)

The boy tried to test my mathematical skill: "How many months is our anniversary?"
With some quick calculations, I proudly exclaimed, "69 months!!"
To which the boyfriend started snorting and saying that this is a kinky day. T_________T

We had lunch at Crystal Jade. At 3pm! 'Cause I went to the gym before that. *gets teary at my determination wtf*

(btw, I am eating Cheezels now WTF)

Yang Chow Fried Rice. It was my turn to snort when I heard the boyfriend tried to pronounce 'Yong Zao Chao Fan' (in Cantonese) while ordering, haha.

Pork ribs and watercress soup.

Claypot braised eggplant and minced pork.

And Sweet & Sour Pork which I forgot to take picture of! All the dishes were very yummy (Crystal Jade came recommended by the boyfriend), though I wonder, is that a lot of food for 2 people. T_T

After that we, fine, I did some shopping while the boyfriend turned bleary-eyed as I browsed through racks and racks of clothes. My favorite moment is when we walked into Forever 21 (we were in Pavilion), and he went "OH DAMN. Why is the Forever 21 here so big!!" while letting out a dejected sigh. HAHAHA.

But I am telling you ar, I am never bringing him out shopping with me again! He did everything he could to make me NOT shop. -_-

First he tried reverse psychology-- F21 now has shopping bags for you to put in the items you want while you continue to browse around, so he picked up one bag and tried to shove it into my arms. And when I rejected the bag (I didn't plan to buy anything there), he was like "WHY NOT!! This is Forever 21!" while gesturing furiously over the printed name on the bag. Then he pointed to the printed "Forever 21" on the bag again and said "This says I LOVE SHOPPING!!". Haih, embarrassing sial. -_-

When I picked up a crotcheted beanie, he was like, "Looks like what the makciks wear in the kampung." o__O

When I wanted take a look at a maxi-dress, he told me I need a flower girl for it-- 'cause I need someone to hold up the dress while I walk. -___________-

And knowing my recent obsession with animal-inspired accessories, he held up every single animal accesory he could find. -_- And when I ignored him, his antics got more and more exagerrated, and he also started showing me pineapple necklaces ("Baby, ONG LAI (Hokkien for pineapple)!!").

When I wanted to pay for this Topshop tank top (half price yo!), he asked me how much it was. The moment he found out it was RM50, his eyes nearly popped out wtf. Then he started complaining that it is SO SO SO expensive. -__-

I also wanted to grab this lace cropped top in Cotton On, 'cause the price is quite reasonable. He started exclaiming, "But this is COTTON On!! Not LACE On!! Don't have to buy lace!" WTF.

Give up la, I am never bringing him go shopping with me anymore (maybe that's what he wants wtf).

We then went to Ministry of Food (MOF). *heart*

Soft served ice cream with crushed ice and green tea sauce and Hokaido red bean! Love love love.

And err, I know I am on a diet, and thus desserts are supposed to be off-limits. But this is a Japanese dessert, so it can't be fattening right? *desperate*

Thinks I am having an okay-face day considering that I am actually severely lacking in sleep. :(

Happy 69 months. :)

For our dinner we went to Buona Sera in SS2 (next to Yippee Cup). Read here or here for reviews on the place.

Upon stepping into the restaurant, I was slightly disapppointed, as the restaurant's deco is simple and unassuming. However, the place was already nearly full, so I had high hopes for the food. :)

Broccoli soup.

The boyfriend's Pasta Boscaiola, which is cream pasta with pork ham.

Yes, PORK! Talk about an authentic Italian experience. It's unfortunate that there are not many Italian restaurants in Malaysia whichs serves pork.

My Sakura Pork Linguine.

The boyfriend enjoyed his pasta so much that he straightaway declared that the Buona Sera is going to be his new favorite Italian restaurant! Just the right balance of creaminess, heaps of bacon, fragrant sauce that you can smell from a metre away; his pasta is definitely a thumbs-up.

My pasta was good as well, with the promodoro sauce (tomato, garlic and white wine) serving the right punch to the pasta. However, I was slightly disturbed by how much the meat resembled a Chinese dish:

The pork looks like something you will see in a Chinese stir fry right! I think the next time I will stick to pork bacon with the same type of sauce. :)

Outfit picture:

Bohemian dress with embroidered neckline and embellished robe belt: Melbourne
Lavender beaded floral applique headband: Alannah Hill
Gold and bronze beads and chains bracelet: Diva

Black laced-up pumps: Zu

Bag: Chanel

Close-up of the detailing on the neckline.

I am selling this dress on Boudoir Boudoir! :)


CoNnie said...

Congrats on your monthniversary! LOL

U and ur boyfriend is just too cute =)

Sue Lin said...

Yeah! Congrats! Cute that u two still count in month. Elwyn and i are 9months younger than u guys

The 69 joke is funny!

Vivien said...

HAHA 69 :P
Grats! <3 And your boyfriend is psyching you out! Use reverse psychology, lol :D

Ong lai~~

SHER said...

hi, just come across what Professional papper are you doing now?

PVB said...

lovely top you have there. happy 69 months to you & your boyfie! more to come :)

Yan Ping said...

haha...I must say ur bf is super duper cute ! My husband will never go shopping with me not even using reverse psychology... ;p so u r one lucky lass !

Happy 69 ! Hope u guys had enjoyed ur kinky sat... :p

revel in me said...

connie: Hahaha more like noisy. :P

sue lin: Hehe unfortunately we don't remember every month though! Wah 9 months younger, means this month is your 5 years aniiversary! :)

vivien t: But won't work on me!! *passion for shopping gushing out wtf* :P

sher: CPA! :)

PVB: It's a dress! :) Hehe thank you! No more kinky numbers already HAHA!

yan ping: Haiya, actually usually I also won't shop with him wan! 'Cause he will just have this super FML sien face. -____- I still think girls make much better shopping partners! <3

HAHAHHA never kinky ok! :P

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

AHAHAHAHAHA why ur bf so funny??? If it's me I would give him -___________- man...what did u give him I wonder...lol. I like your dress!!

c r y s t said...

LOL.... why yr bf so entertaining one!! haahhaa

revel in me said...

siewkwan: Trust me, I give him -_____________________________- and o_____________________________O looks all the time! Thank you dear! <3

cryst: Haha, entertaining, but sometimes damn kacau wan! :P

Yan Ping said...

Yesh Agree !!! My husband also have the FML face whenever I stepped into a mall... hence I banned him from all my shopping trips... ;p

Then get married soon ! So can get kinky as and when u wan...haha