Thursday, September 17, 2009


Remember I mentioned that I couldn't find these brooches that I bought in Melbourne? *click*

I found them! :D :D :D

At first I thought I left them in this bag which we locked-up and checked-in-- and lost the keys to it, eff our lives. While I was in Singapore, I kept on reminding Jing to bring the bag to a locksmith, but she forgot. -_- So in the end, I begged my grandmother to solve the key problem for us ('cause she is always the one duplicating keys for us, so she has, err, a wider locksmith contact base wtf).

But grandma was too smart!! I thought the locksmith would need to break the locks or something... But she found a better solution! She found spare keys to the lock wtf.

As it turns out, my brooches weren't in the previously-locked bag. Instead, they were in Jing's bag all along. -___-

Anyway, enough background on the brooches! Here they are:

All animal brooches! My latest obsession. :P Before going to Melbourne, Jing and I were talking about what we wanted to buy there, and I told her I want animal accessories! 'Cause Camberwell (land of treasures) should have some, I thought.

Peacock-- the colors are even more brilliant in real life! :)

Lizard. One of my favorites actually. Magnifique!

Cheetah. Would like it to be bigger though!


Another one of my favorites-- this is SO SO SO gorgeous. :)

My animal brooch collection is growing! These are my existing animal brooches:

Housefly wtf, plastic dove, and swan. I couldn't find this gold teddy bear brooch I have though!

Of course, I am only speaking of brooches now. I also have animal necklaces, bangles, earrings... :P


The boyfriend is super -_- with my animal accessories craze. And he never fails to make fun of me.

Whilst shopping that day, he found a cock necklace (err the bird not the human anatomy WTF), and started shouting to me, "Eh bee! Bee! I found a cock! Your favorite! Animal eh!!!"


Then when I flung my hands and shook my head, he continued, "WHYYYY??? Is it 'cause it's not a hen, it's a COCK???"


Another time, we were talking crap, and he asked me since I like animal necklaces so much, will I ever wear a tapir necklace.

I then gave him a look of disgust. "NO!"

He insisted: "But why??"
"Err... 'Cause tapirs aren't... fierce!!"

And he persisted.

" If it's a hungry tapir?"
"If it's a pissed-off tapir?"



Speaking of animal brooches, here is what I wore to watch 'UP'! :)

Red and blue retro print backless halter neck: Topshop
Black chiffon draped skirt: Forever New

Red plastic dove brooch: Equip, Australia
Assorted white shell bangles: Teeny's

Red patent maryjanes: Topshop
Red rattan document bag: Thrifted

Unfortunately, my outfit wasn't too practical for a movie, 'cause I caught a chill right before the movie, and started having a really drippy nose! :( In the end, I had to buy a sweater for the boy-- but for me to wear during the movie! :(((


Jing said...

Omg i wore the same colour scheme to go watch UP!!! <3

I want animal brooches too! T__T

Pong said...

my goodness.. u n ur bf so cute la .. (referring to the 'cock' and the tapir) .. ROFL ..

and i wonder how the people *surrounding would react if they heard ur bf 'suggest' u 'the cock brooch' .. haha ..

btw .. u sure .. the queen of accessories .. *envy .. *fingers-crosse that u'll be selling some of them @ boudoir-boudoir .. sure i'll be the 1st one to buy .. ekeke :P

win said...

ok i've been dying to wear bare-back dresses but i havent got the guts to try silicone bras :(
was wondering if u happen to be wearing them for ur outfit to watch up? do they work hehee

Mrs Chong said...


Renee Tay said...


PVB said...

that lizard brooch looks a bit your top! so sexy :)
i always wonder how to wear bra if i were to wear such top...

mustardqueen said...

i want the lizard!!! eh u only get me a mini horse wtf u got other better ones -_- so mean lor T_T eh send me the rattan bag I wanna put my laptop i just realise i need a laptop casing wtf and the rattan is waterproof haahahahaha :D

Shikin Hambali said...

love all your brooches!!!! ouwh i want oso plsss!!!

belle said...


Lila said...

belle, she's obviously not fat

your life must be really pathetic if you think what you're doing now (telling other people that they're fat) is fun

btw, what's wrong with fat people?

Jing said...

Belle: Obviously retarded.

xiang yun said...

Waaah you have enough animal brooches to start a mini zoo! =] Cute sial

revel in me said...

jing: Hahaha omg are you serious??? Soulmates! <333

pong: I *am* pretty sure people heard when he said that! T__________T

Haha, unfortunately I don't think I will be selling them! I don't sell my accessories, I love 'em too much! :P

win: I was! :) I totally recommend getting one (I got mine in aussie), you will find that it's one of the most useful item in your wardrobe! ;) They do work, but not that great if you want cleavage though!

ping ping: WHY LAAA nice what! :P

renee tay: Aww thanks! <3

pvb: Haha it's my favorite one! :D I wear a backless bra! :)

mustardqueen: I got you the horse 'cause you have an affinity for horses. I thought getting a gift with a special meaning would be more meaningful. You are damn unappreciative lor.

And as for the bag, I highly doubt it can withstand the weight of a laptop!

shikin hambali: Hahaha, aww! *hugs brooches tightly* :D

belle: Sad

lila: Haha, she is the one staying at home and flaming people behind a computer sceen on a raya weekend, I can't begin to imagine how pathetic and hideous she must be! But thanks love! <3

jing: Give you heart! <3

xiang yun! I LIKE THAT CONCEPT!!! Noah's ark also can hahahha