Monday, September 28, 2009

Felines are pussies.

Hehehe pardon my title! I was struck by a conversation I had with the boyfriend last night. Ahem. :P

The boyfriend had cravings for Village Park nasi lemak in Uptown, so off we went!

What the boyfriend was yearning for: Nasi lemak with fried chicken drumstick.

I personally thought the chicken looked kinda disgusting, but the boyfriend assured me it's "damn damn damn good".
(It was, btw. :P)

Iced 'Cham' Tarik!

What I had. No fried chicken for me 'cause of my diet, and a conscious effort to have a lot of veggies. *pats self on the back*

I am not sure whether I am the last one in the world to know this, but (as told by the boyfriend) Village Park is really, really popular! A quick Google of the restaurant showed a couple of "Best Nasi Lemak' awards it has won... And apparently even our Prime Minister uses them as caterers for his open house events! If you are interested, these are the details of the place:

Add: 5 Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, PJ Tel: +603 7710 7860

After that, it was a date to the supermarket! The boyfriend's favorite place to be wtf.

Chasing around.

At my favorite aisle! Potato chips wtf.

Do you see the fringe at the shoulders?? I thought it's a very 'brave' look, at least by the boyfriend's standards, since he has a very low tolerance for anything 'weird'. But surprisingly, he liked it!

I then asked him suspiciously, "It's 'cause it looks like Michael Jackson right?"
And he said YES.
(the boyfriend is a hugeee and I mean HUGEEE MJ fan) T___T

I never knew the boyfriend is so well-versed in the supermarket arena! He literally knows which supermarket sells what. -___-

Oh well, we each reign in a different aspect of shopping then! Me in clothes/shoes/accessories and him in, err, groceries wtf.


Red tee with fringed shoulder pads: Tangoo
Leopard print high waisted skirt: Bangkok

Gold and black diamante cheetah brooch: Thrifted

Gold bamboo bangle: Topshop

Black studded leather heels: Zara

Bag: Chanel


I just bought a weighing scale today!! But it's still lying in the box-- I am damn afraid to open it up to, gasp, weigh myself. T____T

I am curious though, what is a 'healthy' frequency of weighing ourselves? Jaclyn used to weigh herself 3 times a day, and we all thought that's pretty obsessive, haha. Once a week? Once a day? Or, err, continue to be in denial and not weigh yourself at all? :P


Anonymous said...

i weight myself more than 3 times a day lol. and each time it ends with a 'sigh still the same' or 'oh shit i'm 1kg heavier fml' hahahha.

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly it's once every 3 days. But I weigh myself everytime I feel like it! The digits somehow determines my happiness level. :(

joycezhi said...

erm...i chose the last option...and not to weigh myself at all and tell myself "the numbers on the scale is not important...its how i look and feel...if i feel good means i lost weight!"
*self denial wtf*

SpringSommer said...

Hi which hotel did you stay at bangkok? Planning a short trip there! How much will it be enough for shopping for a 5 day trip?

Thanks in advance. Great outfit as always:)

xiang yun said...

Wooosh if I were to have a weighing scale in my bathroom/bedroom, I'll be tempted to step on it everytime I enter/leave/lay my eyes on it. T.T and then I'd feel sad. But I'll still do it again. Sad case.

Anonymous said...

Twice or once a day is fine because your weight shifts as the hours go by. Once in morning and once at night to give you an average :)

Janice said...

if you are weighing yourself by day, then you should do it around the same time you did previously. eg: today at 4pm, then tomorrow should be around the same hour too. cause apparently your weight changes throughout the day slightly. that's what the Wii Fit told me. -___-

Joshua said...

3 times a day??? Haha, can change hourly arh?

I do it once a fortnight or once a month, thank goodness no major changes if any at all.

Lately I put on 0.7kg wtf T.T

Yan Ping said...

haha... I am constantly living in self denial... but in times when I was super obsess with myself..I weigh myself after each meal...haha

jeanchristie said...

i need to get one too!!!

now i only weigh when im back home which is not that often T___T

revel in me said...

anonymous: I weight myself a lot of times now too!! :/ Obsessed, sigh. And SAMEEEE I get super affected if I am even a teeny weeny bit heavier!! Sumore purposely go weigh myself after I pee/shit, HAHAHA.

anonymous: Omg, that is so true. T____T I get very demotivated when I see the stagnant figures. T____T

joycezhi: Wuwuwu I did that for... 2 years WTF. And my weight has escalated to a beyond help stage. T_________T REGRETTTTTT

littlefeefee: It's Emerald hotel!! Not sure how much it cost though, daddy paid, HEHH. Hmm, if you just plan to do cheap shopping, I would think RM1k is enough to send you to heavennnn! :D

xiang yun: It's in my bedroom now.. Guess how many times I check my weight a day.. T___T

anonymous: At the moment I am a little obsessive! :(

janice: HAHAHAH wiifit!! Eh is it useful ar.. I thought of getting one (as in a wii set), to work out, hehe.

joshua: Don't rub it in la!! 0.7 kg is NEGLIGIBLE ok!! T__________T

yan ping: Haha, I can perfectly understand that obsession! fml

jean: Dunno whether is it a good thing to have one... 'Cause it's very depressing.. T___T

Eunice said...

I choose to live in denial... hahaha.