Friday, September 11, 2009

I hear the ringing bells!

I just came back from dinner with my colleagues-- along with my ex-senior who has just recently resigned.... and who has just proposed to his girlfriend! :))))))

We are quite close (he's the senior of my first ever job, and we also went to China and Penang together for our business trips), and I have literally seen him transformed from a commitment-phobic man into a faithfully-engaged (quoting him wtf) man! Coincidentally, he went to Melbourne recently as well (the week when I left Melbourne, to be exact), and he proposed there, at Yarra Valley!!!

I was ooh-ing and aah-ing and coo-ing over his story, making him regurgitate every little detail of his proposal, forcing him to reiterate the bits that I like... Aah, I love love stories! Especially those with happy endings. :)))) Left me feeling all warm and bubbly inside. :P Better than my boyfriend who told me that he will propose in a Yoda suit. *dark* Please refer to here for his inspiration wtf.

And the best part is, his (my senior, not my boyfriend wtf) wedding is next year! FINALLY I will get to attend a wedding of a friend!! I don't know about you guys, but it seems that quite a few of my friends have been to weddings of their friends already? It does seem that quite a lot of people in their twenties are already getting married, isn't it. :/ But yea, I have always wanted to attend a wedding which is not of a far, never-seen-before relative! :D In fact, I asked my senior (nicely) whether I can be his flower girl.

He then told me I am overaged and oversized. FML


Anyway, some backdated pictures! Found them in one of my drafts in Blogger. ;)

Mommy bringing us for Japanese food in Tropicana Club, which she couldn't stop raving about!

But before that, she brought us for a massage. *heart* Because we just came back from Bangkok then, and our legs were still sore (from all the shopping walking) despite the Thai massage that we got on our last night in Bangkok, so she offered to treat us to a massage each. :))))

Jing is always camera-ready. :P

Me too wtf *ignores the fact that I took this picture myself*

Our food! At Kin Shu Tei at Tropicana Golf and Country Club. I am not really sure whether non-club members are allowed to patronise the restaurant? We are not members of the club, but my mom's friend brought us in.

Mango salad! But it tasted more like Caesar sald with heaps of croutons and smoken salmon. Love!

Seafood platter, complete with stirfried scallops, cheese-baked salmon, grilled prawns, and squids. Very very good! It's not very 'Japanese' per se, but trust me, you will love it! :)

Japanese spring rolls-- with fresh prawn filling.


Love the zen Japanese-inspired gardeb outside! We got a really nice seat-- perched right next to the full length window, and got this magnificent, soothing view. :)

Mom and her best friend, Auntie Jean.
I love the top that Auntie Jean was wearing! (From Miss Selfridge, if anyone is interested wtf)

Fried chicken! I know there is a proper Japanese name for it, but I forgot (and can't be arsed to Google for it now, heh)

Handrolls-- a mixture of soft shell crab, tempura prawn, and salmon, I think.

Udon noodles. This was so-so in comparison with the rest of the dishes.

Everything was really good! Especially the handrolls. And the fried chicken. And the cheese-baked salmon. And the... you get my point. ;) Bill wasn't cheap though! I think it cost us a couple of hundred bucks. *dies*

Teeny's tee which kept me entertained through-out the meal! The zipper is really, err, zippable wtf, and you can unzip her tee all the way down (and hence baring her chest, HAHA)! So I kept on scaring her by trying to unzip her shirt HAHAHAHHA.

But after that she threatened to punch me la. T_T

Eh eh eh, speaking of punches, let me tell you all a funny story! The first few times I went for Body Combat classes, I was so excited about it that I tried to demonstrate to Teeny what an 'uppercut' is, and halfway throwing my fist up, I really hit her jaw HAHAHAHAHAHHA. Ooops. It was painful for her, but I swear, if you take away the pain factor, the whole incident was damn funny, hahahah!! Minus the fact that after that she chased me all around the house to kick me. T__T

Ok, enough crap! Outfit picture:

Nude fringed neckline tank: Bangkok
Black pants with scalloped waistband: Bangkok
Multi-color tassel necklace: Bangkok
White plastic cuff with gold chain-link: Diva
Electric blue suede cut-out heels: Macao
Orange rattan bag with wooden handle: Forever 21

And OWHHHH I really need a massage now! :(


The Faux Fashionista said...

OOO I love the Jappy food at Tropicana~~ My family and I always order the seafood set cos the prawns are soooooo goood :P~~~

Yea I desperately need a massage too!

PVB said...

hui wen, can i ask something?
at what age do you prefer getting married?

KITMEY said...

the standard red packet to give at spore wedding: SGD100.

I told my colleague if i can come with a rice cooker; he said then u better dun come wtf. S$50? NO. Hair dryer? NO! LOOL

revel in me said...

faux fashionista: Oh yes, the prawns were good! So was everything on the seafood set. <3

Are you in BKK already? Then you will be in the motherland of massages! :P

PVB: Haha! After 28 definitely! :)

kitmey: HAHHAHAHAHHAHA!!! Joker la you! But oh my, the norm is sgd100? I asked my firends, they said sgd50 is also acceptable! :/ But aiya, my friend's wedding is next year, long time more to save wtf! :P

irene said...

the fried chicken is called chicken karaage! and the seafood platter looked absolutely delicious!!

teeny's tee reminds me of a top i have that has zips running down the sleeves, which you can actually unzip. once at work (when i wore that top), my manager suddenly ran up to me and unzip one of my sleeve!! lol. luckily no one else was in the store to see it!