Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mary had a little lamb.

Two very tragic things about blogging:

1. Sometimes when I meet old friends or acquantainces (or even my boyfriend for that matter!), and start recounting interesting tidbits of my life to them, they will cut me off and tell me "Oh ya ya I read on your blog". Don't even give me a chance to talk (my favorite past time wtf). T______T

2. I still get shocked when I find out who reads my blog... even people I don't think who would be interested in my frivolous tales? :/ I get very nervous when I think about who is it out there who are reading. *shifts weight*

Ok done ranting! Today's entry's highlight is about a necklace:


Super random, super bling, super big, super in your face... all my favorite details rolled into one accesory wtf.

I got it in Bangkok! From a guy who handmakes all the accessories in his shop. *shiny eyes* I bought tonnes from him, but I felt bad though, 'cause I got them for really cheap (he even threw in one or two for free). T___T

One side of my hair was straight, and the other was curly. -____________- This is what happens when you don't style your hair AND sleep on one side. FML

And err, that's my piano behind me! Haven't touched it for years.

Ok since I am at it, I go play one song ok!




Back! I played 'Mary had a little lamb' wtf. Obviously my piano-playing skills have went down the drain over the years. So much for my mom's dreams for me to become a piano teacher wtf.

Outfit! Can't remember where I went.. Probably to Meng Tian or some mamak with the boyfriend, judging from the dressed down look. :)

Yellow and white striped tank: Supre
Black skort with sash: Singapore
Chunky black and white statement necklace: Bangkok
White slip-on loafers: Hush Puppies
Orange rattan woven bag with wooden handles: Forever 21

Jing (who helped me take these pictures) exclaimed "Wahhh you really look so small here!" when she saw the photos. even I have to admit I really looked so petite here! :(

But a friend taught me: I am not small, this is called fun-sized! :D


Adryna said...

i've always get the first to comment! lovely!
yeahh u look so petite in the picture! love ur hi waisted shorts. :)

simonso said...

Wahh u seriously wear out like that ah? ahah nice!

Vivien said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vivien said...

Small, like the Mcdonalds/KFC toy ah? :P

Hee kiddingkidding! <3
I love your necklace~ omg don't think like that! Think of it as ~investment~ or ~bargain~ :D :D

revel in me said...

adryna: Haha, I think it's 'cause I wore flats, boo! And owhhh the shorts are SO SO SO comfy, one of my current faves! :)

simonso: This is one o my more plain outfits already!

vivien t: EHHH the mcd's hello kitty quite big ar.. ! :P Haha, bargain is the right word!! Really damn cheao! <333

nat said...

hi huiwen, i'm one of your silent readers :) and i think i sat next to you and your boyfriend at Buonasera, SS2 a few nights ago. it was you, right? sorry for sounding so stalker-ish...reaaly felt like saying hi but was shy! love your style btw ;)

nat said...

oops. really*

dawn said...

Does it scare you that I read your blog? =)

Do you remember me?

revel in me said...

nat: Omggg that IS me!! :))))) Shit now I feel so shy myself! But you should have come and say hi!!! *lagi shy* :D Thanks dear! <3

dawn: Omg I didn't knowww!! Of course I remember youuuu!! I still read you from time to time! :)))) And do you know I went to see you during MDG as well! :D :D :D

dawn said...

OMG! reaaaaAAlly??? haha! No I didn't know but thanks :)

haha! Thought I'd surprise you that I read your blog. Mana tau kena back. haha!

revel in me said...

dawn: Haha yes I did! But you were busy, so I was also shy to kacau you. :P

HEHEHE now we can be open with each other! :D

dawn said...

haha :) yes yes ;)

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