Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Melbourne 2009: Day 0

Day 0 actually refers to the day we flew wtf. Hehe, sort of like what we learnt in Physics, t=0 for radioactive decay; or t=0 in those charts/graphs we had to do in Science.

Sorry, I have been using the Chart Wizard in M'soft Excel too often. T_T

Ooh, speaking of charts, remember I mentioned that I am currently auditing a cosmetics giant? I am in charge of doing the sales analysis (which explains Chart Wizard wtf), and I am having so much fun!!! I have to interview each brand manager, and I totally get it when they go over the sales trend with me.

E.g.: one of the brands is MAC (aah MAC I love you):

Brand Manager: Oh, you know right, we launched the Hello Kitty collection last year, so there is a surge in sales...

Yes yes yes!! I totally get it!! And all those interesting informative tidbits about seasonal trends, festive seasons promotions etc... For once, I actually understand what I am analysing wtf. Totally relateable. *happy*

So yea, although I am working like a dog (I worked till 4am the day before, on a Saturday!!!), it's definitely one of the most interesting jobs I have. :D

Anyway, back to Melbourne! Starting from the beginning, instead of continuing from where I left off 'cause I am unpredictable like that wtf.

Super short entry, 'cause I just realised I only have 4 pictures of us on the plane. *shifty eyes*

Here is me looking very pale.
Do you think it's easy to sit on a NON-reclinable seat! T__T

Jing looking very emo. Maybe she was fretting over our financial situation in Aussie (we didn't bring enough aussie dollars).
And the passenger behind her very active ar wtf.

Jaclyn (who has taken Air Asia before) reminded me again and again to bring a pillow and blanket, as Air Asia does not provide such necessities 'luxuries'.

I forgot about the pillow, but I thought I was so smart, 'cause I brought along a Naf Naf pashmina to be my blanket. It's hot pink, with Hawaiian floral prints, and has sequins all over. Not very bright, 'cause the pashmina is thin as paper. T___T So the whole night I was shaking and shivering. T____T

Plane outfit (comfort was the aim!):

Black and cream striped racer tank: Stockist
Khaki green cotton harem pants: Zara

Vintage military green quilted jacket: Thrifted

Layered black/gold/blue plastic beads necklace: Sportsgirl

Layered chains: Bangkok

Black studded heels (not shown): Zara

I am not a huge fan of harem pants ('cause they emphasise on the butt and crotch FML) but god they are so comfortable to wear!!! I think harem pants are going to be my staple for all airplane outfits from now onwards. :P


Julia said...

Glad to know that you are enjoying your work. Since u r working so hard, mayb u could ask for freebies from them (as incentives to work harder...:)

mustardqueen said...


revel in me said...

julia: Haha, that would be GREATTT!! But got conflict of interest.. T__T

mustardqueen: I tell you online all the brands ok T___T

Waifon said...

my sister audited dior's account! :D

revel in me said...

waifon: So fun!! <3 But she must have cried when she found out the cost price of Dior goods.. T_T