Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Melbourne: Day 1

Voting is closed wtf! I have made my decision.... I am going home! :D

Voting time!

I am feeling very impulsive, and feel like going home this weekend! The thing is, I am already going home next weekend (for the Raya weekend), so logically I shouldn't go back to KL this coming weekend. But aah, I feel like it though!

Should I?


While you ponder and consider which vote to cast wtf, I have some pictures from our first day in Melbourne here! Do overlook the haggard faces k, it's a bitch to sleep upright on a non-reclinable chair, fail to sleep, and instead stay awake for 8 hours straight. T_T

Chronology of the day's acitvities:

11.30pm: We reached Teeny's place nearing noon, tried to discreetly lug our bags (all 6 of them) into her room which is on the 2nd floor (no lifts or escalators), but failed, of course. So within the first 5 minutes, everyone in the dorm knew we were there wtf.

12.00pm: Then Teeny left us to nap 'cause she had a 1-hour class which she couldn't skip. Jing and I squeezed into Teeny' single bed, and I had one of the best rest I have ever had-- by knocking out even before my head touches the pillow. T_T

1.05pm: When Teeny came back after her class, she was all but short of using a trumpet to wake us up wtf. We were supposed to get ready while she was in class so that when she comes back we can straightaway leave for the city. No such luck, sister.

1.30pm: Rushed to get ready. Started fretting 'cause we told Josh we would meet him in the city at 2.30pm (it takes 1 hour to get to the city). Ahem.

2.30pm: Finally got ready. Ran to the train station to catch the train.

2.32pm: Realised we were going to miss the train anyway, and decided to turn back. 'Cause we were in such a hurry that we left some stuff behind.

But found time to camwhore a bit wtf.

Very cold and windy!

Being wrapped in her scarf. Kebab wtf.

3.30pm: Finally caught the train. (We had McD's before getting on the train)

Exhausted from all the running.

Exhausted from Air Asia wtf.

Texting Josh nervously to let him know we were late. Very late.

4.00pm: Sees Joshua in the city. Realises that he is a little green. Found out that he thought we were going to meet for lunch wtf.

4.30pm: Proceeded to DFO for some much needed shopping. Bought my happy Nine West boots which I eyed when I was in China for my business trip sometimeback. Whee!

Bought loads of junk.

7.30pm: Had dinner at Lygon Street!

Half of Josh's body was away from the heater, hence, the jacket draped over one half of his body, hahahaha!

Teeny helping us to secure our phone line (Jing and I each got an Aussie number).


Still calling...

STILL calling... :P

Very artistically arranged!

But we used our hands instead for these deep fried eggplant strips. :D

The most tired people in Melbourne city for that night. T__T

Hungrily gobbling down warm food.

Without a phone in her hands, haha!

With Josh, who has modestly covered the other half of his body as well wtf.

Jing, who is not used to (any form of) the cold, needs knitted mittens!

Spreading some warmth to her.

8.30pm: Headed to Koko Black for some hot chocolate-- the perfect end to a cold night!

I recommended the Chilli chocolate to Josh. ;)

Teeny, the ultimate lady wtf. With her new gloves here!

New gloves which are too small wtf.

Stoning 'cause too tired. T__T

Teeny chastising her choice of 'low fat' hot chocolate, haha.

10.00pm: Took a train back to Teeny's. Met a wanker (literally) in the train. T____T
More details, read here, I am lazy to talk about it again la!

I have no proper outfit picture, was to stoned to remember to take one, so this will do for now:

Black and white striped cotton turtleneck pullover: Forever 21
Nude crotcheted vest: Flea market, Singapore
Satin black harem pants: Bysi, Singapore
Nude trench jacket: Melbourne
Faux oversized pearl ring: Topshop
Tan maryjanes: River Island
Bag: Miu Miu


So how now!! What's your vote? To go home or not to? :)


Eeflin said...

home! :)

jeanchristie said...


i've been doing weekly trips home since.... august? :D :D :D

totally awesome!!! haha

PVB said...

spore! tahan for another week :)
go shopping in spore

Yue Huan said...

the weather looks lovely!

xiang yun said...

Don't! wtf You're going home next week already maa hahaha I was also facing the same dilemma but luckily my mom called me yesterday and told me not to go home this week because I'm going home next week already anyways. So take this weekend as a break for maximum rest before attacking open houses for Raya next week woohoo =]

Anonymous said...

Definitely to go home!!!! how can u not go home??? haha if u need some logical reasons ... hrmm ... well, there were a few trips that got canceled?? so this is to compensate it? does it sound logical enough? haha hv a fantastic weekend!!

Jing said...

HOME! T___T Because i will be poor soul on Sun! T____T

DAMN I MISS MELBOURNE, all we do there is eat sleep & shop, my kind of activities wtf! T___T

jeanchristie said...

jing, plan for your next holiday! haha

NoRe3n said...

hey huiwen!
hw u doin?looks like u had a rockin' time in melbourne:)i'm glad..

holyyy molyyyy!!!it takes an hour to get to the city from ur sis's plc??geez...whr does she live here??!!
sounds like woop woop...!!lol!


revel in me said...

eeflin: I heard you! :P

jean: Considering that I was home for 2 weeks in august, and have been back last weekend, will be back this weekend and coming weekend, I'd say we are on the same boat! ;)

PVB: I seldom shop in sg actually!! It's more ex compared to kl!

yue han: Quite the contrary, it was a bitch!! Super cold and windy.. T__T

xiang yun: Too late! I got tix to go back already.. :P Rest at home la.. T__T

anonymous: I like the way you think! :P I AMMMM going home! :D :D :D Thank you dear! You have a great weekend as well!<3

jing: You are one of the main factors why I am going home! *clutches hands*

noreen: I did have a fab time in melb! Fab fab fab. <333 Oh she stays in the surburbs, damn far.. T__T

irene said...

omg the eggplants look so delicious!! for ppl who just got off an 8-hour flight the same day, you and jing looked pretty amazing ;)

Joshua said...

HHAHAHAHAH, wtf I just remembered I did wear a half jacket during the dinner T.T

Actually hor, I think that first night was one of our more mediocre meals, after that we ate much better shit.

revel in me said...

irene: Actually the eggplants were not THAT great! I prefer the chinse deep fried eggplants (with meat floss, yummy)! These ones tasted like fries, haha. And no la, we looked (and felt) like what the dog dragged in! T_T

joshua: HAHAHHAHA yes preserve your modesty wtf! I know! All our meals after that were so omgfuckinggood! Infact, I am craving for some Grilled burger now. T_T