Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Napkins make great fashion accessories.

A quick peek into my picture folders (hundreds of them; more perhaps, if my old laptop didn't crash on me, and with its sudden death took away more than 6months worth of pictures last year fml) told me that I have lots of pictures of typical Chinese dinners with the family that I seem to seldom post up!

So I shall. :)

Dinner last weekend. I wanted to bring the parents to Vintry ('cause I like seeing my dad high on wine, haha), but mom suggested to go for dinner beforehand. We ended up so stuffed from dinner that we didn't go to Vintry. :( Can't a girl treat her parents to some good ol' alcohol!!

At Imbi Palace, one of my dad's favorite Chinese restaurants. My brother looking sullen, as usual.

We usually get our own room in the posher restaurants that my dad favors, and so happens, the room that we were was really, really cold that night.

My mom's solution: 2 napkins as avant garde shoulder warmers. T___T

No other pictures 'cause my foundation hasn't oxidised yet and my face was white throughout dinner FML. I don't want you to think that I am a pontianak wtf.

Outfit for the night. Not my usual 'Chinese dinner' style, 'cause I was actually dressed for drinks (read: initial plan of Vintry).

Red satin and patchwork chiffon wraparound backless dress with rope tie-arounds: Thrifted (Camberwell)
Bronze and silver layered necklace: Diva

Rope necklace with gold knobs: Diva

Red lips: A mixture of red lipstick stolen from my mom wtf (I felt like a little girl playing with mommy's make up all over again!)

Tan laced-up booties: Nine West

White leather bag with gold studs: Gucci

I got the dress for 10 bucks in Camberwell! :))) The owner told me that it cost her AUD400. I don't know whether to believe that, but nonetheless, it's a very stunning dress, and I love the versatility of it! SCOREEEE!

I ate some of my lipstick. -_-


Another Chinese dinner! That's all the Hoe family has together actually. *unsure whether it's a good thing or bad thing* This one is from sometime ago, when Teeny was back for her winter break.

Nah, opposite of red lips wtf.

Happy to have my sister back! :)

Mommy and her best friend, or better known to us as Auntie Jean. :P

HAHAHHAHA these series of pictures always crack me up HAHAHHAHA.
My brother is seriously the most kayu person in the world!!

Teeny was cold... so she used the napkin as a scarf.
Ok I am beginning to see that this napkin-usage tendency runs in our blood. -____________________-

I love my grandparents!!! And this is always their expression for the camera whenever I ask them to "SMILE FOR THE CAMERA!".

Smelled something bad... Maybe Teeny was sweating from draping all those napkins on her wtf.

Miss sisterly times. :(


Fuchsia floral chiffon top with back keyhole: Forever New, Australia
White peplum skirt with back gold exposed zipper: Bangkok

Ombre pale pink satin corsage (worn in hair): Forever 21

Gold studded bangle: Teeny's

Hot pink suede cut-outs heels: Online

I love it when daddy feeds us well, haha. :P


Rileen Aya said...

love your fuchsia floral chiffon top!!! will it be on boudoir2? :D

Adryna said...

so did u manage to get ur dad drink on wine? hee, must've been fun. ;)
last time i asked again, but i totally forgot, hee what brand of the camera that u use.the colours and light was so nice. ;)

xiang yun said...

Napkin sleeves.. something my Mom would do -___- our moms are so cool like that wazzap!! wtf

Keyreo said...

wow, the girl on the far left doesn't look like you and teeny at all! Couldn't tell she´s your sister;)

mustardqueen said...

hahhahahaa sister from another parent WTFFFFFFF kidding. EH i realise i have grandfather's eyebrows in the pic happy to have my sis back. u compare it with the pic of grandparents ahahahaha got ba zi mei wtf

Anonymous said...

I love it too when you post pictures bout your family going for dinner and stuff. It's just so nice looking at. :)

Anonymous said...

'Red satin and patchwork chiffon wraparound backless dress with rope tie-arounds: Thrifted (Camberwell) '

Love the dress

Anonymous said...

Jing looks like ur grandmother :P

revel in me said...

rileen aya: Haha, at the moment, no! :)

adryna: Nopesss, we were too stuffed after dinner! But maybe in 2weeks' time when I go back to KL for my study break, I will do so! :P Oh, I use a canon ixus! Highly recommended! <3

xiang yun: HAHHAHAHAHHA YA LA some moms are born to embarrassed their children. T_T

keyreo: Haha, she is!!

mustardqueen: HAHAHHAHA ba zi mei!!! Looks very ke lian wtf

anonymous: And it's really nice to hear that! :) 'Cause sometimes I do worry that I am boring you guys. :(

anonymous: Hee, thanks love! Jing was saying it looks quite dated.. T__________T

anonymous: OMGGGG I can't believe you said that!! Everyone in my family (extended and otherwise) says that!! I can't believe as an outsider, you see the resemblance too! :P

Anonymous said...

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