Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A romp in the bush.

I am one of the more unfeminine girls around that you can find. *forlorn*

While you will often find me donning a dress, I prefer the ease of movement that shorts/pants give me, 'cause I can skip, run, sit cross-legged without a care in the world.

Notice that I didn't include jeans-- skinny jeans are not high in comfort in my world wtf.

Which is why I really love rompers! They give the same chic factor as a dress, you can literally pull one on and just go out-- just like you will for a dress. And rompers generally have that slightly playful touch, which I adore. :)

One of the rompers I got in Bangkok. *click*

I was feeling itchy that day, and started experimenting with different ways to wear this romper!


I was trying to channel a little Vivi here, am so totally in love with those gorgeous Japanese models!

Khaki green satin romper with studded ruffle: Bangkok
Nude knitted hoodie cardigan with scalloped hem: Tokyo, Japan
Cream chiffon floral headband: Jing's
Layers of gold chain and pearls: Diva
White leather peeptoes with scalloped edges: Gossip Boutique

Acting ghetto wtf.

I so love this cardie-- the scallop hem goes all around! Even the sleeves are not spared. :)


Second looks inspiration is a lumberjack wtf.

Khaki green satin romper with studded ruffle: Bangkok
Red plaid lumberjack shirt: Times Square
Red knitted beanie: Brunswick Street, Melbourne
Pewter-like oversized pendant necklace: Topshop
Mess of chain layers: Bangkok
White shell bangles: Assorted
Maroon faux pony hair oxfords: Forever New

I was in a hurry, so I had no time to untangle my chains, but I reckon it looked ok in a big metal mess too right! *consoles self* :P

So how, do you hate rompers (I know of people who do!)? Or are you a romper convert now? :P


Anonymous said...

me love!
but it's not flattering on me :(

mustardqueen said...

i like my rompers to be shorter wtf *slutty wtf* or either super long wtf but then that would be a pantsuit wtf wuuuwuuu OOH OOH the cardi i rmbr!! It's from Liz Lisa T_T i want everything from vivi wtf including the models so i can steal their face wtf

Anonymous said...

omg ur pretty cardigan is from Liz Lisa!! T____________T envy betul!!

KITMEY said...
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KITMEY said...

I bought a cute flowery romper in bangkok too! Lets have a 'romper' day out!

xiang yun said...

I'm more of the sitting on the fence type. Cos I don't know whether to love it or hate it!! =/ never got the chance to try it yet, and yes, camel-toe is always on my mind when I see rompers =/ but your second look really nice. I love the colours!

Vivien said...

They are like, the easiest thing to throw on when you're feeling lazy to dress up :D Just throw these on and accessorize! <3

Vivi models eyes so big wtf unfair.

t3ngt3ng said...

i love rompers but it is rather difficult to go pee pee :x

PVB said...

you look so pretty with the bun.

revel in me said...

miss hazel: Can find a flattering cut one! :P

mustardqueen: Shorter romper can see butt cheeks wan wor.. T__T And wuwuwu I can't carry off pantsuits, they make me look like a midget! Ehhh what is liz lisa ar.. Very geng wan ar wtf!

miss hazel: I think it is!! But what's the big deal ar!! *ignorant* T___T

allison: Teehee SUREE I love themed outfit days! <3 And OIIII you locked your blog! >=(

xiang yun: Trueeee cameltoe is always a concern! FML. Heee, thank you, I like the 2nd look more too! :P

vivien: YAAAA and it's so easy to move about too! <33

I hate vivi models *sulky*

t3ngt3ng: Oh my don't get me started on the times I have to strip naked to pee. T_________T

PVB: Aww, thanks dear! Though I always feel like a giant pau when my hair is tied up. T_T

Adryna said...

i love romper! esp florals! i never get to wear that but looking forward too! btw u look so cuteee with the buns! so different. ;)
oh myyyy, love your cardigan!

xiang yun said...

That being said, I just went and bought myself a romper after reading your entry WTF HAHAHAHAA I love it!!

xiang yun said...
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irene said...

i like rompers but i never seem to be able to find one that fits me properly. it's either too short and tight or too long and loose. i like pantsuits, but they're way too long for short people like me. :(

revel in me said...

adryna: You should try wearing!! The comfort + ease of moment will get you hooked for sure. :P And haha, the bun doesn't make my face look fat?? Thanks honey! <3

xiang yun: HAHHAHA weak! :P Yayyyy, damn nice to wear right! :D

irene: I am a shortie too!! *raises hands excitedly* :P Actually, it's not easy for me to find flattering rompers too, 'cause I have a big butt. But trial and error, I suppose! :)