Thursday, September 24, 2009

Smoked salmon makes me sick? :(

Remember the weekend before this, I made an impromptu decision to go home?

One of the main reasons was her:

That's what I call her when I am in a good mood. ;)

When I am mad at her, it's HOE HU JIIIIING! Haha.

Jing's boyfriend left on that weekend, and Jing asked me to go home to accompany her. I couldn't say no. *sniff*

It was really nice though! 'Cause it was a looong time since Jing and I had some alone time-- when Sam was back, she devoted all her time to him, which I can understand. The Hoe sisters are cursed to be LDRs. T___T So it was great to just catch up on girlie, superficial, frivalous, bitchy things. :P

We were at Delicious, one of our staple girlie hang-out places.

Jing's deep fried mushrooms, 'cause she's on a diet. *snorts chortles chokes* :P

My smoked salmon on wholegrain toast-- which caused me diarrhea FML.

I don't really have proof that it's the sandwich which caused me to be ill, but besides the sandwich, everything that I had for the day, the boyfriend has eaten as well, and he didn't get any tummy aches! I am also inclined to jump to conclusions because the last time I went clubbing after having the exact same smoked salmon sandwich, I puked till I turned gray.

Don't believe?

LOOK! I managed to dig out a picture-- looked at how pale and gray I looked. :/

Or maybe I am just allergic to smoked salmon *can't bears the thought* T___T

Haven't done this in a bit-- sisterly outfit pictures! :)

Jing with her new shoes.

I play with my hair too much.

Gray lace overlay vest: Vintage
Gray leopard print bodycon skirt: Miss Selfridge

Gold and black chain interlink belt: Jing's

White knitted beanie: Sportsgirl

Gold bamboo bangle:Topshop
Silved studded bangle: Singapore

Oversized faux pearl ring: Topshop

Gray laced-up pumps: Topshop

Bag: Miu Miu

I am not going home this weekend, and in a weird way, I am kind of relieved. All the commuting and travelling for the past 1 and 1/2 months have been taking a toll on me. I am grateful for the rest awaiting me this weekend! :)


irene said...

i love the lace vest! i like how you combined something so fragile and delicate as lace with something strong and fierce as leopard print.

i've never heard of being allergic to smoked salmon.. but maybe you should get it checked out. it's possible to develop allergies to stuff you never used to be allergic to.

fourfeetnine said...

eh seriously you are like muddy grey why like this!!!! hahaahahahahahahha

cannot be right! must be cook's dirty hands la i refuse to believe anyone could be allergic to salmon *stubborn

simonso said...

i guess it was worth the trip, looks like u had loads of fun :D

xiang yun said...

Whoa!! I can't ever imagine if I'm allergic to salmon :O The world can just crumble and die. Yes, I love salmon that much hahahha

P.S. Love what you wore. Damn cantik. And the lace :O:O:O super nice *two thumbs up* !!

revel in me said...

irene: Hehe thank you dear! <3 And hmm, I think I am only allergic to the smoked salmon in Delicious!! -__- 'Cause when I have smoked salmon elsewhere, I am ok. :(

fourfeetnine: HAHAHHA DAMN GRAY RIGHT super depressing haih.

And I think it's delicious!! 'Cause twice already! When I have salmon usually I am ok. *hopeful*

simonso: Haha, it was! Going back is always worth it, no matter how tired (and expensive) it is. :)

xiang yun: I don't think I am allergic to salmon la!! *prays* If I am, my world will crumble too. T__T

Haha thank youuuu!! *returns you high five wtf* :D :D :D