Saturday, September 05, 2009

Yellow gerberas.

This greeted me in the car this afternoon:

I was ooh-ing and aah-ing over the flowers whilst thanking the boyfriend. Then he told me: "ya, 'cause you were late, I had nothing to do, so I went to buy flowers lor".
(I made the boyfriend wait for me outside of my house for 20minutes *shifty eyes*)



When I started merajuk-ing, he then told me the flowers are to show me how he loves me despite me always being late. -_- Digging a deeper hole, and buries himself in it as well wtf.

How ar, girls, do you all make your boyfriends wait for you for dates?? I 'interviewed' a few of my guy friends, and they told me that waiting for girls is very common! One guy even invites himself into the girlfriend's house each time (instead of waiting in the car) because he knows the girlfriend will take another hour wtf. :/

Picture that caught my eye in Coffee Bean. :P

Inspiration for me! Must. Lose. Weight.


Charcoal gray boyfriend blazer: Topshop
Vintage army green polka dot scarf (folded in front blazer pocket): Mom's
Gray satin romper with ruffled studded bustline: Bangkok
White and black plastic drops necklace: Topshop
Black felt hat: Zara
Light gray laced-up pumps: Topshop
Floral origami-like clutch: Forever New

Me loves oversized clutches, though they are a bitch to carry around while shopping!

My mom is not going to be happy that I called her scarf: 'vintage', haha!
('cause it emphasises that she is from another era hehehe)

Studs on the ruffles! :)

Woot woot I will be dancing on the dancefloor in 2 hours' time, Zouk here I come! :D


sherlyn said...

ur bf so nice la!!!! romantic! owh...hahaha
anyway, love ur necklace leh! so cute! u guys are really good in mix n match! wow! can learn much through ur blog :p

Cassandra said...

yalor, where to find such good bf! You are so lucky! XD

Julia said...

My bf has learnt the lesson that I will take hours to get dressed in the morning. So he will only get out of the bed when I am done, coz he only takes 5mins to be ready:)
Love your clutch!

Anonymous said...

were you in velvet last night? in a floral dress? thought i saw someone who resembled you on the dance floor doing her thang!
you looked fab :))

Anonymous said...

chor min is so sweet & hui wen is so bahagia

Anonymous said...

aww your bf's super sweet la, can get diabetes ok! haha. my bf's totally hopeless in this, i'm the one who's doing the lovey dovey thing most of the time. -_-

jeanchristie said...

errrr my boyfriend comes in everytime he comes over cos we have nothing planned and i usually wait for him to come over b4 i start getting ready HAHA xp

xiang yun said...

Ya! I always make my bf wait like almost an hour but he never go buy me flowers also *looks at floor. He never bought me flowers also la haih.. No matter how much I try to be on time, I always don't get ready in time!

The Faux Fashionista said...

Your bf is so SWEEET! I was just complaining today to my bf, asking why he never bought me flowers before - you know what he told me?

"You say you don't like flowers mah, after scold me say waste money, say give you the money better" T___T So I asked him where the money was, and he pretended he couldn't here me!

Anyways, I love how you layered your gray outfit. Tres chic! <3

Joce said...

aww thats so sweet of him! btw, saw u in midvalley yesterday (sunday) with your bf :)

Lisa! said...

He usually invites themselves in. :P
Then mock the amount of hours I take, and the makeup time I use.

But, thats life.

I love reading your blog btw!
And what I assume is your Blogshop!

Hayley said...

Of course my bf waits for me during some of the dates..
haha. but i think guys understand that.. but anyway try not to make it as a habit otherwise he might get angry.

revel in me said...

sherlyn: Haha, don't say that, I just like to dress according to my mood and whims! :D

cassandra: Haha don't puji him too much!! He will come flaunt it to me later! :P

julia: HAHAHAH a man who has given up!! Why do guys get ready so quickly!! *exasperated wtf*

And thanks love! <3

anonymous: I WASSS!! Omg damn shy!! Hope I wasn't doing my (in)famous roti canai dance!! T____T But thank you love! *shy* You should have came up and dance with meeee!! Roti canai yooooo :P

anonymous: Haha, cannot deny! <3

marshmallow: Girls are usually the sweeter/romantic/lovey dovey ones!! T_T Trust me k, sometimes my bf is so kayu you cannot believe it! T___T

jean: HAHAHHAHA wait till he comes over only get ready!! That's a REAL woman! *admiring* :P

xiang yun: OMG ME TOOOOO!! No matter how early I get ready, or how prepared I am (know what I wanna wear, good hair day, good ace day etc), I always end up overshooting my time. T____T

faux fashionista: Hahahhahahahahaha I couldn't stop laughing!! So typically male. T_T My bf is like that sometimes too ok. T___T Stupid men. T____T And thank you dear! <333

joce: Oh myyy was I wearing a gray sweater??? I was sick!!! And had to wear the bf's newly bought sweater.. and I was looking super dowdy and ugly. T_______________T

lisa rocks your socks: Harrumph, men should understand that we take so much time for them! :P It's their pride and glory if we look good. *flips hair wtf* And aww, thanks love! I don't have an official blog shop though, but I sell my pre-loved clothes on sometimes! :)

hayley: He wouldn't dare get angry! wtf Haha no la, I try to make it up to him. T_T

Joce said...

hehe yea u were wearing a grey sweater.. was wondering y r u in such a baggy sweater lol.. but u still look good girl :)

revel in me said...

joce: Hahahahha I was having a bad flu so terpaksa to get a sweater at the 11th hour (coz we were going to catch a movie)! And if you saw me around later afternoon, I just came out from 'UP' (the movie), and my make-up was all smeared 'cause I cried so bad during the show.. T________________T

But thank you love! You are to kind! T_T