Monday, September 07, 2009

Yoda, do you want some kimchi?

The boyfriend loves to ask me hypothetical questions. Some examples are:

"What if someone offers you 1 million pounds to act in a porn movie? With an old man?" wtf

"What if your grandma starts speaking to you in French?"

"What if I win $1.5million of lottery, and spend all of it on a Ferrari and none on you?" (you dare wtf)

You get the drift.

On Friday, while driving me home from the bus station, he asked me his most ludicrous question yet.

"What if one Friday I come to fetch you, but when you come into the car, I am wearing a Yoda suit?"


Hahahahaha when I right-clicked and saved this picture, the picture's name is Badass Yoda HAHAHHAHA

I tried to ignore him, but he continued on.

"Then I will tell you, To scare you I shall!"

Aiyo, lord save me. Why is my boyfriend like that wtf. T_____T

Anyway, we went for a Korean dinner recently as I was really craving for my kimchi chigae (kimchi soup).Our first Korea dinner together. *shiny eyes*

The boyfriend and I were fighting before this, and I was still feeling iffy towards him. So when he asked me where I wanted to eat, I told him Korean food (he doesn't know many good Korean restaurants off-hand), and on one condition-- I didn't want Korean BBQ. He was stumped!!! Soon he started calling everyone for recommendations for a Korean restaurant, a non-barbeque one no less. :P In fact, one of his colleagues, when she found out that I want Korean food sans Korean bbq, told him: "She's really mad at you huh" hahaha.

We went to Little Korea at Solaris! :)

One thing I love about Koread food is the many side dishes that you get!!

Our whole table was so laden with side dishes that it was practically groaning with the weight. :P I like!! 'Cause I really like variety with my food (which is why whenever I order mixed rice aka 'zhap fan' wtf it always cost a bomb for me T_T), so these side dishes enable me to nibble on assorted dishes at one go! :)

They even gave us steamed egg as one of the side dish. *heart*

My kimchi soup!! Love love love it.

And guess what. We did have Korean barbeque after all!
'Cause real men have grilled food wtf.

I was quite scared of the burnt coals though!! Knowing how clumsy and catastrophic I am, I was really worried that I will smack into something and bang the coals into my face. T_T

Luckily the coals didn't kena my face. T___T

Barbequed chicken! We had ribs as well.

I wa quite unhappy with the restaurant, 'cause they insisted that we must order 2 portions of meat if we want to order the barbeque food. I was already very satisfied with my kimchi soup, and we wanted a ginseng chicken soup as well, so 1 portion of meat would have been just nice. Having 2 meat portions would totally be over-ordering! In the end, we did go with 2 portions of meat (the boyfriend said that apparently it's a norm for restaurants to have some sort of minimum order), and we ended being really really really stuffed. T_T

Ginseng chicken soup, with glutinous rice stuffed in the chicken! Quite an interesting concoction I must say, but very much delicious! :)

Matte sequined leggings! I am so happy I found matte ones in Aussie (for dirt cheap as well!) 'cause matte seems more me? Anyway both Jing and Teeny each have one shiny sequined one, so anytime I feel like having a little extra bling, I can always borow from them. ;)

Pretty beaded applique headband... from Aussie as well! Dang it, I think everything I was wearing is from Australia. -_-

They gave us complimentary iced ginger tea! Which I really enjoyed, surprisingly. I think it's 'cause the barbeque and my spicy soup left us feeling very heated wtf, so the chilled drink was the perfect end to our dinner! :)


The 2 portions of barbequed meat (chicken and pork ribs), ginseng chicken soup (big enough for 2-3 people) and my kimchi soup (with meat and tofu in it) came up to about RM120 for the both of us! The dessert and all the side dishes were complimentary. :) It was really quite a satiating meal, and both the boyfriend and I agreed that we wouldn't mind paying Little Korea another visit soon. :)

Little Korea:
5-3, 7-3 & 9-3, Jalan Solaris One, Solaris Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
W. P. Kuala Lumpur , MY
603- 6203 7217


I was looking very haggard 'cause it was way into the night already! Make-up melted (from sweating while eating the bbq) and I also ate/licked all the tinted lipbalm from my lips wtf.

Black lace babydoll top: Grab (gift from Jac!)
Matte sequined leggings: Glassons
Black beaded floral applique headband: Equip
Layered pearls and chains: Diva
Black suede heels: Charles & Keith
Bag: Prada

Initially I was quite weary about wearing sequined leggings with the boyfriend (let's just say he is quite conservative when it comes to dressing wtf), but surprise, he actually liked it! He said I looked like a rock chick. :P Role play wtf.


Anonymous said...

:D so you were sitting near the counter? lol!

Little korea still remains my fav..somehow their side dishes taste better than other korean restaurant in Solaris (neh the one near cimb....)!

shall try out ginseng chicken soup one day! :)

mustardqueen said...

HEE HEE i went to korea and had the authentic ginseng chicken!! Inside stuffed with rice noodle summore I win wtf

simonso said...

I guess thats how a romantic relationship keeps going on :P

smalls said...

were your leggings itchy?
and i have a yoda back pack!
super duper cute

ill carry it out for lunch with you one day
arent ya lucky! :)

xiang yun said...

Woo your top is really pretty! And the kimchi soup looks really yummy and it doesn't help that I'm in class now. And it doesn't help that I didn't have breakfast this morning Boooooo wtf. Your bf really funny ar!

irene said...

i love the sequin leggings. i prefer the matte ones over the shiny ones cos with the matte ones, you can always glam it up or dress it down.

omg i miss korean food so much! the ones in singapore never seem to serve my fave - fish eggs soup. thank goodness i'm going back to nz soon so i can have tonnes of that. (haha i'm looking forward to going to NZ to eat KOREAN food lol)

oh this is way off the topic, but i'm leaving sg in about a week's time, and i have some items that i won't be bringing along. you interested in buying? i'm willing to sell for cheap, and most stuff i've only used for about 4 months or so. i have a kettle, iron, thermal blanket (queen size). if you're interested, sms me at 83712004.

The Faux Fashionista said...

I like how your bf is so random :) The food looks yummy, and your outfit is so Hui Wen despite the muted gray/black combo, haha! Love the shoes, bag and hair accessory <3

revel in me said...

miss hazel: WAHHHH how come you know we sat near the counter!! :O Haha, actually I am quite surprised you know the place as well!!! I thought it's our newfound secret or something.. T___T What other dishes do you recommend there? :)

And oh oh oh any other good korean restaurants to 'gai siu' or not! :D

mustardqueen: HARRUMPHHHHH rub it in somemore!! :( I am praying I get to go to Italy in nov.. T___T

simonso: Hahahahahha romantic, not so much.. More like noisy! :P

smalls: YAAA at first damn itchy!!! HAHAHHA why do you know me (and my fashion choices) so well! I told the bf firmly that we HAVE to go to somewhere air-conditioned, 'cause if I sweat, my legs would really itchy like hell! T_T HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHHAHAHAH the yoda bag HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA THAT'S THE STUPIDEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN HAHAHAHAHHHA BUT I WANT ONE TOO WTFF! Please wear with me the next time! /begs

xiang yun: Very pretty right!! And slutty too, I like wtf! It was very tight around the bust, and it was even worse after I ate! T__T EHHHH kimchi soup is <3333

irene: YAA that's why I was so happy when I found the matte ones! <3 And omg you're leacing sg already?? :( And what's this korean fishball thingy!! I have never heard of it before! *intrigued* :P And hmm, I don't think I can afford to get more things, 'cause my room is already packed with stuff! Sorry love! :(

faux fashionista: You always note the 'hui wen' style!! *grateful and flattered* <3333 And actually the whole outfit was black!!! I felt like a emo goth chick, haha! :D

The Faux Fashionista said...

I like wtf! It was very tight around the bust, and it was even worse after I ate! o_O Wth why your boobs grow after you eat? SO not fair! HAHAHAHA :D

Btw, goth chicks don't wear sequinned tights or pearls ;) Try emo princess :P

irene said...

oh, the fish eggs soup actually has fish roe in it, not fishballs. it's really yummy, but some ppl might find it strange. it's called ahl chigae.

yup i'm leaving sg already. leaving next friday. it's a pity i never got to meet you during my stay here, but guess that's alright, cos i have a tendency to be all shy and tongue-tied in front of ppl i admire, haha.

revel in me said...

faux fashionista: I doubt emo princesses wear pearls and sequined leggings as well, haha! Haihhh not my boobs grow la! More like tummy grew then the fats squeezed to the bust area FML

irene: Ehh I thought chigae is kimchi! *noob in korean* I don't think I have seen fish roe soup before, now that you mention it! And nonsense! If you meet me I will make you feel so at home!! *waggle eyebrows* haha. :P

Alexis said... it persimmon tea, instead of ginger tea? is it like sweet and has a slightly sharp taste.