Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Post-exam lazing mode.

The reason why I am online is 'cause I just finished one paper today! I justified it by telling myself that my brain needs to unwind. *shifty eyes*

I amaze myself sometimes. I thought I was so meticulous in packing for my exam, it was akin to packing for a short trip abroad wtf. I brought a headband (to push up those annoying bangs), many packets of tissues (in case I get a bout of my infamous sinus problem), a bejeweled hair clip (in case I feel like pinning up my hair halfway throughout the exam), my spectacles lovingly enclosed in its case (in case my eyes dry up halfway during the exam and I need to switch to glasses), flu pills (to battle the aforementioned sinus problems), 3 highlighters in assorted colors (in case I need to start studying during the exam wtf-- it was an open book exam).

But I forgot to bring a calculator. -_____________________-
When questions about tax and foreign currency was expected. -________________________-

I am such an idiot sometimes. A lucky idiot though! 'Cause no quesions that needed calculations were in the exam. *happy back* I wouldn't want to find myself calculating double taxation effects by hand though I would like to think that my mental arithmatic is quite strong wtf.

One more paper on Friday. A paper which I thought I was going to defer. Reason being, I am plain lazy. -_____- It's a tough paper (financial reporting and disclosures, for you accounting people! Even the name sends me to deep slumber), but I will have to humbly admit that if I have to defer, it is through all fault of mine. I could have started studying months ago, but as usual, I only pick up my books when I absolutely have to (on average 5 days before the exam wtf), and now I find that I am drowing in a sea of boring, monotonous standards. Not to mention I had to juggle it with another paper. And what with fretting over my skin and being in the slumps for the whole of last week, I just feel like going out to have fun this week. Not to study the rest it away. T_T

But HAIHH. I called CPA yesterday and found out that it costs AUD235 to defer a paper. So all hopes of deferring is officially out. T_________T Which means Ihave 2 and 1/2 days to perfect a unit. A unit which sends my brain to log-off mode everytime I attempt to open the coursebook. Fuck.

Pictures! From last weekend when Jing and I went to the Apartment.

Jing! We were really happy that we got the sofa seats. :P

I was this close to throwing myself onto the day bed and lie horizontally wtf.
And Jing photoshopped my pimples away 'cause she knows I can get self conscious about it, bless her wtf. But Ihave told her that there is no need to in the future! I don't feel I have anything to hide. :)

Halfway through the night, the head chefs of the place plopped a slice of red velvet layer cakeon our table, and plonked their butts onto the chairs opposite us, haha.

Such differing lifestyles Jing and I lead. We both ordered the grilled chicken wrap. And as you can see, I finished all my vegetables and left my chips untouched; whereas Jing polished off her chips and picked out all the vegetables, HAHA.

ps: The chips on my plate was getting scarce 'cause Jing was stealing them off my pate! :P



Blue and white striped toga dress: Topshop
Navy military blazey with gold trimmings: Online (Singapore)
Navy and cream sating vintage-esque corsage (worn on hair): Bangkok
Silver oversized pendant necklace: Topshop
Nude patent pumps with wooden wedge: Singapore
Bag: Chanel

Ok fine, guess I should go study now. :(
On a random note, I am invited to a party this Friday. With the theme "Erotic Party".
Should I be scared. -_______________________-

Monday, October 26, 2009

Il Divo.

The night before I started my course of Roaccutane, I was bracing myself for a lifetime (actually 4 months la wtf) of being bespectacled, makeup-less and a bad purging of pimples in the initial 2 weeks.

So naturally, the night before I allow all those to happen, I made the boyfriend bring me somewhere nice to dine.

"I want to dress up and look pretty!" I whined. T_T

The boyfriend, the good ol' chap WTF, told me to "wear something nice", and he will sort out the rest. :)

He brought me to Il Divo, an Italian restaurant which was previously situated in Desa Sri Hartamas, but has recently relocated to KL.

Twinkling lights, and a pool downstairs. :)

Italian food lover. Hui wen lover too wtf.

Do you notice something..?

I did my hair recently! But I look the same FML. Was thinking of straightening/relaxing my hair since I was so frustruated with how unhealthy it looked (and is wtf), but Yen straightaway forbade me too. She said my hair will die. T___T So it was just a dye job and a trim for me. Which I am thankful for though!! it doesn't look like it, but Yen snipped off so much of my hair-- giving my more layers, and now my head feels so much lighter, it's a joy. You might not be able to tell, but I really have a lot of hair. On my head la! T___T

Our food:

Seafood soup, which came with such a generous helping of seafood (prawns, clams, fish, squid)... But not enough soup! -_-

The boyfriend's penne in salmon sauce. I like how the sauce has a really strong salmon aftertaste, but I found it a little disappointing that there wasn't much salmon in it! :/

My risotto with prawn and asparagus!

I broke my diet for this (hello, I am eating rice?), but this dish was a little bland. Not to mention that the rice grains were too hard? The risottos that I usually have are soft-ish.

Overall, the boyfriend and I found the main dishes to be a tad disappointing, but the soup was good too! Which we thought was a major bummer, 'cause we have read some wonderful reviews on the place. Maybe we ordered the wrong things? Anyway, for those of you who are interested in trying out the place, these are the details:

241B Lorong Nibong,
Off Jalan Ampang, 50450 KL
Tel: 03–2145 4108


Black chiffon dress with pleated ruffled sleeves and pleated skirt: Miss Selfridge
Cream satin embellished bow headband: Forever 21
Pearl necklace: Melbourne
Pearl layered bracelet: Diva
Nude patent pumps with wooden wedge: Singapore
Bag: Chanel

I absolutely looooove this dress! Bought it sometime ago, but couldn't really find an occasion to wear it, 'cause it just seems so delicate and feminine, haha.

Loving this headband as well! Kind of makes up for those Alannah Hill headbands that I was beating myself up for not buying when I was in Melbourne.

Anyway, I need some advice. After hearing so much negative things about BB cream from you guys, I am thinking of switching to some other form of foundation. Any foundation that you girls recommend? I am thinking of a lightweight, easy-on-skin one.

And yes yes, I know I am supposed to go easy on make-up during this period, but frankly speaking, the only way I can go without make-up is if I don't go out. T__T The doctor told me I can still use make-up, but I just have to ensure that I cleanse really thoroughly. I am trying to use make-up for shorter intervals, and only when I need to though! Anyway, hope you guys can help, would really appreciate this! :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just an update.

Hi everyone. :)

I haven't really had access to the internet, what with trying to spend time with the boyfriend and the family, and allocating time to studying. So I was really surprised when I opened up my blog and saw all your encouraging comments. And the emails sitting in my inbox. As well as the messages in Facebook. :) I don't quite understand why, 'cause to the most of you, I am just a stranger, a supposed airhead who drapes herself in crazy colors and has a penchant for scones and raspberry jam, yet somehow, you guys care. If that doesn't make a girl feel that tiny bit better, I don't know what would. :)

Thank you for all your comments, messages, emails; as well as calls and MSN messages from friends to check on how I am. :) I have read through everyone's comments, and I promise I will get to answering each and everyone of them as soon as I can. At the meantime, I have 2 CPA papers next week to kill. T__T

Some of you have advised against me going onto Roaccutane, and trust me, I feel you. :( It's against my every will and belief to start the drug; but unfortunately, I have been to 2 skin doctors-- one is a renowned doctor in a clinic, and the other one in a hospital. Both doctors prescribed me the same medication, so I guess there is a reason to it. And my dad has given the green light as well, and let me assure you: though he is a doctor, he usually uses western medicines as a last resort as well. -_- My plan is to use the drug to get the problem controlled first, before I consider other alternatives (like facial treatments, IPL etc like some of you have suggested). The reason why I am in this spot in the first place was 'cause I recklessly gave products a go, so I think now is a time for me to be prudent. :(

Today will be Day 3 of being on the drug, I promise to update asap on how it is going. :P But just as a short update, life for hui wen is going as per normal. :)

Reconstructed vintage cream yellow shirt dress with lavender satin skirt: Camberwell
Nude chiffon corsage: Singapore

Turquoise belt with gold detailings: Bangkok
Gold bamboo bangle: Topshop
Pearl cuff: Diva

Patent nude pumps with wooden wedge: Singapore

Bag: Marc Jacobs

I am so totally in love with the details on the shirtdress! The shoulder areas are sheer. *heart*

Because I have decided that this look isn't for me.


PS: Some of you are giving me flak for using the term 'feeling my lowest' for my current skin problem. -_- Just to clarify, I was referring to my self-esteem, i.e. feeling really low about myself. I have always been a pretty confident person (even quite full of myself wtf), so naturally this whole low self image thing comes as a shock even to myself. Nevertheless, I don't deny that I am a very blessed person, and am very very lucky in many sense. :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Confession time.

Ok, so you guys might be wondering what the previous post was all about.
It's time for me to put an end to my self-denial, and just come clean with you all.

Yes, I have been feeling very, very low. And sad. And down. Emotional. Upset. Angry, even.

Y'see, I am suffering from an acne outbreak.

Now, before you write it off as me being very vain and fussy about a few zits on my face, I am talking about a full fledged acne attack. So many times I have flipped through articles about adult acne without so much of a bat of eyelid. Never would have thought I would end up as a victim.

My skin has started deteriorating early this year, due to stress, an unhealthy lifestyle (lack of sleep, lack of fruits and vegetables etc), and also 'cause I started incorporating very rich and moisturising products into my beauty regime-- 'cause I was so worried about how aging and stress would affect my skin. All these took a toll on my skin, and I started seeing tiny bumps on my skin. About 2 months ago, a friend introduced me to a product which was supposed to clear my skin. I started breaking out after using it, and innocently (stupid), I embraced the break-out, 'cause I thought breaking out would clear the impurities trapped underneath my skin.

And then the break-out became more rampant. They became angry monsters, taking over my face. Over the past month, my skin has became so bad that I don't even want to go out. I have became so self conscious, and all I really want to do is to put a paperbag over my head. I don't want to go to work. I don't want to see any of my friends. I don't want people to look at me with a gasp of horror, and ask me the much dreaded question, "What has happened to your skin???"

I went to a skin specialist on Monday, and he told me to go on Roaccutane. Roaccutane. Even the name sends a shiver down my spine. Not in a good way. I came home to do some research on the drug, and I got really scared. There are many literature on the drugs, and the list of side effects is endless. Still in denial, I ask my self, is it really so serious? Do I have to go on the drug?

I got even more depressed. My skin was A-OK last year. How has it suddenly come to this stage? Why me? Why now? Why this? The worst my skin has ever been was when I was 12, and puberty struck. And even then, it was nothing close to what I am going through now. Why do I have to feel ashamed when I meet people I know. Why do I have to try to use my hair to cover my cheeks. Why do I feel that everyone is giving my pitying looks. Why do I have to avoid mirrors. Why, why why.

Then yesterday, I talked to someone whom I least expected to suffer from acne before.She has taken Roaccutane before, and apparently she goes through acne outbreaks every year, but it's just something that you have to get a control on. She talked to me about the drug, told me about her experience in conquering acne. About ways to change my lifestyle, ways to change my mentality. And one thing she promised me, is that my skin will be better. And my inferiority complex now will be a thing in the past.

So I went to another doctor today for a second opinion. Similarly, he prescribed me the same drug.

So that's it, folks, as of today, I will be on Roaccutane. For approximately 3-4 months. Dry lips is something I will be expecting. Weight gain is a possibility. Great, just when I am on a diet. And get this, people, no contacts for as long as I am on the drug. Fuck man. I have birthday parties, Halloween, dinners, trips coming up, and I am supposed to be stuck in glasses. This may be worse than acne, omg. Mood swings are apparently on the books as well; sorry, boyfriend! :/)

How am I supposed to dress up in spectacles, I don't know. I may have to change my whole wardrobe. T__T And identity wtf. T___T

In case you are wondering how is my skin like now, here are some picture from yesterday. All the pictures are not photoshopped, and if you click and enlarge the pictures, you will be able to see my skin problem very clearly. :(

I think this picture best depicts my skin condition. Don't lie, it's really quite bad. :(

And mind you, this is with make-up on, without make up, my skin looks worse. :((((


Cut-off sleeves geek baby print tee: Singapore
Black origami pleat drape skirt: Isetan

Pearl and gold chain layer necklace: Diva

Black and cream maryjanes: Singapore

Bag: Marc Jacobs

Sorry for the lousy outfit picture. It was either that or this wtf.

I will be on the drug for approximately 4 months. Goodness knows what is in store for me in this period. But all I can tell myself is to be strong, and all this will pass. It's easier said than done though, 'cause I have never foreseen the psychological impact of a skin problem would be so severe. Some days when I am feeling really low, I ask myself, how can people love me when I don't even love myself now.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So this is how depression feels like.

This might just be the lowest I have ever felt in my life.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I have to keep reminding myself...

I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study.


Hola, everyone! I am back in KL! Nearly not though. 'Cause in pure hui wen drama, I missed the bus on Friday. -________-

Well, almost.

I was supposed to catch the 7pm bus back to KL, but I was rushing some work, so I could only leave at 6.30pm. Well, let me tell you something, 6.30pm in Singapore on a Friday? Throws a whole new light on rush hour. I couldn't get a cab. Was put on hold for eons to call for a cab. And when I finally got onto a cab, it was already 6.45pm. 15minutes to get to where I had to catch the bus-- but I had to first battle the horrendous traffic ahead of me. Needless to say, it was quite impossible. I did the only thing I could do at that time, which was to call up the bus company and tell them that I will be late, and asked them really nicely whether they could please please please wait for me. They lady told me the maximum the bus could wait for till is 7.05pm. FML.

At 7.05pm, I was at the U-turn opposite the place, but the traffic wasn't moving!! I frantically called the bus company again, and the receptionist coldly replied me that they will wait for another 2 minutes.

When the cab pulled into the bus compound, I saw the bus leaving from afar.... So my cab driver chased after the car, and kept on beeping the horn, hahaha. In the end, the bus stopped in the middle of the road, and I clambered onto the bus gratefully-- with all the passengers looking at me of course.



Outfit picture from yesterday:


Gold shimmer sweater dress: Temt, Australia
Black knit beret: Zara
Bronze/silver/diamante layered necklace: Diva
Leather braided cord with gold charms: Equip, Australia
Black studded heels: Zara
Bag: Chanel

All pictures are taken with Jing's camera! 'Cause somethign very FML happened to me... I forgot to bring back my camera!!


The boyfriend tried to console me: "It's only 2 weeks, you can survive without your camera right..."

I can't live without my camera!! It's like... a third limb or something wtf.

He then asked me nervously, "Are you going to buy a new camera for this 2 weeks". HAHAHAHHA do I really appear as so narcissistic and irrational. Wait, I don't want to know the answer WTF.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

10 Superficial Facts for the Day.

It's getting addictive to do up entries in a list form! Easy, fast, and perfect for the lazy blogger like me. :P

10 superficial facts for the day! Shouldn't be hard to come up with...

1. I finally went to Ion Orchard, only the most talked-about new mall in Orchard. Supposedly the best thing that has happened to Singapore since sliced bread, in retail terms that is. Yea yea, I am quite slow, as quoted by my friend, "everyone who is anyone would have been to Ion already", and I only made my first visit over the weekend. I was home almost every weekend!! *tries to justify wtf*

2. Well, I stepped foot into the Topshop in Ion, and let's just say it's omgfuckingfantasticorgasmic. Everything looked fucking awesome there! The trends are (slightly) faster as compared to M'sia, and they also have some collections which are currently unavailable in M'sia-- such as the Christopher Kane collaborations, Topshop Unique etc. The shoe collections are amazing as well! It would have been easy to just splurge my whole month's pay on some goodies! Which proves just how gorgeous everything is. And also how bloody expensive everything was. T__T Just to quote an example, there was a pair of laced-up heels that I was eyeing, and when I flipped over the price tag, my breath caught in my throat-- it cost SGD500. T_____________T

3. I have bought some stuff on ASOS, but it has been 1 month, and I haven't received my package yet. T______________________T I am worried sick!! What if it's lost in transit... Omg. Especially when my Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon shoes are at stake. T__________________T

Update: ASOS has confirmed that the package is lost in transit, FML!

4. As you all know by now, I am on a diet. Well, diet probably isn't the right word, more like downright self-deprivation WTF. Haha, no la, I would think of it as more of a lifestyle revamping... Hopefully it is more sustainable than a crash diet. Anyway, this whole trying to lose weight thing is getting expensive. -_- 'Cause I shop more! As I exercise more and eat less, I would like to think that I look better in my clothes, and trying on new clothes provides some form of validation? Like wearing a smaller size, or taking on a clothing in a tighter/stretchier i.e. more unforgiving fabric, it makes me feel good. Or maybe when I am deprived from food, I just make it up in other form of luxuries (read: shopping) wtf. -_-

5. I was at a boutique that day, and whilst trying on some clothes, I heard the conversation of two women, most likely good friends. One woman was telling her friend: "Ohhhh this dress is so not you! It has aged you so many years! But hmmm, if you really insist, I guess you can get it" with much criticism and reluctance in her voice.

The thing was, when I stepped out of my dressing room, I saw the woman who was trying on said dress, and she looked amazing!!!

I am willing to bet that the moment the both of them leave the shop (with the woman being talked out of buying the dress), her bitchy friend will march back to the shop and buy the dress for herself. Sigh, sometimes it's scary how manipulative and cunning and selfish women can be. :/

6. I don't want curly hair no more. :(((( I am sick of my hair!! It's so messy and shaggy and just looks... unhealthy. :((((( Might go back to straight hair (am marching right to Yen's the moment I am back in KL), but ohh, I don't know, straightening my hair again might just kill it completely. :(

7. I have nothing more to say.

SEEEE!! I can't even come up with 10 superficial things! Whoever who says that I am frivolous should eat up their words wtf.

Anyway, some pictures, because DON'T DENY IT, I know some of you are here just for pictures.

Outfit from a million years ago:

Gray and white striped tee: Topshop
Green satin pleated full skirt: River Island

Black patent studded bow belt: River Island

Green crochet beanie: Forever 21
Harlequin print corsage (pinned on beanie): Topshop

Moose necklace: Teeny's

Silver necklace with leaf pendant: Miss Selfridge
Tan maryjanes: River Island

Navy quilted bag with gold studs: Miss Selfridge

Jing! Her dress is from Velvet Ribbon. :)

Looking at this picture reminds me, I have lost this striped tee!! One of my favorites. :(

Showing off the studded bow belt.. It came with the skirt. Worthy buy! :)

I kinda miss seeing my face being pointy. Those were the days.... T___T

At one point in the car, I was feeling so hot and stuffy that I came up with the best remedy...

Voila, no more hair! wtf

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Reebonz: Shopping God has heard our prayers.

Ok, I admit it.

I love shopping. And frankly speaking, if you have been reading my blog for long, you love shopping as well. :P

And why shouldn't we? We all love pretty things. To unwrap a carefully packaged box, untying the satin ribbon to reveal the wonders within. To caress and stroke lustworthy items, to breathe in the intoxicating scent of leather, to bask in the afterglow of scoring a bargain.

*starts getting dreamy*

And here is when Shopping God satisfies our deepest shopping desires! :D

Reebonz (pronounced as "ribbons"), is a Singapore-based exclusive-members-only website, which hosts online sales where products from a specific brand is placed on the website for a short time span of 2-3 days for members to purchase.

I am a bit of a romantic at heart, and was thrilled to find that the name "Reebonz" actually came from the idea of the ribbons that we untie when we receive presents. Which is so apt, 'cause I cannot think of a single girl who does not like wrapping presents. Heck, even my boyfriend giggles like a small boy while he unties the colorful ribbons of his presents. ;)

Now, I am not going to harp on how the name of the website tugs on heart strings, but instead march right to the point. Reebonz offers to its members products ranging from medium to high-end luxury products. Their aim? Making luxury affordable.

All I can say is, Reebonz brings in quality stuff.
Quality, BEAUTIFUL things that will make you weep.

For example, as I am typing away, the time is ticking away as it counts down for the Miu Miu event to end.

Some of the offerings of the Miu Miu event includes:

I could have sworn that my mom is eyeing a similar Miu Miu bag to this black deer leather studded tote. The catch is, my mom plans to wait for the annual Miu Miu sales, which is in May next year! Now she probably doesn't have to, 'cause this baby is going for approximately SGD700 cheaper!!

A bag like that is going to be really versatile and useful, just look at how I use my black Miu Miu to death.

I saw loads of things I like as well, but they were all sold out! Things sell out real quickly, so you gotta be quick. Like:

This woven leather bag, I like the intricate texture... Makes it look like some exotic skin, no? But it's SOLD OUT!

Teeny was eyeing this bag in the current Miu Miu collection! Something significant, considering she is never much of a 'designer bag' person. The thing is, she might be able to afford this, 'cause it's about SGD1.5K now, as compared to it's original whopping price of SGD2,690!

I know Jing would like this bag... But it's gone already, love! :(

And this cute metallic bowler bag is only SGD899??? That's about RM2k!! F0r a Miu Miu bag, I would say it's really worth it. But it's sold out as well. *forlorn*

I was so upset that I missed out all this Miu Miu goodness that I started going through the archive of its previous sales. After that, I wanted to stab myself. T___T

Because I missed out on all these:

Marc Jacobs??? Adorable Kate Spade totes?? Designer shades??? WTFF???? If you can still remain cold as stone even after seeing all these fabulous brands, you are a GHOST wtf! 'Cause no flesh and blood can say no to these brands. T__T

Whilst browsing through the past sales events, I noticed that Reebonz has a really extensive range of products and brands, from designer goods to fitness programs to spas to food vouchers to Topshop vouchers and La Perla lingerie. There is truly something for everyone, yes, even you boys.

Topshop voucher, can you imagine it!

Reebonz ships to the whole of Asia Pacific and that includes to all parts of Malaysians. And now, Reebonz is offering all my readers an invitation to be part of the Reebonz community! :)

You can either:

1) enter the invite code on the bottom right hand corner of the front page at www.reebonz.com.


2) click through the invitation link http://www.reebonz.com/invite_code/revel to be directed to the sign up page.

Better be fast! The next upcoming event would be...

Hello, you sexy Prada bags! *shy*

And following that, the following events will also be launched:

I am very very excited now! :D

That's not all.
Reebonz is currently launching the Twitter Coach Bag Giveaway. We are talking about a free Coach bag! The giveaway is still on and it is open to anyone and everyone. More details can be found here.

You may also want to join their Facebook and Twitter page. :)
Hurryyyy!! Every second wasted means that someone else is getting your dream bag/jewelry/belt/shades etc. *war face*

Alas, say it with me, thank you, Shopping God! :D