Thursday, October 15, 2009

10 Superficial Facts for the Day.

It's getting addictive to do up entries in a list form! Easy, fast, and perfect for the lazy blogger like me. :P

10 superficial facts for the day! Shouldn't be hard to come up with...

1. I finally went to Ion Orchard, only the most talked-about new mall in Orchard. Supposedly the best thing that has happened to Singapore since sliced bread, in retail terms that is. Yea yea, I am quite slow, as quoted by my friend, "everyone who is anyone would have been to Ion already", and I only made my first visit over the weekend. I was home almost every weekend!! *tries to justify wtf*

2. Well, I stepped foot into the Topshop in Ion, and let's just say it's omgfuckingfantasticorgasmic. Everything looked fucking awesome there! The trends are (slightly) faster as compared to M'sia, and they also have some collections which are currently unavailable in M'sia-- such as the Christopher Kane collaborations, Topshop Unique etc. The shoe collections are amazing as well! It would have been easy to just splurge my whole month's pay on some goodies! Which proves just how gorgeous everything is. And also how bloody expensive everything was. T__T Just to quote an example, there was a pair of laced-up heels that I was eyeing, and when I flipped over the price tag, my breath caught in my throat-- it cost SGD500. T_____________T

3. I have bought some stuff on ASOS, but it has been 1 month, and I haven't received my package yet. T______________________T I am worried sick!! What if it's lost in transit... Omg. Especially when my Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon shoes are at stake. T__________________T

Update: ASOS has confirmed that the package is lost in transit, FML!

4. As you all know by now, I am on a diet. Well, diet probably isn't the right word, more like downright self-deprivation WTF. Haha, no la, I would think of it as more of a lifestyle revamping... Hopefully it is more sustainable than a crash diet. Anyway, this whole trying to lose weight thing is getting expensive. -_- 'Cause I shop more! As I exercise more and eat less, I would like to think that I look better in my clothes, and trying on new clothes provides some form of validation? Like wearing a smaller size, or taking on a clothing in a tighter/stretchier i.e. more unforgiving fabric, it makes me feel good. Or maybe when I am deprived from food, I just make it up in other form of luxuries (read: shopping) wtf. -_-

5. I was at a boutique that day, and whilst trying on some clothes, I heard the conversation of two women, most likely good friends. One woman was telling her friend: "Ohhhh this dress is so not you! It has aged you so many years! But hmmm, if you really insist, I guess you can get it" with much criticism and reluctance in her voice.

The thing was, when I stepped out of my dressing room, I saw the woman who was trying on said dress, and she looked amazing!!!

I am willing to bet that the moment the both of them leave the shop (with the woman being talked out of buying the dress), her bitchy friend will march back to the shop and buy the dress for herself. Sigh, sometimes it's scary how manipulative and cunning and selfish women can be. :/

6. I don't want curly hair no more. :(((( I am sick of my hair!! It's so messy and shaggy and just looks... unhealthy. :((((( Might go back to straight hair (am marching right to Yen's the moment I am back in KL), but ohh, I don't know, straightening my hair again might just kill it completely. :(

7. I have nothing more to say.

SEEEE!! I can't even come up with 10 superficial things! Whoever who says that I am frivolous should eat up their words wtf.

Anyway, some pictures, because DON'T DENY IT, I know some of you are here just for pictures.

Outfit from a million years ago:

Gray and white striped tee: Topshop
Green satin pleated full skirt: River Island

Black patent studded bow belt: River Island

Green crochet beanie: Forever 21
Harlequin print corsage (pinned on beanie): Topshop

Moose necklace: Teeny's

Silver necklace with leaf pendant: Miss Selfridge
Tan maryjanes: River Island

Navy quilted bag with gold studs: Miss Selfridge

Jing! Her dress is from Velvet Ribbon. :)

Looking at this picture reminds me, I have lost this striped tee!! One of my favorites. :(

Showing off the studded bow belt.. It came with the skirt. Worthy buy! :)

I kinda miss seeing my face being pointy. Those were the days.... T___T

At one point in the car, I was feeling so hot and stuffy that I came up with the best remedy...

Voila, no more hair! wtf


jeanchristie said...

Me too!! I just blogged about my visit (finally!!!) to Ion yesterday night with the same excuse >.<

but haven't had the time to explore anywhere at all except Rubi shoes wtf

oh, I thought Joyce said the C.Kane collection is out in KL already?

Babeeeeeee when are we meeting!!

little annie said...

hey babe. don't know if this helps. but instead of straightening, or rebonding, ask your stylist if she does relaxing. it removes the curls, gives you a much more natural and softer look. my sis had poodle curls, and it looked damaged, so i asked her to go for a relaxing instead of straightening, it turned out amazing. =))

mustardqueen said...

HAHAHAHAHA WALAU that bitch friend wtf!!! Eh at first when i was scrolling down I thought u were so nice to feature me on the last picture and then it's u wtf we do look alike wtfffff :D I wanna go on diet also then end of e year we can go beach holiday but now my breakfast is doritos and dinner is laksa wtfffff

eevon said...

hey hui wen! long time long time!

just wanna tell you, i've bought stuff from ASOS 9 times! and my package did not go missing until the 9th time (when I helped a friend in KL to get some stuff), when ASOS finally confirmed that it went missing, they refunded me... but after getting the refund, 2 weeks later the stuff arrived! *lol*
so keep praying my dear

Anonymous said...

hi hui wen. do you use nu bra? do you know which brand is good? i want to get one but have no idea where to buy them. i have this imagination that if i get a cheap one, it will fall off when i go clubbing lol.

Anonymous said...
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revel in me said...

jean: When I was at Ion, the C. Kane collection wasn't out yet in KL.. And there have other collections as well in the topshop in ion! :)

I sm back in KL!!

little annie: Where did she do it?? :) 'Cause a friend of mine did relaxing before, but it didn't work out so well for her! :/

musr=tardqueen: Hahaha but the last picture I looked like I was wearing a shower cap!! Are you sure it's a good thing to look like me like that. :P And hahahah why so unhealthy wan your diet!! Where are you planning to go for the beach holiday.. /boo

eevon: WOWW you are DAMN lucky!!! I am really hoping that will be the case for me.. T___T 'Cause two of the dresses that I wanted, it's out of stock now, so they are not able to do a replacement order for me! T___T So if the package arrive, I will be DAMN DAMN happy!

anonymous: Nu bra... i.e. the adhesive backless bras right? :) Yepp, I use them, super useful babies they are! :P I got mine from K-mart hahahha, for like 10aud, but it's pretty good! I reckon they should all work well! :)

jeanchristie said...

good luck for exams :p

okkkkk will u be around in the last week of oct!

little annie said...

she did it at this place in SS2 called k care hair. it was 250 if i am not wrong. it turned out like straightening, just with slight waves =))

revel in me said...

jean: yep, I will, but that is my exam week! T_T Are you back in KL already?

little annie: Mm, I like the straight hair with waves! Makes it more natural as compared to rebonded hair, no? I am going to yen tomorrow, will definitely ask about relaxing! Thanks love! :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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