Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Bangkok: Day 4.

Last installment of Bangkok pictures! Hopefully it isn't the last. 'Cause an all-girls' trip is on the books now (Jac, come back for it!!), with visions of nightly massages, drinks, SHOPPING, girlie teas. Mmm. :)

It was the last day of our trip, not many pictures 'cause we were due to fly off in the afternoon. So we just set off to my dad's favorite mall-- the MBK mall. -_-

(-_- 'cause it's this really dodgy, old-fashioned mall. For good reason, it's apparently the oldest shopping center in Bangkok)

Dad and mom entertaining themselves while we trudged behind.

Nothing much to do in the mall, so we entertained ourselves. ;)

With Teeny Tallie .


Printed beaded tee with flared sleeves and diamante collar: River Island
Gray leopard print bodycon skirt: Miss Selfridge
Gold/Silverstudded bangles: Teeny's
Silver studded bracelet: Singapore
White leather sneakers: River Island
Bag: Miu Miu

Beads, embellishments, diamantes.. even on my T-shirt, haha. :P

I wanted to show you all the flared sleeves...

... and all I have is this picture wtf.

Leaving for the airport.. The cab's boot has not enough space for our hauls! *shifty eyes*

And since some people have been asking me what to do/where to go in Bangkok, let me show you all something that I regret not doing during my trip....

I should have at least tried one of these!!!


Adryna said...

omg are you serious? ahh where is it located? i will be dead already after pass by the whole cockroach, cacing thing. ;p hehehe how did u manage to pass by them? hehe. anyway did any of ur family member ate em that time?

jeanchristie said...

wtf u sound like my mom lah! she also said she wanted to try the bugs badly but her friends were not game enough!

i told her she can makan sendiri when she goes to bkk with me this november wtf

any AWESOME places that i should go for shopping/eating which u can point out? hahaha :p

xiang yun said...

You regret not tasting some crispy worms and crunchy cockroaches? :O:O:O and the picture where you showed the flared sleeves very berkiut ahahaha =]

Vivien said...

The worms tasted like nothing :(
The grasshoppers were yummy and crunchy esp with chilli 8D

heeeeeee love your bodycon skirt!

jaclyn said...

lol, i won't be coming back for quite a whileee =P

revel in me said...

adryna: It was at a night market near our hotel! Not sure of the place though.. HAHA, it was a little geli to pass by them! None of us dared to! Actually we dared each other to eat for 500baht HAHA!

jean: Hahaha ya then you can take a documentary of her eating wtf. Bangkok is awesome enough! <3 Meet up then I tell you? ;)

xiang yun: 'Cause a friend of mine tried fried grasshoppers, and she said it's nicer than mcd's fries! :O Since then I was intrigued. :P Hahaha more like beridiot! :P

vivien: You are my HEROOO!! You are themmmmm??? And omg, my friend too said that the grasshoppers are good! *feels compelled to nom on grasshoppers*

jaclyn: WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! I thought you said next year!!!