Monday, October 19, 2009

I have to keep reminding myself...

I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study. I am home to study.


Hola, everyone! I am back in KL! Nearly not though. 'Cause in pure hui wen drama, I missed the bus on Friday. -________-

Well, almost.

I was supposed to catch the 7pm bus back to KL, but I was rushing some work, so I could only leave at 6.30pm. Well, let me tell you something, 6.30pm in Singapore on a Friday? Throws a whole new light on rush hour. I couldn't get a cab. Was put on hold for eons to call for a cab. And when I finally got onto a cab, it was already 6.45pm. 15minutes to get to where I had to catch the bus-- but I had to first battle the horrendous traffic ahead of me. Needless to say, it was quite impossible. I did the only thing I could do at that time, which was to call up the bus company and tell them that I will be late, and asked them really nicely whether they could please please please wait for me. They lady told me the maximum the bus could wait for till is 7.05pm. FML.

At 7.05pm, I was at the U-turn opposite the place, but the traffic wasn't moving!! I frantically called the bus company again, and the receptionist coldly replied me that they will wait for another 2 minutes.

When the cab pulled into the bus compound, I saw the bus leaving from afar.... So my cab driver chased after the car, and kept on beeping the horn, hahaha. In the end, the bus stopped in the middle of the road, and I clambered onto the bus gratefully-- with all the passengers looking at me of course.



Outfit picture from yesterday:


Gold shimmer sweater dress: Temt, Australia
Black knit beret: Zara
Bronze/silver/diamante layered necklace: Diva
Leather braided cord with gold charms: Equip, Australia
Black studded heels: Zara
Bag: Chanel

All pictures are taken with Jing's camera! 'Cause somethign very FML happened to me... I forgot to bring back my camera!!


The boyfriend tried to console me: "It's only 2 weeks, you can survive without your camera right..."

I can't live without my camera!! It's like... a third limb or something wtf.

He then asked me nervously, "Are you going to buy a new camera for this 2 weeks". HAHAHAHHA do I really appear as so narcissistic and irrational. Wait, I don't want to know the answer WTF.


Anonymous said...

hey there.i absolutely love your blog. i'm about to go Singapore study myself next year. is the traffic really that bad? oh yea, i know you adore heels , well me too!!! may i have a few pointers though?? do you wear heels to catch a train every morning? how could you do it without hurting your feet??

Unknown said...

You're so lucky to have caught your bus on time! Thank god for helpful citizens! :P

xiang yun said...

Hahaha your chase-after-the-bus-story is so funny ahahhaa. Last month the same thing happened to me too! Due to the delay of the ktm, I reached the bus depot at 3.35 when the bus is supposed to leave at 3.30!! OMG best thing is, it's a different bus company than the one I usually use so I had to literally run and find it. Thank God I found it in time and as I got on the bus, it started to leave! And the guy behind me was already snoring WTH?!

revel in me said...

anonymous: Aww, thanks dear! :) Hmm, traffic is not as bad compared to KL, I think. But if you are not driving in sg, most likely you won't be affected. :) But HUMAN traffic in sg, is an altogether different matter. It's just so jam-packed with people that somedays I just feel like screaming. :/ I do wear heels, but I sneak in a day or 2 of flats sometimes, haha. I won't be able to survive in high heels everyday! T_T

sammy: I KNOWWW!! I was panting like a dog in the bus.. and thinking WHAT IF I really msised the bus. I think I will cry! T_T

xiang yun: EEEk, that's very nerve-wrecking! I am usually very nervous when I go to a new place to depart! 'Cause I am SERIOUSLY bad with directions. T_T And hahaha, why the guy so quickly fell asleep!!!

mustardqueen said...

why the Hoe sisters always hae FML things happening wan T_T I was about to catch a bus from fountaingate back to berwick station and FML god knows that the bus goes to another direction which is Hampton wtf dunno where is that and I end up at Dandenong and have to wait for a train to go back to berwick, a 10 minute bus ride end up 1hour travelling T_T WHY!! TELL ME WHY!!! We have no fate in buses tell daddy I need a car here wtfffff

suzy a said...

that was incredibly awesome of your cabbie. no way that would have happened in australia!

Joshua said...

Damn drama. T.T Thank god you called the bus company twice and your cabbie is a super honker wtf.

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Did you catch the wrong bus?? How come the bus will go the other direction wan! T___T

suzie: Haha, I think part of the reason why he was so nice is 'cause I threw him SGD20 dollars whilst we were nearing the place and told him to keep the change! :P

joshua: YAAA, I think partly 'cause singaporeans are kiasu, so the cab driver HAS to win the race HAHAHA.

Sue Lin said...

Whoa! Glad u managed to catch the bus! So daring! If i were in ur place i wouldn't dare buy a bus ticket for 7pm on a Friday!

revel in me said...

sue lin: Haha, 'cause I was not on job that day! just supposed to clear some review points for my colleagues, which was why I thought 7pm is very reasonable! ;)