Monday, October 26, 2009

Il Divo.

The night before I started my course of Roaccutane, I was bracing myself for a lifetime (actually 4 months la wtf) of being bespectacled, makeup-less and a bad purging of pimples in the initial 2 weeks.

So naturally, the night before I allow all those to happen, I made the boyfriend bring me somewhere nice to dine.

"I want to dress up and look pretty!" I whined. T_T

The boyfriend, the good ol' chap WTF, told me to "wear something nice", and he will sort out the rest. :)

He brought me to Il Divo, an Italian restaurant which was previously situated in Desa Sri Hartamas, but has recently relocated to KL.

Twinkling lights, and a pool downstairs. :)

Italian food lover. Hui wen lover too wtf.

Do you notice something..?

I did my hair recently! But I look the same FML. Was thinking of straightening/relaxing my hair since I was so frustruated with how unhealthy it looked (and is wtf), but Yen straightaway forbade me too. She said my hair will die. T___T So it was just a dye job and a trim for me. Which I am thankful for though!! it doesn't look like it, but Yen snipped off so much of my hair-- giving my more layers, and now my head feels so much lighter, it's a joy. You might not be able to tell, but I really have a lot of hair. On my head la! T___T

Our food:

Seafood soup, which came with such a generous helping of seafood (prawns, clams, fish, squid)... But not enough soup! -_-

The boyfriend's penne in salmon sauce. I like how the sauce has a really strong salmon aftertaste, but I found it a little disappointing that there wasn't much salmon in it! :/

My risotto with prawn and asparagus!

I broke my diet for this (hello, I am eating rice?), but this dish was a little bland. Not to mention that the rice grains were too hard? The risottos that I usually have are soft-ish.

Overall, the boyfriend and I found the main dishes to be a tad disappointing, but the soup was good too! Which we thought was a major bummer, 'cause we have read some wonderful reviews on the place. Maybe we ordered the wrong things? Anyway, for those of you who are interested in trying out the place, these are the details:

241B Lorong Nibong,
Off Jalan Ampang, 50450 KL
Tel: 03–2145 4108


Black chiffon dress with pleated ruffled sleeves and pleated skirt: Miss Selfridge
Cream satin embellished bow headband: Forever 21
Pearl necklace: Melbourne
Pearl layered bracelet: Diva
Nude patent pumps with wooden wedge: Singapore
Bag: Chanel

I absolutely looooove this dress! Bought it sometime ago, but couldn't really find an occasion to wear it, 'cause it just seems so delicate and feminine, haha.

Loving this headband as well! Kind of makes up for those Alannah Hill headbands that I was beating myself up for not buying when I was in Melbourne.

Anyway, I need some advice. After hearing so much negative things about BB cream from you guys, I am thinking of switching to some other form of foundation. Any foundation that you girls recommend? I am thinking of a lightweight, easy-on-skin one.

And yes yes, I know I am supposed to go easy on make-up during this period, but frankly speaking, the only way I can go without make-up is if I don't go out. T__T The doctor told me I can still use make-up, but I just have to ensure that I cleanse really thoroughly. I am trying to use make-up for shorter intervals, and only when I need to though! Anyway, hope you guys can help, would really appreciate this! :)


Lisa! said...

Hey there!

I don't know if this helps, but I use Dermalogica's
foundation. It is very lightweight, but truth being told, doesn't do the job as well as my Prescriptives. Though, you can tell that Dermalogica is really, light? and has a bit of a .... spa feeling to it.

I use to have acne problems too, and since you already done quite the research about not using heavy foundations and stuff. I can skip all that.

But, according to some research, I heard that the Bare Minerals are really really good for acne prone skins, since it only covers the surface and is really natural? Its worth the check?

Hope all goes well with you!

Anonymous said...

I love the new Anna Sui Moisture Rich fluid foundation! :D


Anonymous said...

I heard that Bare Escentual mineral foundation is good for acne skin. I've ordered mine. It's going to arrive in the next few days yea:D

Sarah said...

I never knew that bb creams are bad T__T I use it everyday..anyway, you might wanna try mineral make up. There are so many types out there though its a bit messy upon usage cos the powder flies everywhere.

Anonymous said...

may i know where you bought the shoes? mayb when u stated u bought at singapore, u can give us more details like location and shop name?

thanks and take care!

Jo said...

I use Maybelline Mineral foundation. Got 2 types- powder with free kabuki brush and liquid type. I don't use it everyday but so far it's ok for my skin - I have eczema, sensitive and oily skin (bad combination)

Anonymous said...

Dont use any foundation is the best. Let your skin breath!

mustardqueen said...

people nvr read wan lor u say u wanna use lightweight foundation and they're still asking u to not use -_______- Erm.. dun use MAC or Shu Uemura I know la cause those are all so "kaooo" =/

V said...

I use laneige, it's actually pretty good, doesn't sticky nor oily. :)

Anonymous said...

paul n joe's r quite light in weight too gal.

maymay said...

Ettusais is specially formulated for acne-prone skin. Other than that, how about using a tinted facial sunblock? They have enough coverage, although I'm not too sure about how thick the liquid is.

One tip: I always apply pimple cream underneath my makeup. It actually protects my pimples, and they reduce in size afterwards!

Lke the doctor said, makeup actually protects, but bad cleansing rituals destroy. So put pimple cream!

xiang yun said...

Wooo the front of your dress so soooo cute! Hope you are feeling better =]

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

I suggest using Ettusais as i've been using it for quite some time. Its specially formulated for acne-prone skin so you don't need to worry about putting on makeup even when you have some small pimples.
Hope Roaccutane will help as it worked really well for me..good luck girl!!

Anonymous said...

bobbi brown tinted mosturiser or bare mineral makeup :)


Anonymous said...

Sisley botanical makeup foundation is the best!

Anonymous said...

i use shiseido tinted moisturizer, which is pretty light, and it has a spf of 20. =)

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

I wanted to tell you earlier that I suspected BB cream was the cause of all acne of mine, because seriously, after using BB cream for about a month, acne slowly formed and my skin broke out non stop after that. I went to facial and switched to mineral foundation, it's much much better now. NO MORE BB CREAM seriously!! Root of all pimples for me!!! My pimples are healing now, but all the scars take forever to fade, sigh.

I wanna try Eucerin cover stick since it's recommended by Dermatologist. Will let you know.

Anonymous said...

TBH, you shouldn't even go near liquid foundations or 2 way cake or anything else other than Mineral Makeup. The coverage may be better but it'll take longer for your skin to heal!

I've had acne problems too and only recovered after taking different sorts of medication. For that period of time, i've only used Mineral Makeup because it's either that or nothing! I'd suggest it because it is powder so it wouldnt seep into your pores or anything like that and it is really lightweight. so you could try the higher end brands of Mineral Makeup(eg. mac) but I wouldn't suggest over the counter sort of mineral makeup :)

And drink lots of water, pin up your fringe etc. It's always tough dealing with it and you can get so depressed, but when you've recovered, it's really all worth it and you'd want to take care of your body really well from then on! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

random fan of yours! i love your honests entries and humour.

anyway you may want to try going to sephora at taka? they have some lightweight foundation and minerals too.

hope it helps :) hang in there dear, stay strong!

Anonymous said...

I use bare minerals after having tried those overhyped BB cream which i think caused my clogged pores. Prior to that I have been using DIOR compact powder which is great and doesnt dry out the skin.

I purchased my trial set of bare minerals from Sephora at ION! I have also used Laura Mercier Mineral powder which is great. So you might want to give that a try too.

Good luck and speedy recovery babe!

KITMEY said...

Agree with Ting, never use MAC on a daily basis. It's too heavy and needs superb cleansing rituals to throughly wash it off (they usually use MAC for photoshoots cos it gives a thick coverage). BB cream may be good for some ppl (I dont know), but like i said it clogged my pores like crazy. Bare minerals may also be good, but im allergic to it -.-

Now im using wat I used when i was 18 (and had baby smooth skin), ZA foundation. LOL. Works good enough for me and i'll leave it as that :)

Adryna said...

clinique i guess? for lightweight some people like it. yeah laura mercier has many kind of foundation, u can try that. but mostly i think clinique is the best. :)

Anonymous said...

what BBcream are u using?? i think BBcreams are alright eh choose a good one. BRTC's Perfect Blemish Recover is good. i think its only available online for around 40usd.

hummingbird said...

Hi wen,

I saw you yesterday at the gym ;D no, am not stalking ya. Anyways, yes I wont lie, the acne breakout is noticeable BUT it's not THAT bad.( I know its bad for your standards but it's surmountable!) Did any of these docs prescribe Diane 35 to you? I find that it really helps. I went to Sloane clinic the last time while I was in Singapore and that was what the doctor recommended to me. Please do drop by Sloane for a consultation. I swear by their professionalism and skills! Anyways, good luck to you! As for foundation, I guess maybe you should choose more natural products like Skin Food?

revel in me said...

lisa!: Hmm, loght, meaning coverage is lousy? :( Actually I have Bare Minerals (just bought it recently), but the coverage is... almost negligible wtf! Which is why I am on the quest for another foundation. T_T Thanks dear! :)

junie: Is it the one that a lot of bloggers were reviewing? Tempted to try that, but I think I'll have to wait till my skin recovers! T_T

anonymous: Bare Escentual? Where did you buy that? Let me know how it goe4s! <3

sarah: I dunno, I never thought BB cream is the reason; but a lot of people wrote to me and told that BB cream was the bane of all evils. I don't wanna take any chances! T__T

anonymous: Hmm, I got it from raffles! Near Malacca center, a shop called Space, I *think*. Aah, I will try to do that in the future. But sometimes it's hard 'cause a lot of my sg purchases are really random, and sometimes I don't even know the name of the place, haha!

jo: Liquid mineral foundation?? I didn't know they have that! I am quite adverse to the mineral powder brushes 'cause I think it's damn mafan to keep them clean. T_T

geznat: not possible when I go out! :(

mustardqueen: Shu umera also kao? You used before ar!!

V: That's BRILLIANT!! Laneige saved my skin last time! Maybe I should try their foundation this time...

anonymous: Thanks dear! <3

may may: do you know where do they sell ettusais??? Haha, I remember this acne product brand which starts with E, but I always get confused with ettusais and elianto! So THANK YOUU! :P YAA I was thinking of a tinted sunblock as an alternative to foundation... Any good ones to recommend? :)

xiang yun: You are the only one who puji my dress! <33333 Yes I am dear. :)

anonymous: Omg, is this the answer to my problem! Do you use their foundation/concealers (do they even have wtf)? And most importantly, where can I get ettusais products? :)

anonymous: I bought bare minerals recently, but found the coverage so-so! :(

revel in me said...

anonymous: This is the first time I have heard of sisley foundation!! is it for sensitive skin ('cause botanical wtf)

anonymous: Does it provide any coverage? :) Tinted sunblock is my other alternative!

siewkwan: Did you get a lot of tiny bumps after you use BB cream?? 'Cause that's what my friend got.. And me too! The beginning of my acne. That's why I am very suspicious of my BB cream now! >=( Which mineral make up you use? I bought bare minerals, but the coverage sucks!

anonymous: Yaaa, my doctor warned me against powder make up! He told me to only use water-based ones. But mineral make up should be fine, I reckon. But YESS mineral make up's coverage is lousy lousy (I use bare minerals). :( I totally get you though, even now I am really gung-ho about taking care of myself (eating loads of vege, drinking loads of water etc). Just wished I was better in taking care of myself then! T_T

anonymous: Haiya, now that I am so ugly, my humor is the only thing I have left, so expect more of it WTF. T___________T I bought bare minerals foundation sephora ion! But coverage is so-so only. :(

anonymous: Omg me tooooo!!! I got the bare minerals set from sephora ion toooo!! *excited* How do you find it ya? 'Cause I really find the coverage very.. meh. Is it my technique, am I doing it wrong??? And another thing is, I am very wary of using brushes, 'cause have to keep them clean!! Another thing, you mentioned laura mercier's mineral powder.. Is it the foundation? Or loose powder/ Enlighten me, guru! T_T

kit mey: After talking to you that day, I am now really weary of BB cream! really think that it might be the cause of the deterioration of my skin. *depressed* Woman! Your skin super perfect when I saw you that day ok! So ZA is the right choice. :P

adryna: Hmm, when I was auditing my client, the clinique brand manager told me that their foundations are really good too! *tempted*

anonymous: I got mine from Sasa, some BB cream from korea! :(

hummiingbird buzz: OMGGGG damn shy! Are you the hot tall girl in black next to me!! T____T Damns ad tobe caught in my worsttttt, sweaty, make-upless and panting FML. No, the doctors told me to go on roaccutane! Hmm, is the sloane clinic a beauty center, or an official skin clinic? You purposely went to Singapore to visit the clinic? T__T

ju said...

i heard the giorgio amani liquid foundation is really lightweight

Anonymous said...

You can get Ettusais products from Isetan. You can visit their website & know more about their products.

I'm currently using the flat design liquid foundation..coverage is not too bad but i usually top it up with medicated acne daytime defense powder which i think is quite good.

You can go & ask the sales girl about their opinion & they will recommend the right product for you..remember to ask for samples as well..

Hope everything will be fine dear!!

hummingbird said...

hahahah, nah, am not the tall hot girl next to you! Was in the next class after yours. Sloane is a beauty clinic BUT they are qualified dermatologists and skin specialists. They even have their own line of products Skin Inc. You can google them and find out. I hope whatever you're on works for you! I know the pain of these breakouts. Esp when you're at the gym! Cos u think, no makeup to prevent clogged pores then u think but then...everyone will be able to see it. Sigh. Niways,get better soon!

ling said...


i would say try not to use liquid foundations.they provide really good coverage but it's not that good to the skin even for people any particular skin condition.

i suggest using mineral powder products,because they are natural ingredients,hence will not cause irritation.and also the powder particles are larger , so they wont be absorbed into the skin.they stay on the even if you do not do a good job in cleansing,it wont hurt that much.
last but not least, they are really good too. my loose powder is mineral powder,and it is reallllyy gives kinda like an airbrush effect( of course i have foundation beneath la,but still!)
i use loreal true match minerals.

oh and please update on what you buy in the end,because i need to get a lighter foundation too. i use mac everyday and i am getting worried!

jocelyn said...

hello hui wen. i had acne problem like you too and my dermatologist recommended me Jane Iredale. it's mineral makeup and if you google it there are lots of great comments about it! i've been using this brand for 3 years and my acne is so much better now compared to last time. i used to use MAC!

hope this helps! :D

jocelyn said...

anyway, for my experience, makeup is still okay (as long as it doesnt content ingredients that clog pore; so choose mineral makeup!) for acne skin but removing makeup properly is really important!

as long as you use a good makeup remover then you will be fine :D my choice is shu uemura cleansing oil (surprisingly haha) it doesnt make my acne worse!

Sing said...

hey there..

i use to have lots of pimples is swear by this regime and swear off any over the counter products cause they are all bad for the skin!!

for my skin care regime i use dermalogica's gentle soothing booster to clear away the pimples instantly! just dab abit on ur pimpile and it will be gong in less than 2 to 3 days!

for foundation i use Sothys, a beauty salon brand. It not only conceals but heals the skin as well. i pair it with their 'correcting concealing treatment' to apply on pimples only (absolutely good coverage for pimples and heals them at the same time)

For foundation I use their Oxyliance foundation which provides radiance, matt effect and anti pollution. Good for problem skin and doesnt clog pores. It heals at the same time unlike normal foundation.

please do not waste your money on over-the-counter products anymore if u want good skin! get your products from beauty salons. like dermalogica or sothys which i swear by!

for internal body cure, my cousin thought me this chinese herb method. Just go to any chinese herb store and ask for 'hoi long, hoi ma' which is actually dried sea horse. boiled it into soup with pork ribs. drink it once a week and it will cure all the dirty blood in the body! u get acne because ur internal body is dirty. so try it every week for 1 or 2 months and i'm sure u wont have to take any pills anymore.

just trying to help and saving all other girls!

thanks and hope u try it out cause it work for me :)

Sing said...

Please excuse my grammar and typo errors cause there are a kazillion words jumbled in my brain all squeezing to get out and i'm to lazy to edit it plus i'm typing really fast.

colleen said...

roaccutane is effective but side effects are crazy. my lips itched and swell and so painful. dont know if you can find it but i bought a generic brand, called acnotin, with the same amount of isotretinion(or something). cost me bout 45SGD. i bought it in bangkok. soo much cheaper, cleared my acne and less side effects. my roacutane cost 175SGD a month. can die.

ap said...

hey altho this is like eons ago i obsess over finding the best coverage but lightweight-looking foundation that is also best for skin so i have to share this- recently invested quite abit in the following: laura mercier two-tone cake concealer- needs a concealer brush, this is really the best coverage i can find without having to pile it on and having it slip right off when i excrete oil wtf,because it is almost pure pigment it covers redness terribly well, the texture can be somewhat dry so moisturise beforehand and use a primer(optional), giorgio armani liquid foundation is imo the most light-weight foundation there is while maintaining erm med. coverage, it makes your skin look great, not cakey at all and is long-lasting- apparently it is waterproof, also the primer made by giorgio armani is pretty good- i suppose they aren't the best for your skin but for days when i want perfect-ish skin thats what i rely on, otherwise i use the concealer and loose mineral powder to set the concealer and even out the tone, but maybe non-mineral loose powder gives a better texture, i really like bobbi brown's but i wanted sth "natural" so i used minerals. hope this is helpful

Anonymous said...

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