Saturday, October 10, 2009

Melbourne 2009: Day 5.

Mandatory activity while waiting for the train. :)

Winter shoes.

HAHAHAHAHAHA we saw this on the bench we were sitting on!!!

I took the picture totag Teeny on FB-- 'cause she was damn angsty over the wanker incident. :P

My bejewelled, err, housefly brooch wtf.

Beautiful weather! A little on the cold side though.

I was very brave 'cause I only had a tube dress and a vest underneath.. Brr!

We were off to Brunswick Street.

We saw the sun, and pumped out fist to the air wtf.

Lunch at one of the cafes. Always pure enjoyment no matter which random cafe we pop into. :)

I have no face wtf.

Love my little marching band boy ring! :P

Brunswick Street!

Walking down the street for some good ol' shopping fun. :)

The name of this shop cracks me up. :P

Crossing the road with a purpose-- warehouse sale at the shop opposite us! :P

Murals. :)

I think you can click to enlarge. :)

Rendezvous wtf.

Spotted this funky goat in a locked nursery. :P

Jing likes to take pictures of posteriors.

Joshua took one look at the toes and said: "Geee, doesn't she go for a pedicure?" HAHAHA.

Absolutely stunning.



Black layered tulle dress: Velvet Ribbon
Brass embellished vest: Melbourne
Vintage army green quilted jacket: Thrifted
Bejeweled insect brooch: Topshop
Layered silver chains: Bangkok
Black leather chain link belt (worn as necklace): Random
Black striped stockings: Stockist
Nude faux leather boots: Cotton On
Navy quilted bag with gold studs: Miss Selfridge

I need another getaway. Please?


Adryna said...

omg so jealous u get to shop at forever new! i wished they're available in m'sia ;)

well jing and you really look like miss selfridges model wtf! i love u fashionable guys. ;)

Joshua said...

ZOMG, my horrible short hair :/

It's back to its old length now.

Yes yes, come visit again :D

mustardqueen said...

that random chain belt thing was actually the necklace that jing broke when she was in bangkok i am still damn angry!!!! To get a similar one is like 40 dollars at forever new ok F her life she have to compensate!!!!

revel in me said...

adryna: But if they are in m'sia, they will be freaking expensive! T___T Haha, thanks love, that's really sweet of you. *shy* <3

joshua: You drank hair tonic arrr!! How come your hair is back to the old length!! Not possibleee!!

mustardqueen: OWHHHH haha. I think this type of chain link necklace/belt quite common, shouldn't be hard to find! :) Please don't waste AUD40 to buy one from Forever New! :/