Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Post-exam lazing mode.

The reason why I am online is 'cause I just finished one paper today! I justified it by telling myself that my brain needs to unwind. *shifty eyes*

I amaze myself sometimes. I thought I was so meticulous in packing for my exam, it was akin to packing for a short trip abroad wtf. I brought a headband (to push up those annoying bangs), many packets of tissues (in case I get a bout of my infamous sinus problem), a bejeweled hair clip (in case I feel like pinning up my hair halfway throughout the exam), my spectacles lovingly enclosed in its case (in case my eyes dry up halfway during the exam and I need to switch to glasses), flu pills (to battle the aforementioned sinus problems), 3 highlighters in assorted colors (in case I need to start studying during the exam wtf-- it was an open book exam).

But I forgot to bring a calculator. -_____________________-
When questions about tax and foreign currency was expected. -________________________-

I am such an idiot sometimes. A lucky idiot though! 'Cause no quesions that needed calculations were in the exam. *happy back* I wouldn't want to find myself calculating double taxation effects by hand though I would like to think that my mental arithmatic is quite strong wtf.

One more paper on Friday. A paper which I thought I was going to defer. Reason being, I am plain lazy. -_____- It's a tough paper (financial reporting and disclosures, for you accounting people! Even the name sends me to deep slumber), but I will have to humbly admit that if I have to defer, it is through all fault of mine. I could have started studying months ago, but as usual, I only pick up my books when I absolutely have to (on average 5 days before the exam wtf), and now I find that I am drowing in a sea of boring, monotonous standards. Not to mention I had to juggle it with another paper. And what with fretting over my skin and being in the slumps for the whole of last week, I just feel like going out to have fun this week. Not to study the rest it away. T_T

But HAIHH. I called CPA yesterday and found out that it costs AUD235 to defer a paper. So all hopes of deferring is officially out. T_________T Which means Ihave 2 and 1/2 days to perfect a unit. A unit which sends my brain to log-off mode everytime I attempt to open the coursebook. Fuck.

Pictures! From last weekend when Jing and I went to the Apartment.

Jing! We were really happy that we got the sofa seats. :P

I was this close to throwing myself onto the day bed and lie horizontally wtf.
And Jing photoshopped my pimples away 'cause she knows I can get self conscious about it, bless her wtf. But Ihave told her that there is no need to in the future! I don't feel I have anything to hide. :)

Halfway through the night, the head chefs of the place plopped a slice of red velvet layer cakeon our table, and plonked their butts onto the chairs opposite us, haha.

Such differing lifestyles Jing and I lead. We both ordered the grilled chicken wrap. And as you can see, I finished all my vegetables and left my chips untouched; whereas Jing polished off her chips and picked out all the vegetables, HAHA.

ps: The chips on my plate was getting scarce 'cause Jing was stealing them off my pate! :P



Blue and white striped toga dress: Topshop
Navy military blazey with gold trimmings: Online (Singapore)
Navy and cream sating vintage-esque corsage (worn on hair): Bangkok
Silver oversized pendant necklace: Topshop
Nude patent pumps with wooden wedge: Singapore
Bag: Chanel

Ok fine, guess I should go study now. :(
On a random note, I am invited to a party this Friday. With the theme "Erotic Party".
Should I be scared. -_______________________-


mustardqueen said...

IS THAT PAPER LIKE COMPANY REPORTING T____________T Disclosure and financial reporting T_T I'm so glad I passed that unit T_T HALLELUJAHHHHHH T_T

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Hey I read your reply in the previous post but decide to reply here la, since the read rate will be higher here, u know what I mean? haha.

ok, I used coastal scent minerals foundation, I just bought the sample which was a wrong move, cuz I finished it within a month T_T!! The coverage is good enough for me, and it gives a glowy finish cuz it's the silky version. However, the lasting power is low, cuz of our weather here, I think if I wanna get it again, I'll get the matte one.

Hm and I heard that Estee Lauder's minerals foundation is not bad, so I think I'll try that out.

And yes, I got all the tiny bumps at my cheek area, which was pimple-less even when I had break outs at my T-zone during my puberty!!! My cheeks are no longer flawless sigh.

sorry for the long comment. :)

jeanchristie said...


will i not see u again until ... u get married to chormin (providing i get an invite) T___________T

Lisa! said...

You should go as an erotic sexy slutty crazily hot secretary!

Mmm. I think you will pull it of just fine!

Best way to reveal your new temporary self with glasses! And still looking crazily cute! :)


I got a Halloween party this Friday and the dress code is "No Underwear".... Now, I am scared. :P

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: YESSSS but with more calculations (tax, financial instruments, consolidation etc) and wayyyy more standards, I HATE! :'(

siewkwan: Omg YESS my main problem area is my cheeks!!! I have never had any problems with my cheeks before this, arghhh. Am even more convinced that BB cream is evil now. :(((

jean: When are you going off!! Hahaha if you are waiting for our wedding you'll have to wait a few more years! :P

lisa: HEE actually I can still wear contacts! :P I still haven't found out what an erotic party means!! -_- But HHAHAHAH no underwear party sounds scary as well hahaha!

Anonymous said...

hi dear, I love your military jacket that you bought online from SG, can you let me know which website is it from?

jeanchristie said...



Sue Lin said...

No one to lend u a calculator?

Lucky u though, no calc questions! =)

revel in me said...

anonymous: I got it from ohsofickle! :)

jean: OMGGGGGGGGG I am so jealousss!! All the best dear! <3

sue lin: Err everyone would need to use their own calculator, no? Yep, I was lucky anyhow!

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