Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Reebonz: Shopping God has heard our prayers.

Ok, I admit it.

I love shopping. And frankly speaking, if you have been reading my blog for long, you love shopping as well. :P

And why shouldn't we? We all love pretty things. To unwrap a carefully packaged box, untying the satin ribbon to reveal the wonders within. To caress and stroke lustworthy items, to breathe in the intoxicating scent of leather, to bask in the afterglow of scoring a bargain.

*starts getting dreamy*

And here is when Shopping God satisfies our deepest shopping desires! :D

Reebonz (pronounced as "ribbons"), is a Singapore-based exclusive-members-only website, which hosts online sales where products from a specific brand is placed on the website for a short time span of 2-3 days for members to purchase.

I am a bit of a romantic at heart, and was thrilled to find that the name "Reebonz" actually came from the idea of the ribbons that we untie when we receive presents. Which is so apt, 'cause I cannot think of a single girl who does not like wrapping presents. Heck, even my boyfriend giggles like a small boy while he unties the colorful ribbons of his presents. ;)

Now, I am not going to harp on how the name of the website tugs on heart strings, but instead march right to the point. Reebonz offers to its members products ranging from medium to high-end luxury products. Their aim? Making luxury affordable.

All I can say is, Reebonz brings in quality stuff.
Quality, BEAUTIFUL things that will make you weep.

For example, as I am typing away, the time is ticking away as it counts down for the Miu Miu event to end.

Some of the offerings of the Miu Miu event includes:

I could have sworn that my mom is eyeing a similar Miu Miu bag to this black deer leather studded tote. The catch is, my mom plans to wait for the annual Miu Miu sales, which is in May next year! Now she probably doesn't have to, 'cause this baby is going for approximately SGD700 cheaper!!

A bag like that is going to be really versatile and useful, just look at how I use my black Miu Miu to death.

I saw loads of things I like as well, but they were all sold out! Things sell out real quickly, so you gotta be quick. Like:

This woven leather bag, I like the intricate texture... Makes it look like some exotic skin, no? But it's SOLD OUT!

Teeny was eyeing this bag in the current Miu Miu collection! Something significant, considering she is never much of a 'designer bag' person. The thing is, she might be able to afford this, 'cause it's about SGD1.5K now, as compared to it's original whopping price of SGD2,690!

I know Jing would like this bag... But it's gone already, love! :(

And this cute metallic bowler bag is only SGD899??? That's about RM2k!! F0r a Miu Miu bag, I would say it's really worth it. But it's sold out as well. *forlorn*

I was so upset that I missed out all this Miu Miu goodness that I started going through the archive of its previous sales. After that, I wanted to stab myself. T___T

Because I missed out on all these:

Marc Jacobs??? Adorable Kate Spade totes?? Designer shades??? WTFF???? If you can still remain cold as stone even after seeing all these fabulous brands, you are a GHOST wtf! 'Cause no flesh and blood can say no to these brands. T__T

Whilst browsing through the past sales events, I noticed that Reebonz has a really extensive range of products and brands, from designer goods to fitness programs to spas to food vouchers to Topshop vouchers and La Perla lingerie. There is truly something for everyone, yes, even you boys.

Topshop voucher, can you imagine it!

Reebonz ships to the whole of Asia Pacific and that includes to all parts of Malaysians. And now, Reebonz is offering all my readers an invitation to be part of the Reebonz community! :)

You can either:

1) enter the invite code on the bottom right hand corner of the front page at www.reebonz.com.


2) click through the invitation link http://www.reebonz.com/invite_code/revel to be directed to the sign up page.

Better be fast! The next upcoming event would be...

Hello, you sexy Prada bags! *shy*

And following that, the following events will also be launched:

I am very very excited now! :D

That's not all.
Reebonz is currently launching the Twitter Coach Bag Giveaway. We are talking about a free Coach bag! The giveaway is still on and it is open to anyone and everyone. More details can be found here.

You may also want to join their Facebook and Twitter page. :)
Hurryyyy!! Every second wasted means that someone else is getting your dream bag/jewelry/belt/shades etc. *war face*

Alas, say it with me, thank you, Shopping God! :D


jeanchristie said...

wahlao advertorial >.<

Anonymous said...

do u like coach bags?
i don't see it in ur outfit post :<

Anonymous said...

are they authentic bags? :) thanks

Pinky Tham said...

Reebonz is awesome! haha the stuff is so nice. and Hi! been your invisible reader for quite a while :P

revel in me said...

jean: Haha, more like a write-up! :)

anonymous: Generally I don't usually use Coach bags 'cause it doesn't really suit my style, but I sure won't mind using it for work! :)

anonymous: Yes they are! I am totally against fakes/ knock-offs. >=(

pinky tham: YAAA they have got a pretty good selection going on yea! And /boo, don't be invisible no more!! (I have also started reading you! *shy*)

Anonymous said...

i am a 'ghost' then. hahaha cant see whats the big deal with those names? overrated imo.. :)


May said...

been your silent reader for awhile. i just checked. most of the prada bags are already sold out =(

Anonymous said...

hey...what CPA papers are you taking this sem? i'm taking 2 as well! so stressful!!!

revel in me said...

grace: You are very lucky then!! T_T I admit, I have a serious soft spot for bags (can't bring myself to splurge on other things like shoes or clothes), and it's my ARCHILLES HEEL wtf. T__T

may: What the hell?? So quickly!!??? Looks like their items are way more well-received than I have estimated! T__T

anonymous: I am taking IB and financial reporting! Oh gosh, don't scare me pls! I haven't started studying at all! :/

jeanchristie said...

jia you for your cpa!! wtf

Anonymous said...

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