Monday, November 16, 2009

All in 2 days' work.

Updates over the weekend:

1. I fell sick. Truly there must be some kind of law against falling sick during weekends??? My dad was so worried that I have H1N1 that he made me take this inhaler drug thingy that makes me feel like a drug addict, twice a day wtf. I am so sick that I am on MC today And the thing is, I am not even enjoying my day off. I have a bowl of porridge in front of me, hot soy milk on my right, and two giant bottles of herbal tea on my left. Behind me are all my medications. Sigh.

2. I went for a body massage on Saturday! My 3rd ever massage in my life. *feels sad for self* I have been dying for a massage... since SPM wtf-- which was when I studied 10 hours a day and got myself achy neck and shoulders for the rest of my life. -_- I had the whole Saturday afternoon to myself, so I thought it's time to treat myself to a 2-hour long massage. The knots in my muscles are gone now, but the massage was too short (despite being 2-hour long) for me to fully enjoy it! It was over before I know it. T_T Or maybe I just like being touched by people WTF.

3. I went to the Chicpop flea at Zouk yesterday, and it was really fun! Maybe 'cause I went there with the motive to shop with a vengeance wtf. Jing and I budgeted RM300 to be the maximum expenditure we could spend there... Let's just say I spent a little more than that. But I did a swift count (can't really recall what I bought, 'cause after we left Zouk, Jing zoomed us home for me to pack and leave for Singapore. T___T), and I bought 20 items! 20 items divided by RMXXX that I spent... I reckon I still got some bargains. :P

No pictures from the recent weekend yet, I am too tired to even walk to my bag to get my camera to upload the pictures. Here are some older ones.

Starting off with Jing's graceful finger wtf. This was back when she still had her finger brace on. She has since removed it, but her finger is still slightly bent. Fuck her life.

The consequence of not curling my hair properly after washing it.

Jing making me laugh mid-eating.

She is not trying to be deliberately rude, hahaha.

Shampoo commercial wtf.

Bangles are love!

In GSC cinema... Jing is known to sound like Alvin and the Chipmunk, haha.

The aftermath of the picture. -________-



Faded black studded tee: Glasson, Australia
Gold spiked bangle and silver studed bangle: Singapore
Black and gold chain link bangle: Teeny's
Black thigh highs (worn low): Macao
Tan laced-up boots: Nine West
Black sling bag with silver chains: Zara

Ok, it's time for me to go sleep now. :( Really need to get well soon, I have a killer 2 weeks ahead of me, sigh.


mustardqueen said...

this is so weird, how come u got the chain link bangle also wan mine is with me wor wtf!! You steal from the shop isit wtf hahahahaha

Xiang Yun said...

Hey where do you recommend a good place for a good massage? Same lah, after SPM, I'm cursed with aching neck and stiff shoulders. Ishhhh so frustrating.

Anonymous said...

really hope u get well soon!

Joanne said...

Get well sooonnnnn and be happy and energetic again kay???

Anonymous said...

It was rather interesting for me to read this post. Thanx for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to this matter. I would like to read a bit more on that blog soon.

SpringSommer said...

Hi any place in singapore to recommend for massage. Price too if it's not a bother! Hope to see the loots frm the flea. So sad tt i missed it.

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: The black plastic one with gold chains inside??? Hahhh you mean yours is with you?? That's so weird! o_O

xiang yun: I went to Thai Odyssey (google the site!), apparently it's one of the more renowned centers in m'sia-- got damn a lot of branches all over. Omgg you too from SPM?? I thought I was the only geek who kena! T___T

anonymous: Thank you dear! I hope so too! :)

joanne: Haha, funny you should mention that, 'cause even my colleagues have been commenting that I was very moody and down for the past week! Boo. I will!! Thanks love!

anonymous: ??

littlefeefee: Actually, I don't go to massages in SG!! 'Cause it's cheaper in KL... I am such a cheapo. T__T