Monday, November 30, 2009


I am going talk about the yummy pork burger I mentioned in my previous post! :D

I am sure it's no secret that the boyfriend and I LOVE food, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that we are always looking at new places to tantalize our tastebuds. The thing is, the boyfriend usually has an upperhand, 'cause his sense of direction is so much better than mine. T__T Any place which is situated in KL, is almost always a no-go for me, 'cause I am like a blind man without a cane in KL wtf.

So sometime ago, I came about Cristang's FB page (led to it by loads of recommendation links), and thought: Aha, finally somewhere in PJ! Confirmed it'll be easy-peasy for a PJ kid like me to find my way around town.

According the the FB page, Cristang is renowned for its pork burgers. The boyfriend and I have always been big fans of piggies wtf, so it only was natural for me to be excited to bring him there.

Alas, in the end the boyfriend was the one who brought me there. T_T

Running whizzing kids.

So cute!
Everytime they ran past us, they will squeal "Hello!" :D

My GPS wtf.

The place is located at 8 Avenue, PJ (where the fuck is that??), which is quite quiet, especially on a public holiday.

Bacon and egg soup! I have never heard of anything like that before!

The egg is a perfect, tear-drop poached egg; and you are supposed to break the egg yolk into soup before devouring it. It was all very refreshing for us (especially for me who generally likes to break things wtf), and very deliciously so!

My trademark burger-- pork burger with minced meat cooked with petai.

Petai?? I heard you ask in horror.
I was very skeptical when I first read the menu too!! I usually try to avoid petai because of bad experiences when I was younger-- my dad bombs the toilet after big hearty petai meals and laugh when the toilet smells of petai WTF.

But I assure you, it was definitely one of the top 3 burgers I have ever had! Not to mention it's not that easy to find pork burgers in KL. It was juicy, flavorful, and the spicy, tangy fried minced meat added an interesting dimension to the burger. Thumbs up!

The minced meat + bacon + juicy pork patty = sinfully good meal

The boyfriend's burger has cajun prawns on top!

Anyway, if you are interested in Cristang (and you should be!), here are the details:

B-G-19, 8 Avenue, Pusat Perniagaan Sek 8, Jalan Sungei Jernih (8/1)

Phone number: 603- 7956 7877


Coral pink cropped top with front hooks: Topshop
Army green cotton harem pants: Zara
Pale pink pearls and chain link necklace with mini ribbon corsage: Forever 21
Rings: Assorted
Dark brown leather studded heels: Macao
Leopard print carry-all oversized bag: Warehouse

Accessories in matchy colors. :P

I had fun dancing around the boyfriend ala MC Hammer HAHAHA.

I am a happy, happy girl! I finally got a pair of black leather Converse sneakers yesterday! :D The boyfriend promised to get me a pair of (work) shoes since my shoes suffered a horrible death wtf, but I couldn't find anything that I like! Work shoes are so expensive, and are ALL uncomfortable. Oh well, fate led me to my happy Converse shoes, and in the end, the boyfriend got me the Converse instead! I got him a pair as well, so the next time I am back in KL, we are going to be a sappy matching outfit shoes couple. :P


etcetera; said...

omg i love pork too! hehe i'd make my bf bring me there when i hop to kl but he'd probly get us both lost. haha. btw did you lose weight? you look so thin omfg i secretly hate you.

Anonymous said...

hey, may i know the price range of the food there? :) thanks!

Anonymous said...

yayyyyyyy to your lovely weekend!!!
you looked really happy and relaxed!!!!
happy that you blogged about it with pictures!!!
nice nice nice!!!!

karen said...

hi hui wen :) i'll second that statement on how this is one of the best pork burgers ive had for quite a while now! my aunt brought me and my sis there last friday and lets just say that the "urban legend" burger was so superb that when we realized we ordered one of the pork dish that turned out to be the petai filling in the burger, we happily announced that it was probably one of the best mistakes we've ever made. hahahahahha..

ps: i cant believe im reading this post after my 5am morning jog. diet fail lar today. :")

vss3t said...

Hey hui wen! I love ur shoes frm macau!lovely studds!!
Mind enlighten me where to get them in macau? I'm heading there real soon!

Accyee said...

what is 'petai'?!?!?! hahaha anyway the burger looks great omg i want to have babies with it!1 hahahaha :P

revel in me said...

belinda: Pork is my favorite meat!! :P Aahhh you are too sweet!! I don't think I have lost enough weight for it to be noticeable. T__T I am on a diet remember! Been cutting down on portions, eating healthier, and hitting the gym! :)

anonymous: It's kind pricey, say about RM28 for the burger I had? The soup was RM12 I think. But it's worth it for an occasional treat! :)

anonymous: Haha, I did have a lovely weekend! Was such a pleasure to just bum and eat well, without a care in the world! :)

karen: Aahhh that's the same burger I had! The urban legend! :) I was super skeptical about the petai too, but omfg, it changed my mind about petai! :P And walao, you do 5am jogs??? Youa re officially my HERO! :P

vss3t: Actually my sister got them, I wasn't there! BUT OMGGGGGGG when are you going to macao!!! I am going soon tooo!! Near xmas!! What about you! :D

accyee: Petai is the green pea like thingy! But it stinks!! That's why it's amazing it tasted so good with the burger. :P Hahhahah I like your description, make babies with it, haha! :D

Yan Ping said...

I thought u lost some wt too !! u are so lean in ur pics. So pretty..And I love ur pink top., so sweet !! I am a sucker for pink stuffs.. :p

xiang yun said...

I think the top made you look slimmer or you lost weight? That's a great thing *envy. The burger doesn't appeal to me wtf I'm halal HAHAHA

vss3t said...

im kinda excited! im going this coming feb (still a long way to go, but counting down nonetheless!). so excited!

PVB said...

words can't tell how much i love the way u dress!

revel in me said...

yan ping: Haha, not that lean la! Maybe just the angle... I haven't been hitting the gym for 3 weeks already! Feel so flabby, sigh. But thank you! <3

xiang yun: I assure you that my butt looked very fat in that harem pants! :P AIYOO you don't eat pork??? WHYYY!!

vss3t: OHHH!! Haha, so cute la you, so excited already! I will go find out nice places to go in Macau for you k! :P

PVB: Woww, that's really sweet of you dear! <3

Anonymous said...

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