Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Happy birthday, best friend!

I have been the worst friend EVERRR. :(

When I was walking home just now near 11pm, I had the nagging feeling that I have forgotten something.. And suddenly it struck me with a big bang! I actually almost forgot to wish my best friend happy birthday!!! :(((( Thank god it wasn't 12am yet, so it wasn't too late. But still. I didn't want to be one of the last few to wish her. :((((

All pictures stolen from Victoria.

At Smalls' surprise birthday party last weekend. Love this picture of you, dear, you look so cute! (but dunno whether it's deliberately posed to act cute, haha).

She claimed that it's the first time she was actually surprised when someone throws her a surprise party. DON'T LIE, woman! You certainly was surprised when we wrapped you up in toilet roll 3 years ago, hahaha. :P

Loved by all. :)

Have no idea why Mey and I looked so thoughtful at the sideline. Mey is imitating Smalls' pose in the first picture though! :P

Flat Hair Flat -1. I would like to say that's it's here where it all started, but truth is, our friendship blossomed back when we stayed in the uni dorm! ;)

Little kids who were so intrigued by Smalls' balloons. Being the good friend I am, I tried to protect Smalls' balloons and scared them away!! wtf

Smalls, me, Mey, Victoria. Melbourne has to thank us for contributing our part to its economy. :P

All bankers and 2 auditors (Smalls and I)!

Allow me one narcissistic outfit picture:

Gold dangly necklace: Forever 21
Fuchsia orchird print chiffon maxi dress: Times Square
Oversized white stone ring: Jing's
Tan strappy heels:Singapore
Bag: Chanel

This is my first real maxi dress!! (I have a vintage one, but I am still waiting for the, err, right occasion to wear it wtf; are you scared now, haha)


Anyway, don't wanna say too much here, every year I tell you almost similar things, though they all come from the bottom of my heart. Plus, you can read it later from the card which I have yet to give you wtf. But just want to tell you, the reply you texted me just now, that was really, really sweet, and it's the type of message that reverberates in your mind and tells you to fucking thank your lucky stars. :) Thank you being for one of the bestest friends, and one of the most important people in my life. Thank you thank you thank you! :)

And YES I am getting off my butt to find a smashing birthday present for you, I promise! :P


smalls said...


thank you for the birthday post bff :)

no need for the present
i think 1 1/2 years of living together has created sufficient memories to keep me happy for a lifetime.

tea/brunch/ANYTHING this weekend?


hw said...

Love the dress!
I was doubtful if petite girls could pull it off but it looks really good on you:)

Joshua said...

SO SWEEEET. I need to have my best friend to help me celebrate a belated 21st when I get back. And a be-early birthday for herself.

revel in me said...

smalls: Eh like that every year also no need to buy present ar, 'cause the happiness lasting you a lifetime... What if yuming uses that excuse!! Haha. I am coming back this weekend! Tea/brunch then! <3

hw: YAA I wa so happy when I found it! I just couldn't find a maxi dress which I like, 'cause the ones on the market are all so mass-produced!! Thanks love! <3

joshua: Hahaha you comment here to hint to her is it!! :P

Anonymous said...

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