Thursday, November 19, 2009


I feel really miserable now. :(

I have been feeling feverish on and off this week, and I am really heaty now. I feel like I am going to implode from all this heat.

Been working till 11pm for the past 3 days. Which is bearable (but undesirable) when I am healthy and fit; and absolutely torturous when I am sick. Especially when all I want to do is to crawl up in my bed and sleep.

Most likely have to work this weekend as well.

Taking medical leave is not an option. Too. Much. Work.

Just wanted to rant.


Janice said...

poor thing. if possible, go to the store nearby and stock up all the cooling liquids - coconut, herbal tea,etc at one go. and treat them as water. put it aside you while working and drink them. i've been very heaty too for one week and i drank 'ho yan ho' herbal tea. very effective. but might be too chinese for your liking.

jessie said...

the best cure :
lots and lots and lots of vitamin C.
I was cured in 2 days.

xiang yun said...

Just remember to drink loads of liquid and keep peeing! wtf and sleep without air-con/fan and cover yourself up with a blanket so you sweat yourself crazy. Sounds silly but it works getting the toxins out of the body. Get well soon =]

Yan Ping said...

ya agree with the girls !! Stock up redoxen and chinese ginseng tea. It helps alot for me as I been having late nights due to work n baby. Take care gal !! Hope u get well soon !

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness!!! how do you cope? working while not being well at all til 11pm?
get well soon!!!!

jaclyn said...

awwwww, get well soon <3!

revel in me said...

janice: I bought 4 bottles of herbal teas today!! Am at my 3rd bottle now. :P Aha, I am damn chinese too! If I am in KL, I am sure my bf will force me to go to 'gong wo tong' (not sure whether that's the correct name) in midvalley/ou to drink their bitter tea. T___T

jessie: Is there such a thing as overdosing on vitamin c? :P

xiang yun: I dressed up like an Alaskan the night before!! Complete with oversized cardie, sweatpants, and socks under my thick comforter-- with no aircond and fan!! o_O Thank love. :))

yan ping: What is redoxen? Oh noo, you poor thing! Has the babying thing settled down yet? :)

anonymous: I don't know as well! :((( I just push and push and try not to think about me being sick. :( Thanks dear! :)

jaclyn: Thanks dear, I NEED to! :(

Yan Ping said...

oh its a kind of vit C that u dropped into plain water n it will melt and becomes a cup of orangey drink. It helps alot for me whenever I feel like I am going to be down with something. U can get it from Watson. Drink one cup a day early in the morning when u wake up. It helps to build up ur immunity. :)

Once u have a baby , u r nv gonna get a full night rest for the next few yrs. ha.. so I am literally on night shifts 24/7 so I get very heaty like u too.. hence can exactly understand how u feel.

Do take care esp u r alone in SG. Hope u r better after a gd rest.