Sunday, November 01, 2009

Movies and a whole lot of updates.

Hello, I am alive! *waves*

I am finally done with my exams. Yesterday in fact. *shiny eyes*
Never mind that I just might have failed yesterday's paper. *shrugs dismissively*

Eh why am I so animated today ar! So many descriptions of actions wtf. Must be on a sugar high (3 mini Toblerone chocolate bars)! And yes, I do remember I am on a diet. But my 2 weeks' leave is coming to an end, and fuck, this girl is depressed ok! T_T

Anyway, just a short entry before I go re-read Harry Potter for upteenth time, haha. I picked it up one day whilst trying to convince myself that I needed a break from studying, and couldn't put it down since! I think it was a sign-- during my exam, one of the case studies actually used the name 'The Greater Good Company'!! Harry Potter fans will know what I am talking about. :P

Okok, the short updates I was talking about... Err..

Ahh! I spilled tom yam soup on my chiffon maxi dress just now, arghh!

What else... I just got shunned by the boyfriend who would rather watch the Simpsons' Halloween special than to talk to me. FML.

I came back at 4.30am last night from a house party (read here for Erotic Party wtf), and I just got a lecture cum sounding-off from my dad. :/

Just when I thought my skin is starting to stabilise, I have new pimples popping out!! Scared (and worried) me to no end. :(

Seeing my girlfriends and spending time with them for the past 2 days made me realise how much I miss them.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Pictures time!

Went to catch a late movie with the boyfriend, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs:


Black and white striped long sleeved tee: Vivo City, Singapore
White shorts: Guess
Cream chiffon floral necklace: Forever New, Australia
White stone ring: Jing's
Black laced-up pumps: Zu, Australia
Black oversized wooden handle satin clutch with white florals: Australia

Has anyone watched the movie yet? Is it just me, but I really enjoyed it! Has anyone read "The Faraway Tree" series by Enid Blyton before? Basically, in the series, there is a magical tree with different lands at its top every week! And my favorite land has always been the Land of Goodies! If the name doesn't paint the picture clear enough, it's a land filled with food! Cotton candy clouds (literally), rivers flowing with soda, treacle tarts on trees, cottages made of candies, it's easy to know why it was a place I really wanted to go to when I was younger. :P

Come to think of it, any movie with a food theme is able to attract me. -_- I really enjoyed Ratatouille as well. ;)

Speaking of movies, I just caught The Time Traveller's Wife with Jing yesterday! Right after my exam somemore. *heroic music starts playing* And something really weird happened in the cinema, haha. Apparently Jing's friend saw me buying the movie tickets in OU, and texted Jing to tell her. Turns out that she was watching the same movie with us at the same time! And she happened to tell Jing that she would be sitting in seats 9 and 10 of row B. I turned to Jing, licking my lips nervously, "Err, we are sitting in row B, seats 7 and 8!!" And we started gaping at the coincidence and all.

When we went into the cinema, I nudged Jing to sit in seat 8, so that she could sit next to her friend. Just when I perched my butt onto seat 7, I found two of my friends, Joleen and Chun Yih sitting in seat 5 and 6!!! Two very dear friends of mine whom used to stay in South East Flats as well, whom I haven't seen in ages! :O :O :O Talk about sheer fate and coincidence!!! :D :D :D

About the movie, I haven't read the book before, so I didn't know what to expect. But... both Jing and I cried. T__T We would love to sob like babies, but 'cause our friend son either side were super strong, we had to control macho... and just let the tears flow, and let out a light sniffle every now and then. The movie was rather draggy and confusing for me for the first half of the movie (time travelling is a really complicated concept! *defensive*), but towards the end, you really get absorbed into the show. And the movie is one of those that will make you thinking, even after you have marched out of the cinema. That, I am a huge fan of Rachel McAdams, ever since I caught The Notebook. (If you haven't watched (or read) The Notebook before, I suggest you go do it now!! Such a beautiful movie). And I am a even bigger fan of Eric Bana. *swoons*

Hmm one more update then. I spent most of my time during the movie checking out Eric Bana's chest (and butt *shy*) muscles!!! YES he is half nude in almost half of the movie!! YAYYY!!!


hy said...

Hugz, my acne is behaving exactly the same way. I think it's because i've exams and life is too stressed.

Sarah said...

I love Harry Potter and the Faraway Tree and The Notebook with all my heart T__T We have good taste, don't we? *shy* And your outfit so cute!

mustardqueen said...

OOH i thought u got the necklace frm P&B and its not! WHEE flower necklaces FTW!!

KITMEY said...

omg you actually sat next to joleen n chun yih in d cinema?? damn coincidence right!

Anonymous said...

Wow wow wow!!! wat great coincidence!!! superbbbb!! happy happy happy!!! me haven't watch d movie yet haha

so sad ur hols gonna end! hehe i wish it cld last forever!

xiang yun said...

Yeah, Time Traveller's Wife was kinda confusing and boring for me too. I thought I would cry like a pig (I never read the book) but I didn't. Though the woman and her friend sitting beside me were sobbing like they were the lead actors of the movie wtfff

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

OHHH YEAAAA, I will definitely watch it, erm not because of Eric Bana's half nude scene, it's cuz of the storyline *cover up*

Jing said...

Xiang Yun: Were u in Cinema 6 at 4.40 on Friday? *shifty eyes*

Adryna said...

haha pervert lah watch eric's chest! i would want too lol haha
wow that is so so coincidence huh? im so going to buy time traveller's wife book since somebody says the book is however kinda good than the movie. hmm.

good luck on ur exam's result! ;)

xiang yun said...

Jing: Arr?! Those sobbing women might be you!?XD

revel in me said...

hy: But I am not really under any stress now! :(

sareh: Omggggg great minds! And hearts! And souls! *clutches hands* Hee thanks dear! <3

mustardqueen: It's not from p & b 'cause SOMEONE forgot to buy for me! *coughs*

allison: YAAAAAAAAAA damn weird right! I got a huge shock when I saw them, hahaha. Joleen just finished her cpa papers as well, that's why she wa son leave!

anonymous: I wish my holiday could last forever tooooo!! T____________T Go watch the movie(s)! :D

xiang yun: It was boring in the beginning, but towards to end it picked up a bit for me!! EHHH you were really there on a fri,4.30pm???? 'Cause might really be Jing and I!! T__T

siewkwan: EHHHH he is damn damn hottttt. SLURPPP

adryna: Hahahaha see you admit also you wanna 'buaya' eric bana! :P I don't mind reading the book, but it'd probably be even more confusing than the movie! T_T Thanks dear! :)