Thursday, November 05, 2009

The other blog.

I started blogging in 2006, when I went over to Melbourne; as you can tell from archives.

Or so you think.

In fact, I have a another blog. A blog so private, so well-hidden, that no one knows about.

Not even me. -_______________________-

You see, back in the year of 2003, my dad finally set up internet in the Hoe household. -_____- When I was bloody 18 years old. That's how protective and impossibly old-fashioned my dad is-- he thinks that by allowing us access to the World Wide Web, we will all turn wild and marry a Mongolian dude whom we met online wtf. So yea, when I finally got to go online, I set up the necessary accounts (hotmail, yahoo, ICQ-- do you guys remember?? :P), and also got myself a blog.

Meet the other blog.

Well, there is only one lone entry in it. Probably 'cause I couldn't remember the name of the blog WTF. Why did I even set up such a long and incomprehensible name, I don't know. -__- I vaguely remembered my old blog had the word 'potpourri' in it though, something like a 'life is a potpourri of colors' wtf, but that name was probably taken by someone else, and I stuck with this instead. As you can see, back in my 18-year-old days, I was already a sunshine-happy-clappy-whee-life-is-a-rainbow girl, a horribly corny one. -_-

The horrible blog layout!! I still left the links of the layout owner in the blog-- I had limited HTML knowledge then. Expectedly so, since I only got a taste of WWW in the same year wtf. I positively hate the color blue (actually my number 1 hated color is brown; any type of brown), so save from the blog name, the blog doesn't look like anything I will choose.

I didn't continue blogging 'cause back in those days, I had no digital camera, so there is no happy clicking-away. And the idea of relaying my personal life, my thoughts, my hopes and fears in such a public domain seemed very scary to me. How different is it now! :P I do wonder though, how it would be like if I had continued blogging from then. Possibly my entries would be about the boyfriend, whom I met in that year... *shy* But what if I blogged about him, and he found my blog and read those entries instead. -_____________-

Anyway, I am still utterly shocked that I found my blog after... a whopping 6 years!!! After all those years of trying different variations of the words "life", "colour" and "potpourri" wtf. Just wanted to share, haha. But don't laugh at me k! :P


xiang yun said...

That was sooo random! And the name!! XD how can I not laugh! But I understand that we all went through that phase some time in our lives *shifty eyes* you're not alone hehe

Unknown said...

i think it's kinda cute.
too bad you abandoned it, HAH!

Sue Lin said...

Hahah u just made me try to look for my first attempt at a blog (it was more of a webpage), it was in 2002 i think, used Geocities! The site is no longer on the net anymore though i'd like to look at it again

revel in me said...

xiang yun: Hahahaha actually it was 'cause I couldn't log into my blog so I started trying all sort of things with Blogger, but mana tahu they sent back notification of my old blog to me! :P Hhahah don't be an idiottt!! :P

sammy: HAHHAHA! I think if I use that blog I will probably have like 5 readers, 'cause kena terpulau wtf!

sue lin: Haha, ya it's quite a nostalgic feeling to see it! Although I only have 1 entry one it wtf

Anonymous said...

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