Friday, November 27, 2009

Right here.

I worked till at least 11pm for the whole of this week.

I either starved, or had Pizza Hut every night. Despite the fact that my throat still hurts from my flu last week.

I didn't even have time to talk to the boyfriend, let alone chat to my sisters/friends, or do basic online stuff like checking my email.

Every day I shuffled my feet to work, feeling a zombie 'cause I always didn't have enough sleep the night before.

My bus was delayed last night, and I reached home almost 2 hours later than the original designated time.

But I am home now, and I am happy. :)
For these 3 days I am not going to think about work, and just enjoy the crappy punchlines of the boyfriend, and talk my heart's out with my sisters (especially Teeny who has came back from Aussie!). :)


On a side note, half of the sole of my shoe came out yesterday during work.

And my colleague came up with the brilliant idea of using scotch tape. How glam! T____T


Anonymous said...

hey :) may i know which bus do you take back home? :)

Sue Lin said...

Glad to hear (implied) that the bf's well from the food poisoning! =)

Anonymous said...

Hey, was just wondering. why you and your sisters love fashion so much, but didint study fashion instead? :)

Anonymous said...

yayyyyyyyyy!!! g;ad that you're back home!!! rest well and have tonz and tonz of fun! you so deserve it and need it!

revel in me said...

anonymous: I usually take either aeroline or odyssey! :)

sue lin: Yep he is! :)

anonymous: Haha, good question. I ask my self that sometimes too. 'Cause our dad is the most infuriatingly traditional and conservative man, and he would probably rather die than let us do something 'frivalous'. :(

anonymous: Haha, thank you dear! But am a little sad as well, tomorrow is Sunday.. T__T