Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sickpop, oops I mean Chicpop.

I finally feel human again!

The past few days have been living hell... the only oxymoron is that I feel dead most of the time. Sometimes I get surprised by my own dedication to my work, especially when I don't even enjoy my job that much. I went for drinks last night with my colleagues for yet another colleague's farewell (it's really demotivating to see people you enjoy working with go.. but that's another story for another day), and all I had was warm water. -_- Everytime I asked for more warm water, I can practically see the waitress roll her eyes-- I bet she thinks I am a cheapo.

I think this is the longest I have been sick since... a loooong time. Usually even when I get flu or something, I would recover after about 3-4 days max. But I have been sick since last last Thursday, and till today, I am still shuffling between feeling mildly ok and feeling like I want to die. Working late and not resting enough last week didn't help, and also, my client's place was near the airport, so there was not much dinner options during those long nights that we have to work overtime. So my team mates order fast food, and I have no choice but to eat along with them. :( That really made my sore throat worse. :( Besides that, 'cause I was feeling so ill and lethargic, yet I had to deliver, I basically survived on 2-3 cups of coffees a day-- and we all know coffees are heaty. Really, last week was all about survival (in work).

Although I woke up today after sleeping for 12 hours (a much welcomed rest after working late and not having enough rest for the past week), I still felt like crap. I have just finished one whole box of tissues, and now my nose feels raw. Watson's velvety facial tissues, puii. Nonetheless, after popping all my pills and inhaling some drugs into my lungs WTF (some fancy drug courtesy of daddy) and another evening nap, I am feeling better again. At least I feel mildly conscious. -_- Can watch Project Runway wtf. I still have a pile of work to do, but I think it's best I leave it for tomorrow. Today is going to be about me time. Me-recovery time.


I only have one picture from last week's Chicpop bazaar! And even then, it's from Jing's camera. -_- Sorry la, I was very engrossed in shopping! And I also felt a little self-conscious of my skin; I didn't really want people to recognise me. T_T I had one or two people who came up to me and asked me "what happened to your skin???", and whilst I have nothing to hide, it can get a little uncomfortable to explain the whole skin trauma I am going through. :(

With Steph (left) and Melly (right) whom I met in the Chicpop Samsung event.

I was really looking forward to the bazaar! I missed the first one-- long gone were the days that I purposely go back to KL for junkyard sales and flea markets, haha. Jing went for the first one, and her exact words to me were:"Che, you are going to LOVE it! I bet you would have bought damn a lot of things if you went!", and that got me excited for the second one obviously.

Well, I sure bought quite a bit of things! Last count was 20 items. -_- Vaguely I remember 3 vintage shirts, black lace drapy shorts, a black structure netting skirt which I am SO SO SO crazy over, a leopard print bustier top, snake print skirt, studded tee, some strong shouldered dresses... Mmmm, happy! Only thing is, the things at the bazaar weren't cheap at all. Loads of girls that I was chatting to complained that the things there were quite expensive. The average price range was around RM40-50-ish? Well, it wasn't a junkyard sale where people sell their second hand items, so I guess we can't expect the sellers to let go of their items for dirt cheap either. Nevertheless, I have to admit I was shell-shocked when I saw this AWESOME FIERCE leggings which has Gareth Pugh written all over it bore a price tag of >RM1K. :/


Black sheer tank: Far East Plaza, Singapore
Gold lamé bra: La Senza
Black and gold houndtooth full skirt: Jing's
Gold and silver spike layered necklace: Topshop
Oversized faux pearl ring: Topshop
Silver rings (assorted): Random
Black studded heels: Zara
Bag: Miu Miu

I left all my buys in KL-- haven't even had a chance to do a stock count yet; else I would have posted up some pictures of my buys. Can't wait to go back next weekend (long weekend, woohoo!) and rummage through my buys! It will be like a shopping spree all over again wtf.

Wish me a speedy recovery everyone! So many things I wanna talk about.. I want to do an update on my skin soon too!

One thing before I go... If I feel like buying shoes online now, does it mean I am not really sick? WTF


xiang yun said...

I think it was cute that you and Jing both wore sheer tops and dark colours to the bazaar.. like so coordinated.. and attention-grabbing LOL. How come you got SO many things from ChicPop!! :O:O:O I didn't even find a lot of things =/ Anyways, happy to know you're feeling better =]]]]

Anonymous said...

Wahhhhh i really salute u! feeling so sick yet working so hard!!!! super girl!
Really hope you get better real soon so you can enjoy the super long weekend!

ANN said...

Hey dear, you and your sis are on :D

revel in me said...

xiang yun: Haha, we didn't plan to coordinate our colors! Attention grabbing 'cause sheer is it. T_T I dunno how come I saw so many things I like! My inner hoarder. T_T

anonymous: I am no super girl! I just had no choice. T_T Thanks dearie, I hope so too! *fingers crossed*

Ann: Haha, ya, I saw! Thanks for the heads-up! :)

Anonymous said...

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