Saturday, November 07, 2009

Sweet treats.

I had a great scare for the past 2 days!! I couldn't log into my blog no matter how hard I tried! I have got the right password, but somehow both Google (i.e. Gmail) and Blogger refused to let me access my account. I even wanted to post it up on my FB status to see whether anyone can help me, but I was afraid that my colleagues would see the feed-- I don't want them to know I have a blog. :/

Thank god I did some searching yesterday, and it turned out to be a simple solution of clearing my caches and cookies! Cheh wtf. I thank my lucky stars that I managed to log in again. If not I might have to blog at my old blog WTF.

I am very depressed now! There is this, erm, cookie thingy that I damn love from Mr. Bean (a soy bean eatery chain in Singapore)-- it's basically a butter cookie with green bean filling... and is damn nice! Even when I am on my diet, I allowed myself one on Saturdays and Sundays to reward myself. T_T Well, after my 2 weeks study break, I came back to Singapore to find that they have phased out my green bean cookie!! T___________________T My life has no meaning anymore. T_____________T

It's really sad ok. I do allow myself occasional treats in my diet, 'cause it makes it more sustainable this way. What sweet treat can I reward myself now that my beloved green bean cookie is EXTINCT wtf.

Well, actually, I know the answer. T__T

Egg tarts!! I have been having the biggest biggest craving for egg tarts ever since I went for dimsum with the family 2 weeks ago. I don't really like egg tarts made out of pastry-- which 90% of egg tarts are made out of. I prefer them to be... biscuity. There is only one place in the whole wide world who does really good biscuit-based egg tarts, which is a tiny bakery in D'sara Utama (where I used to stay) called Bang Bang (don't judge wtf). But for some reason, the Hong Kong-style pastry egg tart I had in the restaurant that day really kickstarted a hugeee craving for fresh-from-the-oven egg tarts in me (and Jing). Imagine, I wanted egg tarts so badly, when Jing and I had supper at Papa Rich one day, we actually ordered egg tart there; damn random right!

I don't know whether this is considered good news or bad news, but I found out this week that there is this place right opposite my office which serves fantastic egg tarts-- and I have been having one for each day of the week FML. It's really SO SO SO good though! I suspect they bake their egg tarts every 1 hour wtf, 'cause how can their egg tarts be so fresh and hot and melt-in-your-mouth, no matter which time of the day that I go!! And one is never enough (although I do limit myself to that measly one a day *sniff*), I think 20 is more appropriate wtf.

Pictures time!

Dim Sum with the family. Where it all started.. T____T

Mom requested for cutlery to eat her prawn roll, haha.

Compare it to Jing's way of eating the same prawn roll wtf.

Both Jing and I got cheated that day! We ordered our dim sum by filling out the order forms, and found out that what we ordered is nothing like what is described in the forms! -_-

Jing wanted char siew baked puffs-- and it was actually char siew pao!! -____________-

I thought I was going to get Chinese pancakes (the crispy type) with avocado filling, but instead I got this. T_T

No pictures of the egg tarts 'cause everyone gobbled them down too quickly.



White asymmetrical hem long tee: Baci
Vintage electric blue cropped jacket with black buttons: Thrifted
Black patent caged belt: Dotti, Australia
Black reptile print stirrups: Mom's
Silver sequined beanie: Topshop
Silver oversized pendant necklace: Topshop
Rings: Assorted
Black studded heels: Zara
Black floral origami oversized clutch: Forever New, Australia

My mom is cooler than me 'cause even I don't have any printed leggings! *kowtow*


More dim sum pictures... I had dim sum 3 times in a week: with the family, with the boyfriend's family, with the boyfriend. I think I am really getting older, 'cause I am increasingly enjoying my dim sum! And I don't take any of the fried dim sum anymore (like salad prawn, yam puffs, spring rolls etc.), is this a sign of old age. T__T

The boyfriend brought me to Reunion in Bangsar Village 2, which he has been planning to for ages. I highly highly highly recommend the place. *heart*

Our food:

Siew Mai. Always a must when it comes to Hui Wen and dim sum. :P

Suckling pig and roasted pork platter. Yum!

Hokkien mee. The boyfriend's favorite food in the whole world is hokkien mee-- and he said that this is one of the best hokkien mee he has eaten.. So you get a pretty good idea how good it is huh! :P

And meet my latest obsession!

Egg tarts! *salivates over my laptop*

Look how photogenic these babies are. *admiring* There was 3 (mini) egg tarts, so obviously the boyfriend and I each took one. When the last one was left on the plate, I kept a lookout at my boyfriend like a hawk to make sure he doesn't take it, hehehe.

Outfit for the day:
Black dress with pink polka dotted trimmings: Jing's
Black lace and pink satin oversized bow headband: Forever 21
Pearl bracelet: Diva
Red patent maryjanes: Topshop
Bag: Chanel

No proper outfit picture 'cause it was later that I found out that Jing has never worn the dress before! I was having a bad face day (sudden eruption of pimples again), and was feeling very very ugly, and everything that I own made me look like crap wtf. So when I found Jing's dress hanging in my closet, I just assumed that the maid hung the dress in my wardrobe after washing it by assuming it's mine. All three of us share clothes, but we usually try to stay away from each other's brand new items, 'cause we know it's magical to wear an brand new item for the first time. *shiny eyes* Sorry love! T_T

Just now on the way home from gym, I smelled siew pau in the train. It smelled soooooo good! You bet I was sniffing up and down like a bloodhound to find the source of the smell. And it only reinforced my egg tart craving ('cause of the buttery pastry scent)!!! I am so pathetic that I wish it's Monday soon so I can have my egg tart again. Oh wait, I won't be in office for the whole of next week, so I can't buy the egg tarts! Shoot.


mustardqueen said...

at first I thought ur having the greenbean cookie AND egg tart one a day wtf how is that call a diet -_- BOOHOOOOO I realise my egg tart pastry is too "savoury" for egg tarts T_T When i go back I bake for u ok =3

xiang yun said...

Your blue jacket is such a great find! Love the sleeves! =] And omg those egg tarts *salivates on palms*
I've set myself out to search for the best egg tarts and I think I must go try those at the places you recommended! omgomgomg

Anonymous said...

oh my!! good thing u cured ur prob for d blog!!

haha u're so cute!!!!

wow! where will u b for d whole of next week?? hehe

heyyy its good in a way tat u won't b near d off! so u can keep away fr d egg tarts? haha or u cld easily go back to office juz for d egg tarts? hehe

hope u'll blog more oft!

choco said...

I had that problem a few weeks ago also. I couldn't log in to my uni's site to do my online quizzes and I got so scared. Coz I only had like 1 week to complete those quizzes. So I (geniously) cleared all my cookies/cache and luckily can d. I think overloaded la. hahaha.

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: No la, before this I have the green bean cookie only on weekends (one piece a day)! Then this week every day one egg tart. T_T Yerr savory pastry for egg tarts sounds a bit scary! I am not sure I want to eat wtf. :P

xiang yun: Really?? Jing was snubbing me the whole day 'cause she said why I like granny clothes, haih. Ehhh don't be selfish k, if you know of anywhere with good egg tarts, must share k! :D

anonymous: Actually the problem is recurring now!! Everytime I restart my laptop, I have to clear my cookies/caches before I can log in.. This is so irritating! :( I will be in changi next MONTH!! Damn far, haih. But hahaha ya la, hopefully by staying away from the egg tarts, I can curb my obsession. :P

choco: I just realised the problem is recurring! Do you know how can I cure it! T__T It's damn mafan to keep on having to clear the cookies and caches! :(

SuvienLah! said...

Egg tarts!! Mmmm! Eh, actually I know of a place which serves super nice and crispy egg tarts. Not the usual pastry kind cos I don't like it either. It's near Petaling Street or in I'm not too sure, sold by a grandma. But, idk if she's still there now. Seriously, it's super yums! Like super super yums. Heh, not really helping I know. /=

As for hokkien mee, the corner shop, Jalan 222 in PJ is super good too. But the oil is goodness scary! It's quite famous, so I don't know if you know about it already.

Just my two cents. You got me all excited when it comes to food. *shy wth

choco said...

Are you using mozilla or IE? Because I know that IE is more prone to these kind of problems.

You may want to first check if you have enough space on your hard drive? Or maybe you can try to re-install the browser software..

revel in me said...

suvienlah: OMGGG where are the egg tarts!!! Near petaling street.. Means I have to drive around the place looking for a grandma ar, haha. *scheming* And the hokien mee place you are talking about, is it in paramount garden? :)

choco: I am using firefox! Which is why I am surprised I am having problems. :/ I don't think space is the problem.. But yea, good idea, I will go reinstall my firefox! :)

chrizz said...

don't feel hot with jacket?

revel in me said...

chrizz: Considering I was indoors (air-conditioned) for most time, nopes! :)

Anonymous said...

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