Sunday, November 29, 2009


I am rubbing my rounded belly now, and I don't even feel guilty!! :P

'Cause I was so busy (and sick) last week, all I ate was pizzas (despite my protesting throat), porridge, else, I would just go without eating at all. Every meal was eaten hurriedly, munching away while I continued to tap away my lap, churning workpapers after workpapers. Needless to say, I felt so unsatisfied!

When I came back this weekend, I whined and whined to the boyfriend and my sisters, so I have been eating great food non-stop for the past 2 days. *rubs belly lovingly* One of the highlights would be one of the best pork burger I have eaten, will post up pictures when I am less lazy. :P

And I have shopped quite a bit in these 2 days! Working hard is detrimental to my bank account. T_T Or rather, Jing's account, haha. 'Cause I forgot to bring back extra SGD to exchange, and I haven't gotten my lazy butt to the bank to withdraw some ringgit, Jing has basically been acting as my bank account. :D I spent the last hour furiously hanging away all the things I have bought in the past month or so. Whilst it is satisfying to fold and hang the clothing away according to color and length and type, it scares me how many things in my wardrobe I have never worn before. :/ How I wish I am working in an industry where I can wear my own personal clothes! then all my babies will get to see the light. T_T

I gave up packing my clothes after sometime. I have successfully cleared up all the new purchases, but I still have so so so many clothes just lying around!! Sien. Will get to it during X'mas or something (I'll be back for 2 weeks, whoop whoop).

Errr... I really should change this habit of posting backlogged pictures instead of brand new ones, but I just feel so LAZYYYY. It's the Saturday night syndrome. :P

Old pictures (from 2 weeks ago) again!


We were at Pasta Zanmai, and ordered too much food for our own good:

Pasta Katsu Don.

My mini Chicken Teriyaki pasta! With a poached egg that I could break the runny egg yolk over it. :P

Mini Japanese pizza with scallops for me as well. I am a variety kind of girl!

Some funky starter dish.

With shrimp, fish roe, egg mayo on cucumber.

With unagi wrapped springroll skin. Jing and I unanimously agreed that it tasted like Peking duck, haha.

My favorite, deep fried oysters! Not enough though, there was only one for each of us.

Happy moving fringe. :P


Faded denim motorcycle jacket: Miss Selfridge
Navy tank with tie-dyed fringe: Dorothy Perkins
Gray leopard print bodycon skirt: Miss Selfridge
Black leopard (cheetah?) pendant necklace: Topshop
Rings: Assorted
Black studded heels: Zara
Bag: Miu Miu
Umbrella: Unglam wtf

My unbrella has cocks all over it! wtf


Anonymous said...

Yayyyyyyyyy to your superbly well fed weekend and shopping weekend!!!!
happy happy happy!!!!
soooo very very niceeeeeeeeee!!!
hope next week will be less hectic for you!!
to a healthy hui wen!
go go jia you!

Anonymous said...

hows your skin now?

Anonymous said...

food + pretty clothes= heaven!!! i loveeeee your blog!


Unknown said...

LOL since i reached home, i've been stuffed non-stop by my parents, and my lil getaway with my boyfriend to kl turkey-fied me even more!

and i gained 1kg over 4days, FML!

xiang yun said...

I think your outfit picture should be named 'animal instinct' because everything's gotta do with animals, even your umbrella wtf. Good that you're enjoying life more these days =]]

revel in me said...

anonymous: Haha, I really shopped too much this weekend! Will go to hell. T___T Thank you dear!! You are too sweet and encouraging! <3

anonymous: Slightly better! Will do a proper update on it soon!

rita: Haha, you just quoted my main passions in life! :P Thanks dear! :D

sammy: Hahaha, we are so bahagia right!! 1kg is not too bad! Can lose back later wan! *supportive* ;)

xiang yun: Hahaha, ya la, from fierce animals to unfierce ones, aka cock wtf. I think it's the shopping giving me endorphins WTFF! :P