Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Does anyone know where I can buy balls of iron and a heart of steel?


Anonymous said...

Then you won't be able to feel love :(

You already have balls of iron for wearing whatever you like and doing it fashionably! ;)

If it's because of some people who posted fucking ridiculous comments in the previous post, then don't mind them because I think Hui Wen = A big bubbly ball of happiness! :) <3

Anonymous said...

read it. :)

Anonymous said...

try growing them, instead of buying them like you do with everything else.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3: I presume you've grown your iron balls before? If you haven't, then get the f*ck outta here.

Grow up, kiddo.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3 - Wow I am so amazed by how brilliance. How on earth do you grow iron balls?

Kindly fuck off and grow your balls okiedokie we don't give a hoot.

Cheer up, Huiwen <3

Anonymous said...

by your brilliance *

Oops was typing in rage. >:i

Yan Ping said...

Hey Anonymous 3, come on..this is her blog and she can write anything she like..if u r not happy with reading it..just get the f*** out of here and stop following her blog.. there is no need for u to insult my cousin like this and she can't choose to be borned rich or poor! So don't be a sour grape here and get a life will you !

hugs Man ! There are still people who loves u and adores u. So you don't need balls of iron. Cos you need a heart to feel our love ! :)

Heart ya !!! :)

Felice said...

Babe, don't let the nasty comments get to you. You are loved by many people & that's all that matters. Cheer up ok?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3: I'm not even angry or upset when reading such comments..

Feel for you, I really do. Must be tough being a human with the intelligence of a crustacean.

huiwen, do cheer up okay? In time to come things will look brighter! :) You're loved so much more than you know you are!

Keep your chin up, it will pass! :) <3

Vivien said...

People are so fucking lifeless omg they should just stick their heads in toilet bowls.

Anyway you are gorgeous and so are your sisters so smile for the people who love you! :) <3

Sofia said...

When you find them, let me know! Here's to a great 2010, Hui Wen! :)

PVB said...

i know this is irrelevant to this post but happy new year to you hui wen!!

Rileen Aya said...

save some money, i'll give you mine :)

ANonyMOUS said...

No need to buy balls of steel. Find those old track ball mouse and take the ball, peel the rubber and you get ball of steel, to make it balls get a 2nd 1.

As for heart of steel, well that you have to get a steel plate and cut it out into a heart shape and punch a hole to put the chain and hang it around your neck. Voila, heart of steel.

I was thinking of something different, but I dont think it is well suited. Enjoy~!

jeanchristie said...

happy new year love!
may the new year bring you more joy and laughter ;)

whats the deal with all these anonymous crap =.=

xiang yun said...

You can't. That's why there are people getting hurt every single day.

May your 2010 be full of happiness and filled with endless opportunities. =] Smile loads!

Sue Lin said...

Dont know abt balls of steel

but the heart of steel has to be moulded through hardship, put through the furnace of fury and withstand the immense pressure

lyss said...

dear i miss your usual posts =/ now your posts seems a bit pensive and sad. don't let the haters get u down. i think u're great just the way u are. i love reading your blog! :)

Vivien said...

I miss your blog posts! ♥
They are always filled with love. :)

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Anonymous said...

where r u????????????

jc said...

have you stopped blogging?

pls dont, you write so well! :(

jc said...

have you stopped blogging?

pls dont, you write so well! :(

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