Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blubber alert!

I feel like a fat blob now. :(

There was one point recently where I really looked slightly slimmer (at least that's what some people told me), felt like I lost a bit of weight (my clothes are a little looser), and saw that I have shed a pound or two (my weighing scale doesn't lie, hopefully!).

But in the past 2 weeks:

No. of McDonald meals I have consumed last week: 4 (no thanks to the re-launch of the seaweed McShaker T_T)

No. of iced frappes from Starbucks/Coffeebean or some equally sinful drink last week: Every work day during the "second round" of my long lunch break when I don't have to go down to client's place

Tubes of Crabtree & Evelyn double chocolate chip cookies I scoffed down last week: 1 (but it's a supersized tube wtf)

No. of McDonald meals I have consumed this week: 1 (but the week hasn't ended yet FML)

No of KFC meals I have consumed this week: 1 (Cheesy fries I love you)

Bags of Famous Amos cookies I have finished this week: 1 (*consoles self that at least it's a 100g pack)

And the number of times I have exercised?

One Pilates session in TWO weeks. T_____________________T

I feel so fat and GROSS that I can't even describe it. T__T The worst thing is that my Macau/ Zhuhai trip is next weekend, and my sisters have already warned me that I all be gorging every single day. T_T Actually, in their exact words, I will be "eating one pigeon everyday, every meal" WTF.

I don't care! I am not going to work late tomorrow. I will hit the gym. And do so on Saturday and Sunday as well! Must burn burn burn burn burn. T____T


Cookies and cream! *heart*
Still dare to post sinful food pictures, tak insaf wtf.

The boyfriend treated me to Baskin Robbins! Usually I have to waggle my eyebrows whenever we are near any Baskin Robbins' parlors, as a heavy hint for to him to step in for me; but that day he asked me whether I want ice cream when we passed by the BR parlor. *touched*

Eh on second thought, did he do something wrong! Usually men are exceptionally nice when they do something wrong right. T__T Somemore he got me my leather Converse sneakers on the same day! *suspicious*


Black lace long puffed sleeve high-necked top: Zara
Mustard yellow brocade flared shorts: Mom's
Black and cream satin floral bow headband: Junkyard sale
Black rose cameo necklace with chunky gold chain: Topshop
Black and cream vintage-esque T-bars: Topshop
Bag: Chanel


sarah said...

Awww you don't look fat..girls who don't control their eating habits are happier people, I think..hehee. I eat what I like too so don't feel guilty! Your black top so pretty =)

mustardqueen said...

means 3 mini pigeons a day la. If you like can go up to 2 a meal wtf T_T die. Confirm die la all of us =/

Unknown said...

you're not fat.
just adorable.

btw, nice shorts!

xiang yun said...

Your last picture sooo adorable =D like little girl (it's a good thing) and your Mom is so berfesyen! The colour of the shorts is just gorgeous.. somemore your top is confirm plus chop the classiest lace apparel I've seen so far =]

Anonymous said...

i honestly think u look like u've lost weight in this pics. =) i get fat phases too but if u think abt it its impossible to gain weight that quick. so yay we're skinny!

Anonymous said...


huiwen i sent u an email last week. did u get my mail? :o

and btw, u dont look fat at all!!! roarsssss!

sam sam said...

fat? dun wear so loose ler. look fatter

revel in me said...

sara: Hahaha, I agree to that!! I can't imagine not eating good food.. T_T Thank you dear! The top was a spur of a moment (expensive) buy! T_T

mustardqueen: Breakfast also eat ar!!! HAHAH 2 birds a meal-- at least it's protein WTF!

sammy: Haha, thank you dear! It's my mom's! :P

xiang yun: Yaa my mom has a lot of beautiful clothes! She can afford it. T_T And thank you! I am still justifying for the impromptu puchase (the lace top) by telling myself that I can get many uses out of it. ;)

anonymous: Thank you sweets! T_T But honestly, I have been gorging for 3 weeks plus already, I think it's enough to put on weight! T_T

miss hazel: OH YAA!! Shit I forgot to reply! I go do it now!! *begs for forgiveness*

sam sam: Stupid? Don't leave imbecilic comments ler. look stupider

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