Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Looking for a bindhi.

Some of you might know this already, but I am going to Macau/Zhuhai in December! It was supposed to be Bangkok with the family, and Taiwan with the sisters, but dad wasn't too keen on us girls going traveling alone. -_- Anyway, tickets for Taiwan during that time (X'mas season) are quite expensive, so I guess we will do it sometime next year instead!

Oh wait, next year Jing is going overseas for her studies. T_T

Not going to talk about that today! *brave face* Anyone knows how cold is Macau/Zhuhai around that time? I Googled the weather in Macau in December, and it's supposed to average at 16 degrees, but my dad insists it will be colder this year. Anyhow, I am looking forward to a cooler weather! My jackets and cardies want to say "hello, world', haha.

I went to develop some passport photos to do up my China visa just now, and I used a photo I took early this year (I still have the soft copy in a disc) when I needed a China visa to go to Wuxi for a business trip then. I felt so sad looking at the picture, 'cause the picture was taken in January, and at that time, my skin was still so nice. Sigh.

No emo talk today! I must not get affected so easily. My skin will get better, I just have to be patient! *ties sash around forehead WTF*

Because I might be going Bollywood for a dinner this weekend, here you go, Indian food! :P

I always have very specific cravings, so it was one of those days when I craved for Indian rice and curries.

The place we went to is Indian Kitchen, in Telawi, Bangsar.

A papadam-like crisp, on the house, before our mains were served!

Drinking from metal cups make me feel like I am in jail wtf.

Cheese and garlic naan! Loved this, 'cause it was crispy, unlike the soft, limp naans I have tasted at most places.

The boyfriend's favorite Indian vegetable dish-- it's a creamy spinach dip with cottage cheese cubes. Tastes absolutely heavenly with the naan!

But I insist it doesn't count as a vegetable dish!

One of the specific Indian dish I was craving for-- err something Gobi wtf. It's stir-fried curried cauliflower with potatoes and onions!

As I am carb-o-phobic, I picked out all the cauliflower bits and onions, and made the boyfriend eat the potatoes. :P

Stir fried basmati rice with herbs. I failed my carb ban here. T___T

Red curry chicken!

My masala tea which I didn't touch at all. T_T
The ginger taste was TOO TOO TOO strong. T__T

The boyfriend knows that the way to a man Hui Wen's heart is through her stomach wtf.

To give Indian Kitchen a visit:

Indian Kitchen Restaurant,
NO 15 Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, KL.
Business hours: 8am -11pm daily.
Tel: 03-22840522


Happy rainbow print tank with multi-color heart buttons: Jay Jay, Australia
Green satin full skirt: River Island
Turquoise belt with gold studs: Jing's
Sky blue button earrings with muffin embroidery: Topshop
Bangles (took off and forgot to wear back wtf): Assorted
Tan maryjanes with turquoise bow: Space, Singapore
Fuchsia leather bag: Bangkok

You can't help feel happy when you are wearing cheery colors and prints! Agree? ;)


SpringSommer said...

Hey where's space in singapore. Singaporean here but apparently clueless to shopping in sg. Wtf

Lisa! said...

Now I crave for some Indian food too. Wtf?
I think that Spinach thing is called Palaak Paneer(?) or something. I love it but hate it.

We get it here at the Indian restaurant as a main dish, then after eating it, I'll wonder... Where is my meat, then I have to order 2 portions of food. Sucks.

I honestly think your skin looks realllly nice! And as for your Visa photo, a little Photoshop should do the trick! :P

Lila said...

You are so pretty!

xiang yun said...

Okay! Must go there and try the cheese naan. Looking at the pictures I also feel that it's crispy ahahha. And your top! Sure you feel extra happy when you're wearing things like that =D

Suet Li said...

when u coming macau?? with who? do what?? i wanna go macau again sometime next week..

Pinky Tham said...

love your bag! haha and ya jay jay have a lot of bright happy colours clothes haha

The Mrs Blogs said...

The spinach dish that your boyfriend likes is Palaak Paneer and the cauliflower dish is Aloo Gobi :)If you can next time you must try Butter Chicken! Food looks good, will definitely check it out one day :)

revel in me said...

littlefeefee: The one I went to is in Raffles, near Republic Plaza! :)

lisa: YAYA something like that! Haha, yea it's really more like a dip isn't it! That's why I also didn't count it as a dish wtf. Aww, my skin don't look as bad 'cause got flash! T_T

lila: Wow, thanks dear! That's really sweet of you especially when I feel like a pendulum sometimes 'cause of my skin! *strong*

xiang yun: Hahaha I went back and check my picture-- really damn crispy looking!! Haha! And yeshhh felt very chirpy. :P

suetli: Going with my family! Near x'mas period! Will you be there then? :P

pinky tham: Haha it's jing's bag! Damn expensive! Later we saw a lot of blogshops selling similar designs.. But the one she got is in leather though!

Mrs. Blog: Omg you are so smart! Haha, I can never remember their fancy names! :P Mmm I have tried butter chicken before, yummy!

berenice said...

hey went to zuhai a couple of times it's wonderful there! things are 2 to 3 times cheaper than hk and you'll definitely whack everything there.

don't be scared, just cut them for more than 1/2 the price! it'd work and just keep walking away :)

Accyee said...

yes yes! indian food is nice! i like hehehehe

vss3t said...

omg! u have to let me know where to shop in zhuhai and macau! that's exactly where im going !!!!


revel in me said...

berenice: Really?? I heard that shoes in Zhuhai is very cheap and pretty! <333 Any good places to recommend there-- for food or shopping? :P

accyee: Yay, high five! :P My sisters (and bf) are not that great fans of indian food, boo!

vss3t: Aah, so ngam! Yes yes I will definitely go find out all the best places to go! :P