Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Melbourne 2009: Day 6

Here is an attempt for me to diligently blog about our (very old) Melbourne trip again! 'Cause our Macau trip is coming up soon, and I don't want a huge backlog of traveling pictures. T_T I just realised that it has been slightly over 4 months since we have been to Melbourne, and I have only posted up 5 days' worth of pictures (I was there for 10 days)! That means effectively I have been posting one day's worth of piccies each month. -_-

Day 6 coming right up! But I think my gung-ho determination in posting Melbourne pictures will be met with many challenges... 'Cause I checked my folder, and found 405 pictures for Day 6! T____T

Day 6 split into half ok.. T_________T

Beware, my friends! There are almost 50 pictures here! :P

The plan for Day 6 was Saint Kilda... But not before we made a detour to Federation Square.

Am I really that much shorter than Jing! :O :O :O

Federation Square. :)
Gosh, there's something about Melbourne's air/sun/lighting!! All pictures turned out SO NICE.


Red structured soft chiffon top: Salabianca
Black brocade full skirt with tulle: River Island

Black waist belt with gold chainlink: River Island

Navy cardie with pearl embellishments: The Curve

Pearl headband: Teeny's

Black opaques: Random

Red patent maryjanes: Topshop

Bag: Miu Miu

There were people playing music and dancing... That's what I love about Melbourne, it's so lively and... free. :)

Teeny is not a morning person wtf.

Jing prancing freely in the open (like an animal) wtf.

Magnificent sky view!

Sisterly love.

Taking random shots of stylish grandpas. :P

Totally candid shot! No idea what are we like that, haha.

Then it was St. Kilda beach!!! (click to view the pictures better ok!)

So beautiful. *awestruck*

Joshua's very sartorialistic shot. Love his outfit! (especially his boat shoes)

We spotted a happy family 'Kodak' moment! :D

And tried to recreate our own wtf. :P

It was already late afternoon by that time, so we hit 'Beachcombers', one of my favorite al fresco cafes on St Kilda beach. :)

Teeny's cappucino in ombre. *obsessed with clothes wtf*

Mocha, one of my most ordered drink in Melbourne. Somehow mochas in KL don't taste as good.

Pepperoni pizza. Maybe it was the wind (so strong and constantly blowing), the crust was really hard!

Caesar salad with grilled prawns, anchovies, bacon and poached egg. Best salad in the world!

Nachos in melted cheese with salsa and guacamole to share.

Food oh glorious food!

Joshua who swapped seats with me 'cause I didn't want to face the sun.

Me after overtaking his throne. ;)

Black mutt. But CUTEST DOG EVR omg. I wonder how it is so hyper when it can't even see (its eyes are covered with fur hahaha).

Sorry for the unglam shot, the sun was very glaring wtf.

Teeny's matchy bag and ring! Love the ice pink shade. *heart*

The Hoe sisters. :)

All laughs. :)

Group shot!

We sat at the seaside, munching on cold, stale nachos (blame the wind!), while witnessing the breathtaking sunset. :)

We decided to work off the calories by walking down the pier, and catching the sunset upclose.

By then, it was freezing cold!! The sun (and its warmth) bidding us goodbye didn't help either. Blame the wind! >=(

There was a little slope, and Teeny started taking silhouette pictures on it. Jing was feeling so cold she asked Teeny to posed as her 'cause "no one can tell who it is anyway" HAHAHHAHAHA.

The wind was so strong I swear my cheeks were rippling. T_T

So worried for the little doggie that it will get blown into the sea wtf.

Tousled hair and eyes that we could barely open. The wind was CRAZEHHH!

Romance at the pier wtf.

Tiang lampu.

After awhile, it wasn't fun anymore, 'cause we were chilled to the core. :(((

Should I stay or should I go?

Casting one last longing look...

We made our way to Part 2 of the day! Pictures in another post, 'cause this post is getting too long. But as a sneak preview...

This is what's coming next! :P


Anonymous said...

your pics r really happy happy happy!!!!!
my my my!! and you can even remember all that happened! haha
can't wait for part 2 and also macau!!!!

xiang yun said...

So pretty, especially the lampu tiang picture.. the colours are amazing. The pictures made me happy =D

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